Merge Gardens cheats: guide, tips & tricks

New to the Merge Gardens game? Read on for Merge Gardens cheats and tips packed with a beginner guide to help you restore the garden!

Merge Gardens cheats, tips, tricks, and guide: – 

This article covers “how to play Merge Gardens”, about the creatures, eggs, merging mechanics, and other aspects such as stages, resources, in-game currencies, progression guides, tips, and much more. So, let’s not waste any time and get straight to the Merge Gardens cheats, tips, and guide for beginners: – Merge Gardens Cheats Tips Guide

Get Started With Merge Gardens Basics

Your goal is to restore the “garden”. See that dusty fog that has cursed your garden – you gotta remove that! To reveal or lift that dusty fog, you will need to have a certain number of blue feather points that you get from the creatures; each creature gives you blue feather points – the higher its stage level, the more blue feather points it gives. Lifting dusty fog from a part of the garden would not be the only job – after that, you will have to lift the curse from all the objects that you just revealed. 

“Flower Power” is required to lift the curse from those dead objects. When you merge the flowers, you get nectar. Merging nectar gives you flower power that lifts the curse from the dead plants and objects. 

Summary of progression to restore the garden: get creatures, reveal new garden locations, lift the curse from the dead plants and objects by getting flower power; merge flowers to get nectar, then merge nectar to get flower power. 

Guide To Creatures In Merge Gardens

There are around 10 wildlife creatures in the Merge Gardens game. These creatures help you in harvesting the flowers and getting nectars. Also, they give you blue feather points, which help you reveal new locations. Merge Gardens Cheats Tips Guide

Getting creatures: you get creatures from the eggs. For a specific species, there is a specific type of egg. For example – hatch and merge eastern bluebird egg to get eastern bluebirds. 

Getting Eggs: there are several ways to get eggs in the Merge Gardens game; from the shop in exchange for coins, stars, stages, supplies, etc. 

Merge Creatures: duplicate or identical creatures at the same level can be merged into a higher-level/stage creature. Tap the “egg basket” in the lower-right corner. This will open the wildlife collection menu where you can check the complete list of creatures that you have unlocked so far in the game. When you have 3 or more creatures at the same level, you will see the merge button. Tap it to merge -> get high level/stage creature. High-stage/level creatures give more blue feather points that are required to unlock the areas. 

Creatures take rest for a while: after working(harvesting) for a while, creatures rest in the bird house. You can buy bird house from the shop; in exchange for wood. You can even merge these bird houses to get high-stage one; like merge x3 bird house stage 1 to get x1 bird house stage 2. The stage 1 bird house replenishes creatures’ energy in 20 minutes while the stage 2 bird house do the job in x17 minutes. Then stage 3; 15 minutes, stage 4; 13 minutes, and so on. 

Guide To Resources In Merge Gardens

The three main resources in the Merge Gardens game are “wood”, “coins” and “gems”. You get wood from “oak trees”. To increase the max storage limit of this resource, you can build a wood shelter. Tap the shop button in the lower-left corner -> go to the hammer tab -> there you can buy the wood shelter. 

Use of Wood: – to construct buildings type facilities such as bird house. 

Coins: you get coins from stars, stages, or supplies. Use of coins: you can use coins to buy eggs from the shop or upgrade the coin cache that increases the max coin storage capacity. 

Gems: you get “gem” from the glimmering gem(obtain from stages or supplies). Use of gems: you can use gems to mystery or secret eggs from the shop or get extra rewards from the stages or boosters. 

Tips To Get More Rewards

“High-level/stage objects” in the Merge Gardens game give more rewards. For example: –  yellow nectar gives you x1 flower power. You can either tap the yellow nectar and claim x1 flower power or merge x3 yellow nectars to get x1 blue nector, which gives x4 flower power. Keep going further in merging and you get orange nectar that gives x16 flower power, rainbow nectra that gives you x64 flower power.  We would recommend you to reach the high-stage and then tap on the objects to claim the rewards. This way you can yield more rewards. 

This does not apply to nectars only; but also to all other objects. Like coins, oak tree, fruit tree, glimmering gem, etc. Tap on the object -> tap the book icon to check the stages of that object -> check the reward/bonus you get from high-level/stage objects. Merge Gardens Cheats Tips Guide

Complete The Garndma’s Wishes In Merge Gardens 

By completing the grandma’s wishes, you can get the stars. You can even merge these stars for high-stage/level rewards. These stars give you random rewards; could be coins, eggs, or other things. In the lower-left corner, tap on grandma’s icon -> check the wishes -> complete those goals and get the stars. 

Get Free Supplies By Playing Stages

Got nothing to merge? Play the stages! Merge Gardens game is packed with match-3 mini-game that one can play for free supplies like eggs, gems, and more. In the lower-right corner, tap the stage level -> start. Before you start, you can choose the boosters(unlock after puzzle level 15) – only use puzzles when you are stuck. These boosters will help you clear the levels easily. 

Keep Harvesting In Merge Gardens

Need flower power? Harvest the flowers. Need timber? Harvest the oak tree. Tap on rosses plants to get fruit tree seed. Fruits? Get from fruit trees. Double tap the objects to harvest the regular resources. Tap occasionally on the objects that don’t give rewards at the same time; like occasionally tap roses for fruit tree seed. 

Upgrade The Building Facilities

Bird House; creatures take less time to wake up again. Coin Cache; increases the max coin capacity. Wood Shelter; increases the max wood capacity. Merge x3 at the same level for a high-stage building and get more bonuses.

The Time Lapse Cheats

The time lapse cheat does not work in Merge Gardens game!

So that’s all we got in this post on Merge Gardens cheats, tips, and guide for beginners. 

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  1. How do I get sprouting vines? I need 6 to trade that guy and I have no idea where to get them. I looked it up and it says vegetables but I only have fruit and oak trees.

  2. Playing the extra game with the acorns. I dont know with them . I tap them or merge them it’s the same as usual. It doesn’t give me points. The only points I’m getting are from the gift every 3 hrs or so sometime the acorn amount changes above.

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