Fairy’s Forest Cheats: Guide, Wiki, Tips & Tricks

Read on for Fairy’s Forest cheats: guide, Wiki, tips & tricks for beginners. 

Fairy's Forest Cheats Guide, Wiki, Tips & Tricks

Fairy’s Forest Cheats: Guide, Wiki, Tips & Tricks

Fairy’s Forest is a mobile game published by Wemade Connect. In the game, you will be helping the chef chipmunk in rebuilding his cute little restaurant in the fairy woods. 

In this post, we will cover the game’s basics, a guide to employees, making more money, progression, currencies, beauty levels, and tips & tricks. So let’s not waste any time and get to the main content. 

Fairy’s Forest Guide To Basics

Your job in this game is to grind the ingredients by playing the mini-game, use the ingredients for cooking food items(lots of recipes), place the food items in display racks, and let the employees serve the customers. The customers will start appearing at the restaurant as soon as you open it. After eating at your restaurant, the customers will head to the checkout counter and pay the money; EXP and the gold coins are the two things you will be receiving by serving the customers. 

You will need to accumulate EXP to level up; leveling increases the display rack placement, chair placement, and table placement numbers. Also, you will be able to expand the restaurant at certain levels. 

You can use the coins to buy items at the furniture shop. Or to get soulstones or customers/employees by spending on the coin summoning banner in the summoning store. 

There are cooking utensils to buy, such as drink stands where you can deploy employees to craft drinks, display racks to place the crafted food recipes or drinks, checkout stands, etc.

Buy better items for bonuses. For instance, there are many checkouts stands in the furniture shop -> cooking utensils; flora checkout, lucky checkout, squirrel checkout, fancy checkout, and luxury checkout. The expensive ones come with more storage facilities. For instance, luxury checkout can save up to 200K coins, whereas sprout checkout has the capacity of 30k coins only. 

Complete The Quests For Freebies

There are three types of quests in the Fairy’s Forest game; daily, normal, and episode. From the daily quests, you can earn magic alloy, fairy wood, etc. Normal quests grant coins and furniture/decor items. Episode quests grant massive EXP. 

Fairy’s Forest Tips To Level Up Fast

Complete the Episode quests for a massive EXP reward.

Ramp up the restaurant business, craft dishes, buy more display racks, and place all the crafted dishes. Advertise to attract customers. The more customers you serve, the more EXP you earn. 

Fairy’s Forest Guide To Progression

Play the mini-games to grind ingredients and coins. 

Craft the recipes. Place more display racks to place more dishes for the customers. Buy drink stands and make drinks. 

Keep an eye on the customers; sometimes, they drop magic alloy, fairy wood, soulstones, etc. Tap on the icons over their head to collect the reward. 

Do the quests. 

Save the rubies and spend on summoning employees/customers or their soulstones. 

Buy and place decorate items in the restaurant to raise the beauty level. If you want to attract special customers, you should be focusing on increasing the beauty level. 

Fairy’s Forest Cheats

No cheats are available at the moment for Fairy’s Forest. 

So that’s all we got in this post on Fairy’s Forest cheats, guide, tips, and tricks for beginners. NOTE: This article is a work in progress. 

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