Hamster Village Game cheats: guide, tips, and tricks

New to the Hamster Village game? Find out all the Hamster Village game cheats available with guides, tips, and tricks

Hamster Village game cheats guide tipsHamster Village Game cheats, tips, and guide: –

This article covers “how to play Hamster Village game”, tips and cheats to earn free currencies, tips to progress fast, about hamsters, and other things such as in-game currencies, village facilities, and more. So, let’s not waste any time and get straight to the Hamster Village game cheats, tips, and guide: – 

Get Started With Hamster Village Game Basics

In the Hamster Village game, your goal is to build a happy village where Hamsters are the main characters. In the village, you can add a lot of facilities for the hamsters so that they can enjoy a variety of activities. The hamsters in the village also work in the facilities and produce gold coins. Also, sometimes, they give you hearts. You will start by building the farm, then a cafe, library, and there are so many beautiful facilities to build and expand the Hamster Village. The goal is to unlock all hamsters and build all sorts of facilities in the village. 

Make The Upgrades Carefully

Hamster Village game cheats guide tipsYou need to be discreet when making upgrades. In the lower-right corner, tap the “village” button -> this will open a menu where you can see the list of facilities and make upgrades. Also, at the top-right corner of the facility card, you will see its earnings/seconds. Pay attention to it and you will notice that every new/next facility that you unlock produces more gold coins than the previous one. For example – the logging camp produces more gold coins than the craft shop, library, cafe, and farm. 

And, as you progress further logging camp, you will unlock Bathhouse, which produces more gold coins than previous facilities. Then, post office, Inn, Flower Shop, and all the way to “Harbor”, which yields the highest gold coins. Here’s the correct order: best facilities by earning – 

Harbor > Market > Observatory > Blacksmith’s Workshop > Barbershop > Park > Flower Shop > Inn > Post Office > Bathhouse > Logging Camp > Craft Shop > Library > Cafe > Farm. 

So, what we recommend is don’t spend all the gold coins in upgrading a particular facility. Try to unlock the next facility as soon as possible because every next village facility yields more returns than the unlocked ones. If you want to increase earnings, you have to focus on the facilities that yield higher income.

Guide To Normal And Costume Hamsters

Normal Hamsters work and roam in the village and give you coins and hearts from time to time. Costume hamsters, on the other hand, grant passive bonuses to the whole village set-up. For example – an increase in heart and gold earnings. 

Inviting Hamsters In Hamster Village

Normal Hamsters – to invite a normal hamster in the Hamster Village game, you will need a certain number of hearts. In the lower-right corner, tap the “hamster” option to open the invite screen. Alternatively, you can tap the main hamster house on the village land to open the invite menu. There, you can spend the hearts and invite the hamster immediately. The more hamsters you have, the more hearts you get. You can increase the heart production rate by making upgrades on the same invite menu. 

Costume Hamsters – you need to hatch the egg to get costume hamsters in the Hamster Village game. Near the deck, tap the egg to check the time remaining until you get a new costume hamster. Once they are hatched, you will see them in the costume menu(the main screen, tap the costume icon in the bottom-left corner). 

Make Upgrades To The Working Hamsters

Each facility you unlock in the Hamster Village game has a working Hamster. For example – farmer hamster on the farm, barista hamster on the cafe, librarian hamster on the library, and so on. Tap the village option in the lower-right corner -> there you can upgrade these working hamsters with the hearts. Invite more hamsters to earn more hearts. 

When you reach level 1 of the working hamster, the coins will be collected from those particular facilities – automatically. By default, you have to collect the coins automatically. 

Complete The Missions In Hamster Village Game

Near the house on the farmland, there is a mission board – tap it and check the current mission. Complete mission to earn free currency; gems, gold coins, hearts, etc. 

Get Freebies In The Game

In the ocean, you will find a lot of objects and creatures that give you free rewards. For example – the glass bottle gives hearts, call the dolphin to earn coins + hearts. 

Hamster Village game cheats guide tipsAlso, on the land area, there would be a hole to dig; tap the bag icon over it to command hamster to dig it and get the rewards. C

Complete The Achievements For Free Rewards

In the upper-left corner, tap the trophy icon -> complete the achievements for free rewards; gems. 

Guide To In-Game Currency

  • Gems – use in the shop to get hearts and gold coins. Do missions, achievements, watch ads to get free gems
  • Hearts – get from the hamsters and use in upgrades
  • Gold coins – get from the village facilities and use in upgrades

Collect The Offline Chest

The hamsters will continue to work while you are not in the game – but only for x360 minutes. After you come back, there would be a chest next to the hamster house; tap it, and get the offline earnings. 

Bind The Account

Make sure to bind the account and save the progress. Tap the gear/setting icon(it’s on the top-right corner). There you can bind the account with Google Play Games/Apple/GameCenter – depends on what platform you are using; Android, iOS. 

So that’s all we got in this post on Hamster Village cheats, guide, and tips for beginners. Got any more tricks? Share them in the comments. 

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