Lego Tower guide: tips, cheats & strategies

New to Lego Tower game? Master all of its core concepts with this Lego Tower guide available with tips, cheats & strategies for beginners. Also, share your friend ID

NimbleBit LLC’s Lego Tower game is available mobile app stores. In this game, the player builds and manages its own tower – build floors, upgrade floors, appoint residents, play with friends, and there are loads of cool things to discover – pieces, the rebuild function, gold bricks. In today’s Lego Tower guide and Lego Tower tips, cheats & strategies, you will learn about all the basic concepts such as floors, how to earn coins, bux, pieces, residents, how to hire residents, and much more.

Lego Tower guide, tips, cheats & strategies: –

Getting Started With Walkthrough Guide

Lego TowerLet’s start with the basics first – your objective is to build the tallest tower by constructing more and more floors. Building floor costs coins, which you earn by clearing the stocks, lifting the Minifigures to their desired floors. Once you buy a spot for a new floor, tap that empty floor and you will have many options to choose – creative, residential, recreation, retail, food, and service. Residential floors provide room to the Minifigures – they stay there. Learn about the Minifigures Residents in the Lego Tower Residents guide below. If you have residents, you can appoint them to other floors(food, service, retail, and more) such as food shops, fashion design, sweet shop, etc.

Learn The Floor System

As mentioned before, the residential floors are just living rooms where the residents stay. These floors can hold up to five characters. You assign these residents to the floors – once you assign a character to a shop, you will see him/her there. Tap that floor – here you can order, stock, and sell the things. First, you order the items and stock. Once the stock has arrived, you will earn coins over time. So the flow chart is like this: –

  • Order the items to fill stock
  • Wait until the stock arrives
  • Sell the stock

The items are sold automatically – all you need to do is refill the stock every now and then. When you tap the floor – you will see the message like “sells out in 6 hours 23 minutes”. That means the stock at that floor will last long for 6 hours 23 minutes. During this time, the player earns coins. If there is no stock to sell, you will see a decrease in earnings. At the top-left corner of the Lego Tower game, you can check the coins earnings per minute.

Learn About The Jobs & Residents In LEGO TOWER

All the residents have a dream job. If you assign the resident to his/her dream job, you will make more money. To check the residents and their dream job, tap the yellow color menu button at the bottom-right corner -> tap the Minifigures button -> here you can see all the Minifigures or residents that you have collected so far. The job next to the heart icon is the dream job. For example – Daniel M. dream job is working in the Bavarian Food floor.

You can also read this info on the residential floors. Tap on the residential floor and the Lego Tower game will show you the list of residents staying there.

Tap on a character/resident from that list -> change job -> from here you can change the residents’ job.

To fire a worker working on a floor – tap that floor -> tap the resident -> evict. This will remove that Minifigure from the tower.

Getting Residents In LEGO TOWER

First, you must have room for the residents in the tower. Build a residential floor to create a room for the residents. Now, there are multiple ways to obtain residents – keep lifting the Minifigures, spend Bux.

1.) Every now and then, Minifigures arrive right in front of the elevator. Tap the red color arrow button at the bottom of the game screen to lift him/her. Most of the time, you get coins by lifting these characters, but sometimes, they move into the tower permanently and become residents. Or at the bottom of the screen, near the menu button, you will see the resident move-in notification.

2.) The second method to obtain residents in the Lego Tower game is using the bux. Tap on the residential building, the one which has free spots for the residents -> tap the move in button -> spend Bux.

3.) Sometimes, you get a special resident in the building and he fills a floor with residents. For example – Mover. Tap the Use Now button and lift to fill a floor with the resident.Lego Tower

Learn How To Earn Coins

1.) Lift the Minifigures to earn coins. Tapping the red color ⇑ button will automatically lift the Minifigure.

2.) Keep Trading – Tap the food/retail/service type floors -> add stock -> sell -> refill again. If there is no stock, you will see the impact on earnings(per minute) at the top-left corner of the game screen.

Learn How To Earn BUX

1.) The main way to earn Bux in Lego Tower game is by completing the vehicle missions. If you buy the vehicles, you will get the missions which let you earn BUX. For example – Pizza Scooter, Truck, Electric car, etc. You will see these vehicles every now and then on your screen. These missions include finding the objects. At the bottom of the screen, tap the mission request button to check the mission details – the object that you need to find.

2.) Another way to earn the Bux is by keeping lifting the Minifigures. On a certain number floor, you will see the Bux sign. If the resident moves to this certain floor, you will get free Bux.Lego Tower

3.) Complete random “find objects” missions.

Get Familiar With The Vehicle System

Lego TowerIn the menu, tap the Vehicles button and you will see the list of all the vehicles featured in Lego Tower. Buy and unlock these vehicles to unlock more missions. For example – If you buy the electric car, then you can earn 9 Bux every time you get a mission from this car. These unlocked vehicles stop right in front of the tower and you get the missions. For example – I’m looking for Lewis T. to sign a petition. In this mission, we have to find Lewis in the tower. Tap him and collect the 9 Bux. The better the vehicle, the more will be the bux reward.

  1. Pizza Scooter – 5 BUX
  2. Electric Car – 9 BUX
  3. Tow Truck – 14 BUX
  4. Police Car – 17 BUX
  5. Tractor – 20 BUX
  6. Sportscar – 26 BUX
  7. Fire Truck – 32 BUX
  8. Monster Truck – 39 BUX
  9. Desert Rally Racer – 47 BUX

What Is Tower Club In LEGO TOWER

The Tower Club is the paid function in this game. You can use it for free for the first five days. After that, you can enjoy its benefits by paying real money. These benefits include: –

  1. Premium structures/customizations such as roofs, lobbies, elevators & backgrounds
  2. Automate the elevator control
  3. Reduces the upgrade cost
  4. Increases the daily rent from the residents

Pricing & Validity: –

  • $1.99 – 5 Days
  • $4.99 – 25 Days
  • $19.99 – 299 DAYS

Adding Friends In LEGO Tower

Tap the yellow color hamburger menu button at the bottom-right corner of the screen -> friends -> +add -> enter the player ID. On the same friends page, you can see your player ID. Feel free to share your player ID in the comment section below to add friends. You can also use the share function to invite friends via other apps. You can share your ID or friend codes in the comments. 

LEGO TOWER Rebuild Function

Once you build the 50 floors, you can rebuild the tower and earn the gold bricks. When you use this feature: –

You will lose all the tower floors, coins, and all the residents. You will not lose the gold bricks, Bux, unlocked vehicles, characters(pieces), and structures. On top of that, you get gold bricks.

Getting Gold Bricks In The Game

By rebuilding the tower, the player can obtain gold bricks. It is used to upgrade a future floor. These golden floors provide a variety of benefits to the player – instant stocking, max rent, 100X capacity.

How To Send And Request Pieces

Pieces, which are required to unlock characters can be shared with friends. Go to menu -> My Pieces -> tap on a piece -> choose request(your friends will get the request) -> tap send to a friend button to send it to a specific friend.

How To Redeem Code?

Tap the menu button -> ticket -> enter the code -> redeem. You can check the redeem codes here. 

Lego Tower tips and cheats: –

  • Spend The Bux Carefully

You can use the Bux to upgrade the floors(tap the floor that you want to upgrade -> tap the + button -> use the Bux to upgrade that floor. Upgraded floors can hold more stock and keeps the earning flow stable for a long time), to buy the vehicles(buy the vehicles and get more missions to earn more Bux), upgrade the elevator(tap the elevator -> increase speed/coins tips using the Bux).

  • Keep The Stock Full

At the upper-left corner of the screen, you can check the coins earnings per minute. To earn the maximum coins per minute, make sure to fill the stocks. At the top-left of each floor, you can see the color dots – the green dot displays the stock is full, the red color dot displays that stock is yet to be ordered, and the yellow one shows that the stock is on the way. Order the stock -> refill it again -> to earn max coins earnings.

  • Complete The Find Objects Missions

On the left side of the menu button, you get the notifications – if there is a new resident in the tower, a vehicle missions, find object missions, if you find a new piece, etc. Tap the notification to get more details. Make sure to keep an eye on all these notifications and grab those find object missions asap and earn free Bux.

  • Add Friend

Adding Friends in Lego Tower can help you in completing the character collection as you can request and send the character pieces with each other.

  • Keep Lifting

Don’t forget your main job – Keep lifting the people and you have chances – to earn gold coins, Bux, and new residents.

Also, see – 

So that would be all in out Lego Tower guide and Lego Tower tips, cheats & strategies post. If you have more Lego Tower game tips, feel free to share in the comment section below!

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  1. What “Business“ has the longest selling time?

    All of the businesses earn at the same rate, but some have longer stocking and selling times…

    Is there a list somewhere that shows longest to shortest?

    (obviously, you want to use your gold bricks on the longest)

  2. What are the coins for? I read something about them that they were able to be converted onto bucks before, but they discontinued it? I have a bajillionz coins bit keep running out of bucks. Also, I have rooms but haven’t been given the right workers. I keep getting duplicates of old rooms.

  3. I have filled my ghost lab with residents that have this as a Dre, job. I have another four residents that also want to work in the ghost lab. Should I delete these residents so I can have other residents move in with different dream jobs, or is there a way or getting a second ghost lab to employ them. Their rents are good so I hate to get rid of them.

  4. How do I customize my avatar? Most of the friends I added have cool looking minifig avatars. Mine is vanilla. How do I edit? Thanks for the help!

  5. Has anyone else had trouble with moving residents into Haunted Apartments? No one would land there from the lift for days and the mover gave me a set of people with very low rents and none in jobs I needed, twice!
    Not using that in my rebuild! Please add ‘sleepy’ at 1FZD6.

  6. Here are a few other ideas:
    – Earning the bux by finding residents gets old, so first group your businesses by color, (I actually change the brick color so I can find them more quickly) then outfit your residents by their job- for example, when their picture comes up, if they’re wearing blue pants you can go to your blue service jobs to scan for them, before visiting the apartments to look for them there.
    – Join the Tower club initially until the trial runs out, and spend three dollars for a full Lost and Found bonus at some point so you can zap your elevator into an easier speed. This is especially important if you’re going to use the friends function, because if I’m going to go visit all my friends to give them the $10 tip, I do not want to spend my time punching at their infinitely slow elevator.
    – My favorite way to play is to do something else while I’m playing, because just like Tiny Towers, the fun is a little thin if you’re just waiting for things to happen. I like to read a book or watch a show at the same time.