Idle Inventor Factory Tycoon Codes: Guide & Tips

Our Idle Inventor Factory Tycoon Codes & Guide wiki provides redeem code info, progression tips, and much more to help beginners get a headstart in the game.Idle Inventor Factory Tycoon

Idle Inventor Factory Tycoon Codes: Guide & Tips For Beginners⇓

In this post, we have shared a guide to Idle Inventor Factory Tycoon, redeem code info, tips to progress, and other aspects such as factories, in-game currencies, managers, and much more. So let’s not waste any time and check out the main content: –

Idle Inventor Factory Tycoon Redeem Codes⇓

As of now, there are no redeem codes available. Follow Boombit Games or Idle Inventor Factory Tycoon FB page for the code updates. We don’t think devs will release any redeem code for this game as the FB page is very inactive. 

Idle Inventor Factory Tycoon Guide To Basics⇓

Idle Inventor Factory Tycoon

The game’s concept is like this; you have a factory where you can set up the production lines; at each production line, you make vehicle products and then sell them in the market to make money. To set up new production lines, you will need to invest a lot of in-game coins – also, to open the new factories. As a player, your objective would be wisely making upgrades, setting up new production lines, boosting the factory income, and progress further to unlock all factories. 

Vehicles made at the production line are picked by a train and then sent to market with the help of an assembly crane. By upgrading the production line, you can increase the production and price of the vehicle. Upgrading train increases transportation and capacity(picked from production lines). And, upgrading assembly crane increases capacity(picked from the train station), the movement speed of crane, and transportation. 

To expand the factory or unlock new production lines at the factory, you will need to complete a set number of goals. These goals are displayed at the top of the screen. Each quest rewards you – when you complete a certain number of quests, you will be able to expand or unlock a new production line. 

Idle Inventory Factory Tycoon Tips To Escalate Income Level⇓

Each next production line that you unlock in the factory will have more earning potential than the previous one. So try to unlock the next production line as soon as possible and prioritize upgrading it first, then its previous one, and so on. 

Do not stick to making upgrades to a particular production line – you should always try to unlock the next production line. 

For example; in the first factory, the first production line is “Hatchback”, the Sedan, Off-Road, GT, Cross-Over, Coupe, and so on. You will first upgrade Coupe, then Cross-Over, GT, Sedan, and then Hatchback(start from the last one as it would have more earning potential). 

Balance The Upgrades In Idle Inventor Factory Tycoon⇓

Players need to know that the game does not give them coins instantly for the vehicles made at production lines. These vehicles, after being manufactured, are picked by the train, then assembly crane, and after that, you get the coins. 

You need to make sure that the capacity of the train and assembly crane matches the production number, otherwise, a lot of vehicles will be left unsold. Upgrade the train so that it can pick up all the manufactured products in one round and also upgrade the assembly crane so that it can send it off to the market at the same pace. 

Tap On The Supply Crate On The Screen⇓

Idle Inventor Factory Tycoon

Now and then, in Idle Inventor Factory Tycoon, a supply crate appears. You will see a drone with a supply rate flying over the screen. Tap it, watch the video ad, and get free research points, coins, or buffs. 

Participate In Events To Earn Gems, Chests & Research Points⇓

Events give a ton of rewards; the gem is the best one and you should participate in the events to get the gems. The event gameplay is similar to the main gameplay, but it’s limited to a certain number of days and the rewards are special – based on the progress you make during the event. In the lower-right corner, on the left side of the manager icon, you will see the event icon button. Tap it to check the event status. 

Check Out The Daily Deals In The Shop⇓

The shop section of the Idle Inventor Factory Tycoon game features the daily deals that you can grab with research points or by watching the video ads. UIt refreshes daily and features other managers and rewards. Make sure to check it daily and don’t miss any rewards or manager cards that you need to make upgrades. 

You also get a free chest every hour in the shop. 

Activate The Production Boost Bonus⇓

At the bottom of the screen, tap on the bonus button, watch a video ad and boost the earnings for a few hours. 

Progression Guide For Beginners⇓

Complete the main quests and expand the factory. Unlock new production lines and make upgrades. Make upgrades to manager to boost earnings – manager upgrades are permanent. 

Keep an eye on the free supply crate that appears on the screen. Watch the video ads for free rewards. 

So this would be all in this post on Idle Inventor Factory Tycoon codes, guide, and tips info. If you have got a working gift code or more tips, please share them in the comments. 

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