Lazy Dogs Game Cheats: Tips & Tricks, Coupon Code, Guide & Strategy

Lazy Dogs game is a new mobile title by Super Awesome Inc. Read on for Lazy Dogs game cheats, tips & tricks, coupon code, guide strategy

Lazy Dogs Game Cheats Coupon Codes Tips GuideSuper Awesome Inc, well-known for Hello Kitty Friends game, recently released Lazy Dogs game(original Webtoon series) on mobile app stores. The game features classic match-3 gameplay where you complete the levels, earn stars and use them to decorate the house. But it’s not boring – the devs of the game have added in-game comic type scenes that you would love to enjoy while progressing through the missions. If you are new to the Lazy Dogs game, then this post is for you. This Lazy Dogs game guide covers the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Lazy Dogs game tips, cheats & strategies. So, let’s not waste any time and read the main walkthrough guide. 

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First things first – the three in-game currencies in Lazy Dogs game are food stamina, coins, and the stars. Food stamina is consumed to play the levels. You will be using the coins to get the outfits for the dog characters. And, the stars are required to decorate the house with decorative items. Let’s explore all the Lazy Dogs game tips & tricks, cheats & strategy guides – 

Fewer Moves Give You More Coins

If you want to earn more coins by clearing the levels, try clearing the level in as few moves as possible. The game gives bonus coins based on the number of moves that you didn’t use in the level. For example – if you had 20 moves total to clear the level and you complete the stage in 10 moves – then the remaining x10 moves will count as the bonus reward. 

Add Friends To Exchange Food Stamina

Lazy Dogs Game Cheats Coupon Codes Tips GuideIn the upper-right corner, tap the “friend” icon. Go to the request tab and send friend requests to other players. Once you have friends, they can send you meat/food stamina. Similarly, you can send them meat. You can send requests to random players or search manually by ID. You can find the ID in the settings(tap the gear icon in the upper-right corner -> under the character avatar, you will find the user ID. Tap the copy button. You can share the ID code in the comments below. 

Getting Coupons In Lazy Dogs Game

We recommend following the Super Awesome Inc(the developers of the game) on FB to keep an eye on the codes. You can redeem the codes in the setting menu -> coupon -> enter the coupon and get rewards. 

Guide To Outfits

You can equip the outfits to the dog characters and get to use the outfits’ skills. An outfit skill can be used during the level progress. All you need to do is; pop a certain number of blocks. Go to the outfit menu -> there you can select the outfits for the characters. 

You can acquire the outfits from the lottery; spend the gold coins and watch the video ads. 

Clearing Levels Quickly In Lazy Dogs Game

-> check the goal. In each level, you get different goals to complete. Focus on completing it asap rather than matching the blocks that don’t help you complete the goals. 

-> analyze the board and try to make combos. Combos help you pop more blocks quickly. 

-> Use power-ups – if the level is too hard to clear, better use the power-ups. 

-> start with extra moves by watching the video ad. 

-> unleash the character’s outfit skill by collecting the required blocks.

So this would be all in this post on Lazy Dogs game tips & tricks, a guide for beginners. Got more tips, coupon codes to share? Share your ID to add friends? Comment below. 

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