Mega Heroes Redeem Code: Gift Codes For Players!

Mega Heroes is a new MMORPG by 4399EN developer. Read on for Mega Heroes Redeem Code: gift codes, how to get and redeem for exclusive rewards

Mega Heroes Redeem Code Gift Codes

Mega Heroes Redeem Code: Gift Codes List⇓

(1) Players need to know that the redeem codes are issued exclusively to each user. A particular code can only be claimed by a user who has claimed it. Devs issue unqiue code to each player – so you will have to manually claim the code. Below, we have explained how to get a redeem code and exchange it for the gift packs. 

Mega Heroes Redeem Code: Gift Codes Source⇓

(1) First, visit the developer’s website(link is given below). Go to the game gift tab and tap the “get gifts” or get a gift code button next to the “Mega Heroes” game. 

(2) After you tap the “get gifts” button, you will need to log in with FB or Google account. Just like you do in the game itself to save data on the cloud – helps you in saving game progress. 

(3) Once you are signed in, the “get gift code” or the “get gifts” button turns orange. Tap it again and ca unqiue code will be displayed in the same tab. 

Mega Heroes Redeem Code Gift Codes

So that’s how you get Mega Heroes Redeem Code: Gift Codes. Read the guide below if you don’t know how to redeem the codes obtained via dev’s website. 

Mega Heroes Redeem Code: How To Claim Gift Codes?

While you are in the game, at the top-right side menu list, you will see an option called “bonus”. Tap it. This will take you to the “bonus” menu that has three tabs on the left side -> go to the “exchange gift” tab. Enter the redeem code there and tap on the redeem button. So that’s how you redeem gift codes in Mega Heroes game. 

If you have any queries regarding gift codes, comment below. 

So this would be all in this post on Mega Heroes Redeem Code: Gift Codes guide.

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