Merge Pixel Farm cheats: guide, tips, and tricks

New to the Merge Pixel Farm game? Understand all of its core concepts with these Merge Pixel Farm cheats and tips available with a guide for beginnersMerge Pixel Farm cheats tips guide

Merge Pixel Farm cheats, tips, and guide: – 

Published by NFLY Studio on mobile app stores, Merge Pixel Farm is the latest merge game title where you will be discovering new chickens by merging. This article covers how to play the Merge Pixel Farm game, about the chickens, tips & tricks to progress fast, and other aspects such as decorations, pets, god chicken, museum, and much more. So, let’s not waste any time and head to the Merge Pixel Farm cheats, tips, and guide for beginners: – 

Getting Started With The Merge Pixel Farm Basics

In the Merge Pixel Farm game, you proceed further by discovering new chickens – there are lots of chickens in the game that you can discover by merging and put in the nest box to make a fortune. Your objective is to discover all the chickens – the discovered chickens are shown in the picture book. Tap the picture book option at the top to check the list of chickens that you have discovered so far. 

Speaking of actions, you spend the coins to buy the chickens and merge them to get a high-level, new special chicken. You can place the chicken in the nest box and they will start laying eggs. Eggs are then pass through the conveyor belt and stored in the basket. You can sell them by tapping that basket. 

Rebirth: -rebirth is necessary if you want to proceed further into the game. Without rebirth, you would not be able to merge your highest-level chicken. Rebirth unlocks when you complete the goal; at the top of the screen, next to the farm level, the game displays the goal. For example – if it’s level 13, then it means that you need to discover level 13 chicken. After that, you can rebirth and discover level 14 chicken. 

Rebirth gives you decoration points and skills. Skills such as getting high-level chicken god, getting extra chicken upon merging, getting more eggs, etc. Decoration points or tickets, on the other hand, can be used to purchase the farm decorations or pets. Pets in Merge Pixel Farm game bring rewards. Decorations give you a passive bonus; increases the price of eggs. 

Cost: the cost of chicken increases every time you buy it. 

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Don’t Waste Gems 

The first tip is not to waste the precious gems on buying high-level chickens. You can spend gems on the farm upgrades and get permanent bonuses that give you bonuses all the time in the game. On the other hand, buying high-level eggs with gems is not a good idea as it’s not a permanent bonus or boost. Save your gems and spend on the farm upgrades. 

Upgrade The Farm Facilities

Tap the character avatar in the top-left corner – the one with farm-level info, to open the menu. From the menu list, tap on “my farm” option -> there you can make upgrades to the farm and get bonuses: – 

  • Fence Expansion – increase the maximum number of chickens that can stay on the farm at a time. 
  • Egge Quality – increase the price of eggs and make more coins per egg
  • Chicken Discount Price – reduce the cost of chickens
  • Pet Reward – increase the amount of reward brought by the pets
  • Museum Profit – increase the museum’s profit

Guide To Hatch Eggs & Museum In Merge Pixel Farm

Every day in the game, you can hatch a special egg that gives you a special chicken. These special chickens are placed in the Museum. Tap on the museum option at the top of the screen. Visitors visit the museum to see these special chickens. You can collect the museum earnings every few minutes. 

Chicken God In Merge Pixel Farm

Chicken God – this chicken can be obtained from rebirth. Unlike normal chickens, chicken god lays eggs that are sold at high prices. The higher the level of Chicken God, the more valuable eggs it lays. 

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Place The Best Chickens In The Nest Boxes

The best chickens are the higher level chickens – put the top-level chickens that you have discovered – in the nest boxes and earn the max earnings. 

Earn Free Gems By Completing The Missions

Gems are required to upgrade the farm’s facilities. You can get them for free by completing the missions. At the top of the screen, tap missions option -> check the missions’ details and complete them for gems. 

Activate The Boosters To Progress Fast

Above the chicken shop at the bottom, you have three boosters to activate by watching the video ads; the auto-merge booster automatically merges the chickens within the fence. An Auto-income booster increases the prices of eggs by 5x for x10 minutes. And, the auto-selling booster automatically collects the eggs from the basket. 

This guide was published on MrGuider

Spin The Roulette In Merge Pixel Farm

On the top-right corner, tap on the Roulette option -> you can get free gems or a big amount of coins or high-level chickens for free. You can spin it by watching a video ad. 

The Time Lapse Cheats

The time-lapse cheat does not work in this game as it’s online.

So that’s all we get in this post on Merge Pixel Farm cheats, tips, and guide for beginners. 

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