Fallout Shelter Online Rerolling – Should/Can You Reroll?

Started playing Fallout Shelter Online and wondering whether it’s worth rerolling or not? Can you get an SSR dweller with rerolling? Check out the reroll guide

Fallout Shelter Online Rerolling Reroll GuideFallout Shelter Online is a popular vault management game for Android & iOS that features lots of Dwellers classified into four tiers; SSR-Tier, SR-Tier, R-Tier, and N-Tier. Getting an SSR dweller is not easy. To recruit the dwellers, you need pre-war money. From the gacha banners, you might get a complete dweller or its posters. For SSR, you need x80 posters, x30 for SR, x10 for R, and N-Tier Dwellers. 

Fallout Shelter Online Reroll Guide: –

If you still want to reroll in Fallout Shelter Online, follow these steps: –

  • Follow the tutorial and reach level 5
  • At level 5, complete the “museum of freedom” quest. It unlocks social and store function(initiate tutorial draw)
  • Claim the tutorial draw; you will get x1 SR character(MacCready)
  • Claim the pre-registration rewards from the mailbox (around x1000)
  • Spend pre-war money in the store on gacha banners or keep playing the game until you earn enough pre-war money for x10 draws. 
  • After the draws, if you get the favorite best tier characters(SR or SSR), keep playing. 
  • If not, tap the gear option in the top-left -> settings -> log off -> switch server -> choose a new server and repeat the above steps

Should you reroll in the FSO? Well, the short answer is no. You are guaranteed to get one SR or SSR dweller if you go for the x10 draws. For x0 draws, you need x2280 Pre-War Money. The pre-registration reward or redeem code reward gives you around x1000 pre-war money. That would not be enough for the x10 draw. Additionally, it takes too long to unlock the recruitment option; complete the Museum of Freedom quest at level 5 to unlock the recruitment function. 

Also, the drop rate for SSR and SR characters is low. 

  • SSR – 1.724%(may change)
  • SR – 1.724%(may change)

It’s better not to go for rerolling; it’s time-consuming and there are low chances of acquiring SSR character from rerolling.

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So that’s all for now in this post on Fallout Shelter Online rerolling guide. Share your opinions in the comment section below. 

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