Idle Master 3D Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Idle Master 3D is an Idle RPG by IdleJoy Inc. Check out this Idle Master 3D guide, tips, cheats & strategies to master the gameIdle Master 3D

In Idle Master 3D, you build the team of heroes with different abilities and roles to smash down the enemies and players in PvE and PvP game modes. Like all other Idle RPGs, there are lots of heroes in the game that you choose to build the best team. Also, a variety of PvE game modes where you grind in-game currencies, which you will need to power up the heroes. If you have just started playing this game, then you are on the right page. This Idle Master 3D guide helps you understand all the fundamentals of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Idle Master 3D tips, cheats & strategies that may help you progress fast. So without further ado, let’s dive in!

Idle Master 3D Guide: –

You can deploy up to six different heroes and one lord on the board to build the team. This team will fight the enemies and grind gears, advancement stones, coins, soul, EXP, and much more in the adventure mode. You can set up a different team for the arena to fight other players for PvP ranking and rewards. Let’s learn everything in detail.

Idle Master 3D Heroes Guide: –

How To Get Heroes?

In Idle Master 3D, you can obtain the heroes from Summoning Circle. Or by playing the game, you can get hero shards, which can be fused to summon the hero. If you have shards, go to the inventory -> shard -> summon. In the  Summoning Circle, you can use the summon key to summon the hero. There are three types of summoning methods; basic, advancement, and friendship. You can get 1-5 star heroes from the basic summon, 3-5 star heroes from advanced summon, and 2-5 star heroes from friendship summon.

Here’s the drop rate: –

  • Basic Summon: – 1-star(56%), 2-star(34%), 3-star(8.5%), 4-star(1.45%), 5-Star(Less than 1%)
  • Advanced Summon – 3-Star(73.4%), 4-Star(25%), 5-Star(1.6%)
  • Friendship Summon – 2-Star(56%), 3-Star(54%), 4-Star(13.2%), 5-Star(1.6%)

Types Of Heroes: –

  • Priest – Healers
  • Assassin – Melee DPS
  • Ranger – Ranged DPS
  • Mage – DPS & CC Skills
  • Warrior – Tank

In the hero profile, you can check the hero’s type. Building a balanced hero team would be a good idea.

Elements Of Heroes: –

  • Water(Blue)
  • Light(Yellow)
  • Wind(Green)
  • Fire(Red)
  • Earth(Brown)
  • Dark(Magenta)

All the heroes in Idle Master 3D belong to one of these elements. Each element is strong or weak against a specific element. By deploying the strong element Idle Master 3D heroes against the enemy with weak-element, you can get an advantage – 30% DMG and 15% ACC bonus.

  • Fire is strong against Wind
  • Wind is strong against Earth
  • Earth is strong against Water
  • Water is strong against Fire
  • Dark and Light are strong against each other

So if you are having trouble getting victory on a particular stage, try taking the elemental advantage.

Resource Instance: –

Here you can participate in the challenges to grind EXP, Hero Shards, and Gold coins.

Temple Of Vow: –

Roulette – Use the wish coins to play the lucky draw. Items like Soul, Holystone, Gears, Shards, and Advance Stones can be obtained from this roulette.

Arena: –

Fight other players for rankings and arena reward; arena coins. You can spend these arena coins in the arena shop for hero shards.

Bounty: –

Send heroes on bounty quests to earn valuable rewards like diamonds. Select the bounty -> select the heroes -> start.

Tower of Trail: –

Fight enemies on each floor for rewards like gears, soul, advance stones, and much more. The difficulty level increases by floor.

Blacksmith: –

Here you can craft gears; duplicate gears can be used to craft a higher quality gear. For example – 1-star gear to 2-star.

Merger Crystal: –

Here you can craft the heroes.

So this would be all in this Idle Master 3D guide for beginners. Let’s have a look at our top Idle Master 3D tips, cheats & strategies.

Idle Master 3D Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Complete The Lord Quest To Get Lord

You can get Glorious Knight, the lord and include him in the team to get stronger. All you need do is complete the Lord Quests. In the bottom-right side menu, tap the Lord option – on the next screen, tap the Lord Quests button to check the quests. these are some simple quests that you can easily complete and get Lord. So complete them asap.

2.) Make The Heroes Stronger

  • Level them up to increase base attributes
  • Advance/Rank-up the heroes to raise the max level cap and all the basic attributes and unlock a new skill
  • Equip them better quality gears

3.) Focus On Top Tier Heroes

There are so many heroes in the game and it could be difficult for the beginners to figure out what are the best ones. First, make sure to summon as many heroes as you can with free keys or diamonds. We would recommend you to focus on 4-star and 5-star heroes because they can help you in the late game – while 1-star, 2-star heroes are worst. 3-star heroes are good for early game and mid-game.

You can check the complete list of heroes in the hero menu. Go to the hero screen -> it has two tabs; in the first tab, you see the owned heroes. In the second tab; you can check the complete list of heroes featured in the Idle Master 3D game. You can filter them by elements by tapping the element button on the right side.

4.) Build A Balanced Team

  • Tank – Frontline(Two tanks in the front would be good)
  • DPS – Ranged DPS or Melee DPS(Two)
  • Priest – At least one good healer
  • CC – Mage(Hero with good skills that you can use to stop enemies)

5.) Join A Guild In Idle Master 3D

You can earn guild coins by signing in to the guild daily and spend these coins on shards in the guild shop. Also, you can participate in the guild war, access the tech tree to get buffs. So there are many benefits of joining an active guild.

6.) Participate In The Events

Check the events; they might give you valuable rewards.

So these are some basic Idle Master 3D tips & tricks for beginners.

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