Mousebusters Walkthrough Guide: Cheats, Tips & Tricks

New to the Mousebusters game? Understand all of its core concepts with this Mousebusters walkthrough guide available with tips, cheats, tricksMousebusters Walkthrough Cheats Guide Tips

Mousebusters Walkthrough Guide, Tips & Cheats: – 

This article covers “how to play Mousebusters”, about the free episodes, basic stuff, ghosts, characters, story, and other aspects such as mini-games, mouse coins, and much more. So, let’s get straight to the Mousebusters Walkthrough guide, tips, and cheats: – 

Getting Started With The Mousebusters Game Basics

Mousebusters is a story-based game where you are turned into a mouse and help the residents from the ghosts. You will progress through the story mode where you save the residents from the ghosts, invite them to a BBQ party, and follow the boss by visiting the ghost world through the portal. The first session in the game is free – to play the next sessions and continue with the story, you will have two choices; either spend the money or collect the beans(watch the video ads to collect quickly). You can support the developers in both ways and enjoy the content. Read about the “beans” below.

Walkthrough To The Mousebusters

The building you moved into is haunted – there are ghosts everywhere – but, the residents are unaware of them. When you move into the new apartment, you find a mouse and feed him. The next day, you turned into the mouse. To go back to human form, you will be serving the boss and his tasks. In the first session of the game, you will go to each apartment and get to know about the resident living in it. Also, you will use your weapon to eliminate the ghosts. 

It’s quite simple and fun; all you have to do is tap and enjoy the story. After eliminating all the ghosts from each apartment, the boss will ask you to send an invitation letter to each resident – for the BBQ party. Everything goes well for a while – but suddenly, the ghost appears again and devours the resident.  

After this incident, you find your boss near the ghost portal that leads you to the ghost world. To continue the story, you will have to follow the boss through the ghost world and eliminate the ghosts completely. 

Playing The Game For Free

Mousebusters’s first session is free – for the next episodes, you can either spend the real money or give x5000 seeds to the old man. Dive into the ghost world -> a message will appear; your first session ends here; to continue to the story, purchase the additional episode. Close the shop -> choose the option; go back for now. When you visit back to the base, an old man will appear and give you the option to unlock the next episode for free if you collect 5000 beans. Interact with the old man to start collecting the beans. You tap the beans to collect. Watch the video ads to collect quickly. 

The number of beans that you collect are saved – you can stop collecting and enjoy the mini-games if you get bored. 

Mini-Games In Mousebusters

You can score more points if you target the “yellow targets”. It gives x5 points. Blue and red ones give you x1 points. You can unlock new stages and items by getting a high score in the mini-game. It would cost mouse coins to play the mini-game in the Mousebusters game. 

Go to the base(the hole, the place where your computer is). Tap on the laptop on the lower-right corner -> select the mini-game -> stage -> spend mouse coins -> play. 

Mouse Coins In Mousebusters Game

You earn mouse coins from the story mode or by watching the video ads. Open the laptop -> tap the + icon next to the mouse coin bar -> watch the video ad and get free mouse coins. Use mouse coins to play the mini-game. Also, you can use the mouse coins to watch the episodes. 

So that’s all we got in this post on the Mousebusters walkthrough guide, tips, and cheats for beginners. 

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