Om Nom: Merge Cheats: Guide & Tips For Beginners

Om Nom: Merge is a cute Idle game by ZeptoLab where you play with little Nommies. Check out our Om Nom: Merge cheats: tips, guide & strategies for beginnersOm Nom: Merge

Hello Player! Welcome to the world of Nommies. The fruit in the forest is getting out of control and your goal is to put stop on them. Little Nommies will help you control the chaos by devouring the fruits. In Om Nom: Merge game, there are over 40 Nommies to discover – these Nommies eat the fruit and make you money; gold, the in-game currency. Also, they help you rank-up in the tournament scoreboard. The gameplay is pretty simple to understand – you merge 2 same level Nommies to get higher-level Nommie. Your goal is to unlock’em all. In this Om Nom: Merge guide, we will teach you the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Om Nom: Merge cheats, tips & strategies to save gold, progress fast. So without any further ado, let’s dive in!Om Nom: Merge

Om Nom: Merge Guide –

In Om Nom: Merge game, Nommies are the characters who you deploy on the forest so that they can eat fruits and makes you gold. The amount of gold you have and the amount of gold that you are generating per second are displayed in the upper-left corner of the screen. The more fruit they eat, the more gold you earn. High-level Nommies devour fruits quickly and make more money for you. At the top-center of the game, you can check the current level – pass the level to discover new forests, fruits, features.Om Nom: Merge

The premium in-game currency in Om Nom: Merge game is the gem(purple gem). You can use it to buy one more skill, more slots on the board so that you can have more Nommies at a time. And, also, you can use it in the shop for instant gold. We would recommend not spending it on useless things such as instant gold, Nommies in the Nommie shop. Instead, use it to buy the additional skill, more slots on the board for Nommies. By completing the achievements, daily quests in Om Nom: Merge game, you can earn gems for free. Also, the tournament rewards gems when you reach the #1 rank on the scoreboard.

So this would be all in this Om Nom: Merge guide for beginners. Let’s have a look at our top Om Nom: Merge cheats, tips & strategies to progress fast and play for free.

Om Nom: Merge Cheats, Tips & Strategies: –

1.) Have The Best Nommies On The Field

You can increase your earnings by deploying high-level Nommies on the field. As we mentioned in the guide part above, the level of Nommie determines the amount of gold you earn per second. So it would be better to merge all the available Nommies for high-level Nommies and deploy them asap on the field to make more money. On the other hand, if you keep the low-level Nommies on the field and ignore merging/leveling, you would not be able to progress quickly. You will need plenty of gold in the game and by having high-level Nommies on the field, you can earn more gold.

2.) Wait For The Free Packs

Om: Nom Merge gives you plenty of options to buy Nommies; using the gold(spend on the feature character at the bottom-center), from the shop and gift packs. If you are low on gold, we would recommend not to spend on the featured Nommie friend. Instead, wait for the free packs to arrive. Keep an eye on the gift bar gauge – when it fills, you get a gift pack, which contains Nommie of the random level. All you need is free slots on the board to accept the gift pack. You can watch the video Ad to receive 10 gift packs.

3.) You Can Remove Nommies From The Board

If you have so many low-level Nommies on the board or field, you can remove them by dragging them to the delete icon in the bottom-right corner. It could be possible that you get low-level characters from the gift packs and you don’t want them to be in the team – in that case, you should use this feature rather than wasting time on upgrading low-level Nommies. Max Level of Nommie – 49.

4.) Use The Gems Wisely

As we mentioned in the guide, the purple gem has many uses; buy Nommies from the shop, for instant gold, skill, and more slots on the board. We would recommend you to buy more slots so that you can have more Nommies in the field. The more Nommies mean more gold. How do you earn gems? Answer – complete the daily quests, achievements, claim free gems from the shop, tournament.

5.) Keep An Eye On The Free Offers

The green color Nommie from Cut The Rope, who guides you in Om Nom: Merge game often offers free booster to the player – keep an eye on these boosters and grab them if possible. In most of the cases, you watch the video Ad and get free boosters such as an increase in gold earnings, fast gifts, etc.

6.) Grab The Chests

On your screen, a chest or air-drop(with balloon) appears. Tap it to claim the bonus; you can double the reward from these chests by watching the video Ad or using the purple gems.

7.) Activate The Gold Boost

In the footer menu, tap the golden apple to check the Gold Boost offer. It doubles your earnings and unlocks awesome rewards – you can activate it by watching the video Ad or paying gems. This booster lasts long for about 2 minutes.

8.) Claim The Nature’s Gift

Om Nom: Merge gives five gifts daily to the players by playing the game. In the top-right side menu list, tap the golden mushroom to check the nature’s gifts. You get a free reward every few minutes.Om Nom: Merge

9.) Use The Skills For More Benefits

There are two skills; the water drop and the food emoji. The water drop skill rains and grows the fruits quickly. And, the food emoji skill helps Nommies in devouring the fruits quickly.

So these are the top Om Nom: Merge cheats, tips & strategies for beginners. Do you have more tips & tricks to share? Share them in the comment section below.

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