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Are you looking for Immortal Clash codes? Read on for an updated list of all new gift codes for Immortal Clash to redeem.

Immortal Clash Codes Redeem Gift Code

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Immortal Clash

Published by XIN Bi, Immortal Clash is a mobile RPG strategy where you explore the world, grind the resources, collect and develop the characters to fight the enemies and opponents in various game modes. 

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We provide regular updates and fast/full coverage on the latest Immortal Clash Codes. The total number of promo gift codes that we have discovered for this game title is N/A. Active promo code status: N/A. Here’s the list of Immortal Clash gift codes(comment below if you know any working codes): –

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Active Immortal Clash Codes:

  • LOVE4EVER2024 — Redeem gift code for X rewards(Added on Feb 15th, 2024)[Expires on Feb 29th, 2024]
  • IC777 — Redeem gift code for X rewards
  • IC888 — Redeem gift code for X rewards
  • IC999 — Redeem gift code for X rewards

Expired Codes⇓

Immortal Clash Codes do not last forever. They are available to redeem for a limited period, and once that expires, you will no longer be receiving the rewards. If you find any code in the above list not working, please let us know by sharing it in the comment box below. 


Immortal Clash Codes FAQ

How Do You Redeem Gift Code In Immortal Clash?

To redeem the Immortal Clash Gift Code, the player first needs to complete the tutorial. Once the tutorial is completed, look for the profile icon button, which should be located in the top-left corner of the game screen. Tap it. Tap the settings button. On the next screen, look for the redeem code or pack gift code button.

Tap on the redeem gift code option; you will get the option of entering and redeeming the gift code. The above Immortal Clash code wiki showcases the complete code list. Enter the valid code and get the rewards. New gift codes are released often; we keep track of all these codes and put them all together in this one updated code wiki list. 

How To Get More Immortal Clash Codes?

More new Immortal Clash Codes are published on the game’s official social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and the game’s official Discord. You can bookmark this page and regularly check for Immortal Clash gift codes. Once available, we will update this gift code list with all the new redemption codes. Usually, the game developers publish the gift codes for special events like the game’s milestones, popular occassions, collaborations, and special events.

So this would be all in this post on Immortal Clash Codes. Got any new gift codes? Comment below. 

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Old scars and new conflicts between the Vampires, Werewolves and human Hunters plague this land. While the races are occupied by infighting, the barbarians and their phantoms are seizing the chance to invade. The Kingdom is in danger! Only the strong will survive.

You will be a lord and an addition to one of the six major might Factions. Do your best for your Faction as you train troops and lay siege to cities. Let your talent for governance shine when you are elected as Minister and you might even lead the Faction. You will command many Guilds to create a noble Kingdom and ride the waves of victory!

Unique Gameplay
1. Realistic Might Factions and Conquest Journey
Real Factions will pave the game’s progress. Players can choose to join one of the 6 major Factions comprising Vampires, Werewolves, and Humans. Use your wits to earn promotions, amass power, and expand your territory. Leave a stunning legacy behind!

2. Dynamic Troop Types and Tip-top Strategy
Battles featuring 12 major troop types comprising melee, ranged, and aerial troops – each with their own unique attributes. Werewolves are violent and Vampires have a unique lifesteal effect. Employ various troops and counter strategies in an amazingly detailed 3D battleground. Showcase your talent as commander!

3. RPG-styled Protagonist and Brand New Interactions
Your avatar will represent you in the gaming world! “You” will explore the vast world map, interact with other players, and even construct the environment. Exercise full control over your overall appearance and development. Make “you” uniquely you!

4. Freestyle City Design and Appearance
Construct your noble City with a dazzling array of appearances and choices. You can choose to dedicate your City to technological research, train a dizzying quantity of troops, or aggressively expand your territory. The City is your oyster!

Official Discord:
Official Facebook Page:

Customer Service: [email protected]

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  1. Seems I played got ahead trying to do the stone quarry it will not let me hit the attack button and also to get room unlocked constantly fails after last just recent maintenance they will not work .