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Are you looking for Echoes of Magic Codes? Read on for an updated list of all new gift codes for Echoes of Magic. 

Echoes of Magic Codes

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Echoes of Magic

Published by Onefun Games, Echoes of Magic is a mobile MMORPG featuring breathtaking graphics and battle gameplay.  

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We provide regular updates and fast/full coverage on the latest Echoes of Magic Codes. The total number of Echoes of Magic gift codes that we have discovered for this game title is +1. Active promo code status: N/A. Here’s the list of Echoes of Magic codes(comment below if you know any working codes): –

Latest Gift Codes for Echoes of Magic Wiki⇓

Active Echoes of Magic Gift Code To Redeem:

  • IndependenceDay – Gift code added on July 4th, 2022
  • NAChampX – Gift code added on July 4th, 2022
  • EU1stTheFleet – Gift code added on July 3rd, 2022
  • SEANo1MoonGuard – Gift code added on July 2nd, 2022
  • EOMTOFATHER2022 – Gift code added on June 19th, 2022
  • EOMFORHONOR2022 – Gift code added on May 22nd, 2022
  • EOMBDAYDEVS – Redeem gift code for freebies
  • EOMIWD2022 – Redeem gift code for freebies(Added on March 8th, 2022)
  • EOMHAPPYCJ2022 – Redeem gift code for Golden Key x10(Added on January 31st, 2022)
  • EOMMXMAS2021 – Redeem gift code for freebies Golden Key x10
  • EOMTHXGV2021 – Redeem gift code for freebies Golden Key x5 and Gem Key x5
  • EOMTREAT2021 – Redeem gift code for freebies
  • VIP888 – Redeem gift code for freebies Golden Key x10

Expired Codes⇓

Echoes of Magic Codes do not last forever. They are available to redeem for a limited period, and once that expires, you will no longer be receiving the rewards. If you find any code in the above list not working, please let us know by sharing it in the comment box below. 


Echoes of Magic Codes FAQ

How Do You Redeem Echoes of Magic Gift Code?

To redeem the Echoes of Magic, the player first needs to complete the tutorial. Once the tutorial is completed, look for the character avatar icon button, which should be located in the top-left corner of the game screen. Tap it.

Tap on the redeem present or gift code option(pack redeem); you will get the option of entering and redeeming the gift code. The above Echoes of Magic codes wiki showcases the complete code list. Enter the valid code and get the rewards. New gift codes are released often; we keep track of all these codes and put them all together in this one updated code wiki list. 

How To Get Echoes of Magic Codes?

More new Echoes of Magic Codes are published on the game’s official social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and the game’s official Discord. You can bookmark this page and regularly check for Echoes of Magic gift codes. Once available, we will update this gift code list with all the new redemption codes. Usually, the game developers publish the gift codes for special events like the game’s milestones, popular occassions, collaborations, and special events.

So this would be all in this post on Echoes of Magic Codes. Got any new gift codes? Comment below. 

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Echoes of Magic is a fantasy MMORPG where you can customize your hero however you want!
Join now to set foot on an adventure & build the strongest hero to protect your homeland!

Game Features:

Customize Your Classes
In EOM, there is no class limit. Your class depends on your weapons and skills.
Mage, Archer, Warrior… Fire, Frost, Evil… Over 20+ classes await you!
You can go full-on warrior or be a hybrid of Assassin & Mage — it’s your call!

Customize Your Skills
Feeling bored to use the same skills repeatedly? Come to EOM and customize yours!
Combine Guardian’s Shield Wall with Mage’s Blizzard. You can be a tanky warrior and a ranged DPS at the same time.
Use Shaman Skills with any others and enjoy the thrill of unlimited skill casting!

> Endless Combat Variety
Over 10 different maps + Over 100 monsters + A pool of random skills + Freedom to choose = Never having the same combat experience ever!

Collect Assorted Mounts
Now you can get mounts of all shapes and sizes in EOM — the perfect partners for adventure!
Radian Unicorn, Royal Lion… each of them has a unique appearance. Get them now and really shine~

Brand New Accessory System
You can get tons of accessories in the Magic Rift which provide you with stat bonuses, skill strength, and even new abilities when collected as a set!
All of the secret powers are waiting for you to identify! You can also transfer specific stats to a target accessory and build up your own set! You’ll be invincible!

New Boss Hunting Event
During the event, you’ll have a chance to get clues and discover powerful bosses in daily battles.
Beat them alone, or share the boss to your friends and guild members to challenge together! Each challenge will heap upon you rich loot and glorious honor!

Fair PVP
New season of PVP mode Survival Arena is live! 8-person matches, random skill pools, and custom-picked classes & skills! Fight with bosses, other players, and survive until the very end to become the Champion!

Make Friends Worldwide in Town
Don’t forget to join a guild and make friends when you walk in Ravine Town!
Maybe you’ll march side by side to achieve victory in the upcoming co-op mode!

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Email: [email protected]

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