Galaxy Reavers 2 Guide: Cheats, Tips & Strategy For Beginners

Galaxy Reavers 2 is a brand new warship battle game for mobile by TBG Limited. Read on for Galaxy Reavers 2 guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Galaxy Reavers 2 Guide Tips Cheats StrategyTBG Limited, well-known for Elemental Dungeon and Fallensouls games, recently published a new mobile game called Galaxy Reavers 2. In the game, you get to build the ships, battle the ships in a wide range of game modes, then there is mining and upgrading stuff. You will be playing as a commander and regulate all sorts of things related to ship manufacturing, captains assignments, and much more. If you have just started playing it, then you are on the right page. This Galaxy Reavers 2 guide covers the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Galaxy Reavers 2 cheats, tips & strategies that you may love. So without any further ado, let’s get started with this walkthrough guide!

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First things first – your goal is to build the best fleet featuring the best warships. And of course, you would not have built all the ships yet because it’s hard to gather the ship fragments required to manufacture a ship. Also, building a ship is not the only thing – after you manufacture it, you will have to make it better by planting devices, plug-ins, and shields to it. As a newbie commander, you will get to play the main storyline missions where you fight the hostile ships for EXP, Star Coins, mining materials, challenge tickets, etc. As you gain EXP/Experience, you will level up and new game modes such as challenge, drill, PvP Arena, etc. will get unlocked. Let’s learn everything in details and explore all the Galaxy Reavers 2 tips, cheats & strategies featured in this walkthrough guide – 

Get Familiar With The Ship Stats

Galaxy Reavers 2 Guide Tips Cheats StrategyYou must get familiar with the ship’s stats if you want to figure out the best ones out of all the ships that you have manufactured. Head to the dock and tap on the manufactured ship and in the information tab, you will see its stats: –

  • Energy – In Galaxy Reavers 2, to use the devices, you need energy. The energy stat determines the amount of energy your ship has
  • Durability – as you take hits from the enemy ships, the durability of the ship gets reduces. It dies when the durability drops to 0
  • Armor – the armor type determines the resistance to the specific damage types. Standard armor reduces all kinds of damage. Deflecting Armor reduces kinetic energy damage. Mirror armor reduces the thermal damage. And, ceramic armor reduces electromagnetic damage
  • CPU – the ship has a fixed CPU limit. The devices, plugins that you install consumes CPU. You would not be able to equip the plugins or devices if the limit reaches max
  • Warehouse – this value determines the amount of cargo that the ship can carry 
  • Mining Capacity – how fast a ship can mine
  • Speed – the speed of the warship in battles
  • Quality – the higher the quality, the lower the speed

Upgrade And Advance The Ships

You can improve the warship by upgrading it or advancing it further; it increases all the attributes mentioned above; durability, speed, armor, etc. To upgrade the warship, you need Tritanium Alloy, it’s the material that you can farm in the main story mode stages. To advance, you will need super quality materials that you can farm in the exploration/story-mode stages or drill mode. 

Learn About The Factions Of Ships

The four factions in Galaxy Reavers 2; Federal, Pirates, Empire, and Primal-tech. Federal – these ships have more durability and defensive stats. Pirates – this type of ships excel in attacking the hostile ships. Empire – these ships excel at an immune abnormal state. Primal-tech ships use great technology and effectively use the devices and stuff as compared to other types of ships. For example – it reduces cooldown, increases the frequency of use of transition devices, etc. 

Go to the shipbuilding menu and choose any type to check the list of ships. Select any ship to check its stats and passive skills. In the upper-left corner, tap the trial button to test the ship’s performance at the max level. 

Focus On The Best Ships

Since there are so many ships to build in Galaxy Reavers 2, you might not want to put all the resources in building the trash ship. Head to the dock menu of the game and tap on the ship. In the upper-left side, tap the evaluation button to check the ratings given by other players playing the game for a long time. 

Use The Best Devices For The Ship

In the dock -> ship -> at the top, tap the “device recommended” button and it will show you the best device recommendations. Different ships work differently; you must equip the right type of devices to get the most out of that ship. 

Manufacturing Ships & Devices In Galaxy Reavers 2

Galaxy Reavers 2 Guide Tips Cheats StrategyIn the shipbuilding menu, you can manufacture the warships. And, in the factory menu, you can manufacture the devices. For specific ships and devices, you will need the fragments that you acquire from the main story mode, fighting modes, or shop/supply. Devices are responsible for the damage output. The higher the quality or the stats of the device, the more damage you inflict. You can use Krypton currency in the supply shop to get devices or plugins or captains. 

Captains In Galaxy Reavers 2

You can deploy one captain to each ship. The captain helps you use the devices’ skills automatically during the battle. Also, their stats and talent provide you the buff. In the captain menu, you can check the list of all captains. You can get more captains from the supply menu of the game -> captain -> recruit. You get to recruit for free every few days. Captains are classified into three tiers; R-Tier, SR-Tier, and SSR-Tier. SSR Tier and SR Tier captains are the best – but the drop rate is low. You can raise their favor level by giving them gifts, promote talents by upgrading their star level. 

Mine The Materials Items In Galaxy Reavers 2

On the main screen of the game, tap space mine button and it will take you to the mining menu where you will see lots of mines; titanium mines, star coins mine, energy mine, shaped metal mine, etc. As the commander level increases, you will get to mine in all sorts of mines. Tap the mine -> and start mining. In the mining fleet tab, you will see the progress. You can return from the mining anytime you want. 

These materials items are used in device enhancement, ship upgrades, etc. So keep mining. 

Guide To Warship Battles

In the battle, on the top-left corner, tap the ship that you want to select, and then you will get use its skills(in the bottom-left). Tap the skill button and cast it over to the enemy ship when in range. The skills of the ship are determined by the devices you had planted. If you assign the captain, then you can automate the skill by tapping the captain avatar in the bottom-right corner(Select the ship -> tap the captain in bottom-right). 

Ships inflict damage to the enemy ships automatically; you can long-press on the enemy ship to lock as a target. The damage dealt by the ship is determined by the gears you had planted to it. In the trial mode, you can check the ship’s performance. (Dock -> select the ship -> trial). 

Join A Legion In Galaxy Reavers 2

Make sure to join an active legion; legion members can share resources – also, you get access to the legion battle mode. 

Complete The Daily Tasks To Get Krypton, Delegation Tickets

On the main screen, in the bottom-right corner, tap the captain avatar to open the daily task page. Complete those daily task missions to get delegation tickets, star tickets, Krypton currency for free. 

Grind In The Main Story Mode

In the main storyline mode, you proceed through the chapter mode featuring lots of challenging battle stages. At each stage, you can earn a maximum of x3 stars. It lets you repeat the stages and grind the currency or items such as challenge tickets, star coins, EXP to level up commander, and more. If you complete the stage with all x3 stars achievement, you can use the delegate function to complete it in a few seconds. Go to the main storyline mode screen -> select the stage that you have completed with x3 stars -> tap the delegate button. You can earn delegate tickets from daily tasks. 

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So this would be all in this post on Galaxy Reavers 2 guide and tips for beginners. If you have more tips to share, comment below. 

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