Golf Challenge World Tour Coupon Codes – List of Event Codes

Golf Challenge World Tour is a brand new golf game for mobile by Neowiz. Read on for Golf Challenge World Tour coupon codes – list of event codes

Golf Challenge World Tour Codes Coupon

Neowiz, one of the popular mobile game developers, well-known for Brave Nine game, recently released a brand new golf game called Golf Challenge World Tour. It features PvP matches where you clash with another player in real-time for ranking points, coins, and the club bags. If you have played the Golf Clash game, you would not need to go in-depth in cultivating the skill as it’s pretty similar to that game. In this post, we have shared the Golf Challenge World Tour Coupon codes – list of event codes, how to get and use them to redeem, gift bags. So without any further ado, let’s head to the main content. 

Golf Challenge World Tour Coupon Codes – List of Event Codes: –

First things first – coupon codes are not referred to cheat codes because the coupon codes or event codes are legit and issued by the golf challenge game developers. To redeem these codes, you have to tap the gear button in the upper-right corner. This will show you the options listing all sorts of settings. 

At the bottom of the options page, you will see the event coupon button. Tap it and a new pop-up will open where you can enter the “coupon code”. After entering the code, you tap the “OK” button. You might get the rewards immediately or they could be sent to the news box. Tap the mobile button in the bottom-left corner to visit the news section of the game. 

This is the section where game developers send you the rewards; upon maintenance, coupon codes redemption, etc. 

List of Golf Challenge World Tour Coupon Codes: –

Since the game has just been released, the developers have not announced any event/coupon codes yet. You need to wait a little bit – until they announce the new codes. 

How To Get The Codes?

As said above, these coupon codes are issued by the developers of the game. To keep an eye on new or active or working Golf Challenge codes, we recommend following the game’s fan page on FB. If you are on Facebook, search for “Golf Challenge World Tour”. Follow the page, join the official group and keep an eye on the moderators’ post. On special events, these codes are announced. 

You can use code only once – after that, it will no longer be applicable. Also, these redeem codes have time limitations – once expired, you would not be able to use them. So it’s important to use them as soon as possible. We will update this post as soon as they announce new codes. 

If you have a code, please share it in the comment section below so that other players can also get the free rewards. 

So this would be all in this post on the Golf Challenge World Tour Coupon Codes info. 

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  1. My screen (options) does NOT have an EVENT COUPON BUTTON. A number of my teammates do not have the button as well.

    Is there a way to install it?