Palace Rule Game Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Palace Rule is a new mobile game available on Android & iOS, published by Young Phoenix Co., Limited. Read on for the Palace Rule game guide, tips, cheats & strategies.

Palace Rule Game Guide Tips Cheats

Palace Rule Game Guide, Tips & Tricks⇓

In the Palace Rule game, you will be playing as a female character that begins her career as a candidate and can be the empress. To become the empress, you will have to promote the main character with EXP – each next promotion level unlocks new features or servents. In this post, you will learn how to play the “Palace Rule game”, about progression, tips & tricks for powering up, servents, lovers, and other aspects such as dress battles, in-game currencies, and much more. So, let’s not waste any time and get straight to the main content: Palace Rule game guide, tips, cheats & strategies: – 

Guide To Promoting The Main Character

To promote the main character in the Palace Rule game, you will need to accumulate enough quantity of EXP. For example; to get promoted to Noble lady rank from the attendant rank, you will need to accumulate 720 EXP. How to earn EXP? You can earn EXP from the story missions, affairs, side story quests, daily quests, ranking events that grant EXP chest, etc. 

In the early game, the best way to level up or promote or accumulate EXP is by completing the story missions and dealing with the tackle affairs. Also, the daily quests. 

Promotion Chart: –

  1. Empress
  2. Noble Consort IV, III, II, I
  3. Consort III, II, I 
  4. Noble Concubine III, II, I
  5. Noble Lady
  6. Attendant
  7. Responder
  8. Candidate

Guide To Servants In Palace Rule Game

In the Palace Rule game, servants are the characters that massively impact the power of your main character. At the time of writing this guide, there are around 50 servants in the game that you can unlock and empower the main character. 

How to get new servants?

Servants can be obtained from the main quests, by promoting the main character, and through in-game events. On the home screen of the game, tap on the servant option and it will take you to the servant list menu -> tap the roster button there to check the complete list of all servants in the game – unlocked as well as locked. Tap on the locked servant to know how you can unlock it. For instance, you will get Sity Huan by promoting the main character to Noble Lady rank. 

Specialties Of Servants In Palace Rule Game

Each servant character in the game has a unique specialty in one of these stats: Plot, Sociality, Talent, and Appearance. For instance, Mao Mao is one of the servant characters in the game that has a specialty in Plot stat. It would be better to build the “specialty” stats of these characters so that they can perform well in the game activities. 

To check the servant specialty, navigate to the servant menu -> servant list -> tap on the servant -> tap the “info” option on the top-right side of its profile. 

Guide To Stats In Palace Rule Game

The four main stats that the main character and servants possess in the Palace Rule game are Plot, Talent, Appearance, and Sociality. 

  • Talent: This stat determines the quantity of Sycee that you can claim from the charity(Household)
  • Sociality: This stat determines the quantity of herb that you can fetch from the garden(Household)
  • Appearance: This stat determines the quantity of energy that you can fetch from recovery therapy(Household)
  • Plot: This stat impacts the battle and energy consumption

How To Increase Power In Palace Rule Mobile Game

(1) In the top-left corner, right next to the character icon, below the name, the game displays the total power that you have in the current time. 

(2) There are several ways to get powerful in the Palace Rule game; all you need to do is build the four stats; Plot, Appearance, Sociality, and Talent. You can do it by: –

  • Unlock new servants
  • Develop the servants; level up, train, raise aptitude
  • Unlock new lovers
  • Develop lovers; raise the skill level, build up the relationship
  • Equip titles(character profile -> change title -> set title)
  • Lover costume
  • Get pet bonuses by feeding the pets; you can plant seeds in the manor

Guide To Lovers & Intimacy

As you continue to progress through main quests and story missions, you will encounter the lovers. You can build relationships with these characters. Navigate to the home screen and tap on the lover option -> tap the fated encounter button encounter a random lover; you can gain lover EXP and fondness points. 

  • Tap on the lover to open his profile; tap on the date option in the lower-left corner -> date to earn free rewards
  • Gift: gift the items to raise fondness or intimacy
  • Flirt: raise fondness and intimacy

In the upper-left corner of the lover profile, you can check the intimacy. Keep increasing the intimacy and you will unlock the skills of lovers. Navigate toe lover profile -> tap the skill button -> spend the fondness points to upgrade the skills and raise the stats such as Plot, Talent, Appearance, Sociality. 

Outside The City Map In Palace Rule 

In the upper-left corner, tap the “out” button to navigate to the city map -> 

  • Alliance: join an alliance and you will get access to alliance modes and rewards
  • Palace
  • Harem – respect to earn free gold coins, pass time to earn rewards, debate
  • Wish Tree – get costumes from here
  • Out of City – travel to earn rewards
  • Apparel Workshop – clothes shop, collection

The Home Map Functions

  • Affairs: earn EXP or other rewards. Use affair tokens to earn extra attempts
  • Household: get Sycee, Herb, and Energy. Increase the rewards by upgrading the stats; Sociality, Talent, and Appearance
  • Servants – develop the stats; upgrade using Sycee, train them using powder or elixir, and scrolls
  • Costume – dress up your main character. There are lots of different sets in the collection that grant bonus rewards
  • Lovers: date, flirt, upgrade skills, gift items

In-Game Currencies

  • Sycee – use in upgrades
  • Herbs – use it to get energy 
  • Energy – use in the battles
  • Refight Token – to restore x1 fighting attempt for a servant who got defeated
  • Energy Soup – gain energy
  • Bank Note – gain Sycee
  • Star Bell – marry 1/2/3-star cats
  • Roses Basket – sending flowers to friends can increase favor by 99 and your friend can gain 99 charm
  • Youth Cream – use it to remove the smear effect and restore beauty
  • Writing Paper – use it to joke about the assigned player once
  • Oil Paint – use it to smear an assigned player once
  • Edict – use it to deter an assigned player once
  • Puppet – use it to tease an assigned player once
  • Rename card – use to rename the character once
  • Orb – exchange for rare items in the Glaze shop
  • Stats Pill – increase stats of servants
  • Voucher – Sycee
  • Scrolls – to increase aptitudes of servants

Guide & Tips For Progression⇓

  • Focus on the main quests
  • Do the dailies
  • Progress through the story missions
  • Develop the servants to get stronger
  • Unlock and feed pets
  • Claim household reward every now and then
  • Must join an alliance
  • Follow the FB page of Palace Rule game for updates
  • Keep an eye on the events

So this would be all in this post on the Palace Rule game guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners. Got more tips or tricks? Comment below!

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