Idle Death Knight Coupon Codes & Cheats: Guide, Tips & Tricks

Idle Death Knight is an Idle RPG for Android & iOS by NEOWIZ. Read on for Idle Death Knight cheats, guide, tips & tricks

Idle Death Knight Cheats Guide Tips

Idle Death Knight Cheats, Guide, Tips & Strategies⇓

This article covers “how to play Idle Death Knight”, about all the in-game currencies in the game, tips & tricks for progression, and other aspects such as getting stronger, quests, and much more. So, without further ado, let’s get started: Idle Death Knight cheats, guide, tips & tricks: –

Idle Death Knight Coupon Codes⇓

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How To Redeem Idle Death Knight Coupon Codes?

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Idle Death Knight In-Game Currencies Guide

Idle Death Knight Cheats Guide Tips

Battery: you get battery when the death knight on your screen dispatches the monsters to hell. You can use the batteries to upgrade the relics and get bonus effects. Also, to upgrade the death knight’s costumes.

Gold Coins: the gold coin is another in-game currency in the Idle Death Knight game that you earn by eliminating the monsters on the stages. You can use the gold coins to level up the death knight and the quests. 

Milk: you can earn milk by completing the quests and from the cow level dungeon. Players can spend milk in leveling up the death knight’s skills and making the character upgrade. 

Green Color Upgrade Stones: you will need the upgrade stones to upgrade the weapons and shields. 

Transcend Stones: transcend stones can be obtained by dismantling the weapons. These transcend stones are available in multiple grades; D-grade transcends stones, C-grade, B-grade, A-grade, S-grade, and SS-grade. You will need transcend stones/materials to make upgrades after the weapons and shields and transcended. 

Amethysts – Amethyst is the most precious currency in the Idle Death Knight game. You can use it to recruit companions or draw weapons/shields. 

Dark Orb: to evolve the death knight character, you will need dark orbs. 

Draw Tickets: use the draw tickets to get weapons and shields. 

Idle Death Knight Guide To Progression

(1) There are around x10 chapters in the Idle Death Knight game – each chapter features hundreds of stages. At the top of the screen, you can see the current chapter number and the current stage. After completing a certain number of stages, your death knight will get to challenge the boss – defeating the boss will let you proceed to the next stage and then the next chapters. If you fail to defeat the boss, get stronger by making upgrades and retreat to challenge again. 

(2) Account level and death knight level is different. At the top-left corner, you can see the current account level. In the character tab of the game, under the level tab, you will get the character info(death knight) – to increase the account level, grind XP by defeating the monsters. Use the gold coins to level up the death knight. 

(3) Complete the quests (at the top, next to the (!) symbol, check the current quests) and get freebies. 

(4) Do the daily missions and achievements for free rewards. 

Farm The Items In Dungeon And PvP

(1) In the lower-left corner, tap the Content tab -> cow level dungeon -> from this game mode, you can earn milk, upgrade stones, and dark orbs. After completing a stage, you can make a sweep on it with the scrolls and get instant rewards. 

Idle Death Knight Cheats Guide Tips

(2) PvP: DK vs DK mode unlocks at account level 100. From this Idle Death Knight game mode, you can earn the honor points and use them for items like ultra battery, cow level tickets, draw tickets, transcend stones, etc. 

Tips To Getting Stronger In Idle Death Knight

(1) Equipment: includes shields and weapons. Make sure not to waste resources on D-grade, C-grade, B-grade weapons and shields. Weapons and shields of this grade would not help you in long run. A-grade weapons/shields are good. S-grade and SS-tier grade weapons/shields are the best ones. Go to the equipment shop -> you can spend the draw tickets or amethysts to get weapons and shields. Go to equipment -> equip a high-quality weapon/shield. Don’t upgrade all the weapons or shields. Stick to a particular one. Check the stats and compare with other ones at the same level and equip the best one. 

Idle Death Knight Cheats Guide Tips

(2) Upgrade the costumes(equipment -> costume). It will cost batteries. 

(3) Character: increase level, make upgrades, evolve the character with milk and dark robs, and upgrade the skills. 

(4) Recruit companions. 

(5) Get relics and upgrade relics. You can buy relics with amethysts and upgrade them with batteries. 

Get The Freebies In Idle Death Knight

Go to the shop -> watch the video ad for free amethyst. In the top-left corner, below the ranking button, you often get a video ad offer -> watch the video ad and get free rewards. 

Upgrade The Quests To Grind More Gold

Go to the quest tab and there you will see a variety of quests that you can unlock with gold coins and upgrade the quests also with the gold coins. These quests yield gold coins every few minutes. Every new quest in the list draws more gold than the previous ones. 

Idle Death Knight Cheats & Cheat Codes

Unfortunately, the time-lapse cheat does not work in the Idle Death Knight game and there are no cheat codes for this game. 

So that’s all we got in this post on Idle Death Knight cheats, tips, guide for beginners. Got more tricks? Comment below. 

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