Rolling Knight Guide: Cheats, Invite Codes, Tips & Strategies

RollingKnight is a new mobile game, published by 37 DARKBREAK CO.,LIMITED. Read on for Rolling Knight guide, cheats, tips & strategies!

Rolling Knight Guide: Tips, Invite Codes, Cheats & Strategy⇓

In this post, you will learn how to play the RollingKnight game, about champions, base building, upgrades, and other aspects such as how to get stronger, the best way to progress, alliance, and much more. So, let’s not waste any time and get to the main content featuring Rolling Knight guide, tips & cheats: –

Get Started With The Game’s Basics⇓

Rolling Knight is a match-3 RPG with base-building mechanisms. It has a classic campaign mode(featured with lots of challenging chapters; each next chapter with more daunting difficulty) and the Raids mode where you fight other players. In the Raids PvP mode, by defeating other players, you will win the trophies. At certain milestones(600+, 1200+, 1800+, 2400+, 3200+), the game will promote you to the next leagues and you will start getting high-quality rewards from the chest. 

At bronze league, you can earn food, iron, and silver heroic relic coins. Silver league chest rewards food, iron, recruits, and silver coins. The gold league has the same set of rewards, but the quantity is better than the silver league chest. Platinum league chest adds summoning chest to the reward list. The diamond league has the same set of rewards, but the quantity is better than the Platinum chest. And, the legendary league chest adds “mystic chest” to the reward list. 

The PvE Campaign/Chapter mode is easy in the beginning but gets very challenging as you proceed further to mid-game or late-game. It has lots of chapters; based on the current progress, you earn idle rewards from this mode. If you are on the base screen, tap the map option in the lower-left to visit the battle stage screen. On the battle stage screen, tap the treasure chest at the top to collect the idle rewards. 

Complete more stages to get more rewards. You get food, iron, account EXP, coins, and Champion XP as an idle reward. 

Guide To Recruits In RollingKnight⇓

Recruits are obtained by winning the battles in the campaign mode or from the Raids(Silver +). Navigate to the base screen and at the top, you can check the number of recruits that you have at the moment. 

You can build more houses or upgrade the built houses to increase the max number of recruits that you can have in the base. 

Use of Recruits: –

You can use the recruits in the inn building at the base. Tap on the inn building at the base and choose to train. To train, you will need recruits; you can either train them into champions or distill them into champions XP. 

Guide To Champions In RollingKnight⇓

(1) How to get Champions: – Champions in RollingKnight can be obtained through the “summon” function of the game. Tap “Deus Ex Machina(the portal like icon)” in the top-right corner of the base screen -> there you will find the banners; elemental summon, epic summon, and daily summon. Each banner would have different drop rates; some of the banners might feature specific champions with high drop rates. 

(2) Stars: Champions are available in 1-star, 2-star, 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star. The higher the star, the better the hero’s stats, but lower-drop rate. 

(3) Roles: Champions in the Rolling Knight game are available in five roles: –

  • Templar : A Templar’s steadfastness and courage allows them to weather attacks and shrug off status ailments that would bring a  lesser hero to their knees
  • Assassin : Stealth and surprise is the hallmark of a good assassin. Why tank damage when you can avoid it entirely, and find the target’s weak spot, ignoring their defenses? Kill smart, not hard
  • Berserker : Berserkers attack with such fury that they can cause additional damage, and their bloodlust can enable them to fight on even after taking fatal damage
  • Cleric : Clerics can manipulate mana, manifesting minions from mana or masterfully preventing others from messing with their own magic
  • Sorcerer : Their attacks are infused with arcane magic, turning enemy’s defenses against them or hindering their ability to use magic

(4) Elements : Heroes, as well as the foes in Rolling Knight, have an elemental relationship. Each hero/enemy unit belongs to one of these elements: –

  • Fire / Red
  • Nature / Green 
  • Ice / Blue
  • Holy / Yellow
  • Dark / Purple

(5) Elemental Relationships

  • Fire(Red) is strong against Nature(Green)
  • Nature(Green) is strong against Ice(Blue)
  • Ice(Blue) is strong against Fire (Red)
  • Holy(Yellow) and Dark(Purple) heroes are strong against each other, but weak against their own element

Rolling Knight

Strong element heroes will inflict more damage. So make sure to get the most of this elemental relationship mechanism. 

Guide To Battles In Rolling Knight⇓

(1) Squad: First, make sure to get familiar with the rosters and their skills. You would not be able to build a perfect squad if you don’t know how rosters’ skills work or their strengths. Go to the champion menu of the game and tap the roster -> tap the skill icon to check its details. 

You can equip gears to the champions/rosters while building or editing the squad. 

Rolling Knight RollingKnight

How to get the gears or equipment? You can forge them in the base(go to the base -> tap the forge building -> forge -> forge). Upgrade this building to unlock high-quality (high-star) equipment. 

Or, you can also obtain these gears from the shop. 

(2) Craft Battle Items: On the base map, tap the craft option(alchemist lodge) -> you can craft healing potion, mana potion, rejuvenation potion, and mass resurrection. Before starting the battle, you can equip these battle items and use them in the battle. 

(3) Using Battle Items: Battle items are not used automatically; you need to tap the battle items first and then tap on the hero on which you want to use that item. For instance; a healing potion to restore the health of a roster. Rolling Knight

(4) Striking Enemies: Match the same color elements to strike the enemies. Based on the element color, rosters or champions in the team will gain mana and when they accumulate enough, you can unleash their skills. For instance; if you match the red element balls, the fire/red element heroes will gain mana. 

Also, check the enemy’s element before you start the battle. Let’s say all the enemies belong to nature/green element. Since the fire/red element has the advantage over nature/green element, you can build a squad of heroes that belong to the fire/red element. Rolling Knight

Make The Champions Stronger⇓

  • Level them up 
  • Ascend(can ascend after the champion/roster/hero reaches a certain level)

Ascension reset the hero level but makes it overall powerful. 2-Star and 3-Star heroes can ascend once while 4-star, 5-star heroes can ascend 3 times. 

You will need ascension items to ascend the rosters; how to get ascension items? Loot from later provinces has a chance for most of the rare ascension materials. Rare Quests include many of the rare ascension materials as guaranteed loot. Wanted mission rewards and high level Titan loot have a chance to give out any high-level ascension material. 

Rolling Knight Guide To Progression⇓

  • Progress through the map stages(chapter mode)
  • Complete the beginnings missions (lower-left corner)
  • Complete the goals to earn free gems(lower-right corner)
  • Upgrade buildings at the base
  • Keep training and crafting
  • Participate in the events
  • Join an alliance
  • Develop champions
  • Upgrade keep to unlock new buildings at the base and also unlock new functions(like cards)
  • Make sure to double the reward by watching the video ads

Invite Codes & Inviting Friends⇓

You can share your invite codes in the comments. You will get the invite code once you reach account level 10. Tap the friend option on the right side of the screen -> there you will find the option where you can enter the invite code. Once you are friends with other players, you and they can share cards. 

So this would be all in this post on Rolling Knight guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners. Got more tips? Comment below. Also, share your invite codes in the comments. 

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