Final Gear Reroll Guide: How to reroll?

Our Final Gear Reroll Guide covers how to reroll in the English global version of the Final Gear game. Read on for the Final Gear guide to enrolling!

Final Gear Reroll Guide

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Final Gear Reroll Guide⇓

The following Final Gear reroll guide is based on the English Global version of the game. You will learn how to reroll step-by-step, what to reroll, reroll target, etc. If you are new to the game, make sure to check out the Final Gear tier list and promotional codes. Now, let’s not waste any time and get to the main content: –

Final Gear Reroll Guide: Sign In, The First Step⇓

The Final Gear game does not offer any kind of reset function, so you would not be able to reset the game if you have linked the game to Google/Apple/Facebook accounts. You will either need to have multiple accounts of service or use the guest login service. If you use the guest login, then you will be clearing the game data or uninstall -> reinstall to reroll. Re-download is required when you start over or clear the data or reinstall. 

If you have multiple Gmail/Facebook accounts, then you can use them. To reroll, you will log out from the signed-in account and sign in with another account, which you have not bound already. 

Final Gear Reroll Guide: Unlocking Recruitment, The Second Step⇓

The second step in this Final Gear reroll guide is to progress through the story missions and unlock the “Recruit” function of the game, which is on the right side of the game screen. It should be unlocked by stages 2-4 in the story/campaign mode. You will go through a bunch of tutorials many times, skip the dialogues to quickly reach and clear this stage. 

Final Gear Reroll Guide: Novice Recruitment, The Third Step⇓

Once you have unlocked the recruit function, go to the recruit tab -> there you will find the novice recruitment tab. It lets you draw 10X pilot characters and reroll for an infinite number of times, although you can save only one batch. Tap on the start recruitment button. Check the SSR and SR characters that you have got. Save if they are good, draw again if you don’t get any good characters. Check out this Final Gear tier list if you don’t know what characters are the best ones. 

Final Gear Reroll Guide: Spend Crystals, The Fourth Step⇓

The fourth step in this Final Gear reroll guide is collecting and spending the crystals. You’ll need crystals to recruit pilots. Go to lobby -> check trophies/events(sign-in), requests -> claim the rewards. Also, check the mailbox -> claim the rewards; hope you get crystals there as a pre-registration reward. Progress further through the story mode if you want to grind more crystals. 

X1 Recruit costs 150 Crystals. 10 Draws cost you X1500 Crystals. Spend the crystals; aim for at least X1 top-tier SSR character. Check out this Final Gear tier list if you don’t know what characters are the best ones. 

Final Gear Reroll Guide: Reroll Target, The Fifth Step⇓

Reroll Target; X2 SSR Characters – X1 SSR from novice recruitment(guaranteed), X1 SSR from special recruitment banner or by spending the crystals. 

Final Gear Reroll Guide: Rerolling, The Final Step⇓

If you didn’t get any top-tier SSR character from the gacha banner(crystals), then log out from the existing account(settings -> account -> log out) -> sign with another. If you are logged in as a guest account, delete the game data and start over(uninstall and install again if you are on iOS). 

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