Royal Crown Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Royal Crown is a brand new battle royale game for mobile by LINE GAMES. Read on for Royal Crown guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Royal Crown Guide Tips Cheats

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LINE GAMES, one of the popular mobile game developers, recently released a brand new game called Royal Crown. In the game, you will be playing as a champion who lands on the magical fantasy battlefield, loot the gears, craft the items, hunt the survivors, and try to be the last one standings to get the crown. It plays like other battle royale games – but, there are some different things such as crafting items by gathering resources from the environment, champion classes, MOBA mechanics, etc. If you have just started playing, then you are on the right page. This Royal Crown guide covers the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Royal Crown cheats, tips, tricks & strategies that you may love. So without any further ado, let’s head to the walkthrough guide!

Royal Crown Guide: Cheats, Tips & Tricks⇓

First thing first – your goal is to be the last one standing in Royal Crown. The poison zone will shrink over time(keep checking the mini-map). You can not track the enemies on the map -> so make sure to plug the earphone so that you can hear the steps, nearby attacks, and all sorts of things that can alert you. Next thing is to choose the best location on the map to grab the best loot possible; usually, the area with buildings would have a ton of chest of loot. All the players start with level 1 -> as you kill the PvE enemies, gather loot, items, you will gain EXP and the level of the champion will go up. You can then level up skills by tapping the + button next to the skill. Champion’s skills help you inflict more damage to the enemies. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Royal Crown tips, cheats, tricks featured in this walkthrough guide. 

Pick The Champion Wisely In Royal Crown⇓

Royal Crown features over 15 champion characters. All the champions in the game have unqiue set of skills that they can unleash during the battle royale gameplay and knock down the enemies. At the beginning of the game, you get three characters for free. Also, the game gives you x2 characters daily to try for free(you can select them when you start the battle). All these characters have unqiue passive skills, ultimate skills, and active skills. 

In Royal Crown, there are mainly six types of champions; tank, warrior, mage, assassin, supporter, and sniper. Warriors inflict physical damage and have decent armor and attack damage. Supporter type champions excel in assisting role; shield, healing, etc. Mage type champions excel in inflicting magic damage and CC skills. Tank type champions are good in soaking damage and tough to beat – they have the best survivability. Assassin and Sniper type champions are the best DPS class with high attack damage skills. 

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Grind The Loot ASAP⇓

As soon as you land on the fantasy battlefield, start looking for the chest, inside the buildings, and gear up your champion. Gears can greatly enhance the champion’s stats such as attack-attributes, defense, movement speed, etc. Better not to take the fight in the early game and focus on grinding loot, making the character stronger. 

Once you earn armed up enough, gather the material items; chop the trees, gather the wheat, plants, etc. from the environment. You can use these raw materials in crafting items that you can use to buff the champion. 

Craft Buff Items In Royal Crown⇓

Royal Crown Guide Tips CheatsFrom the environment, you can gather a lot of raw materials that you can use in crafting a bunch of buff items that can enhance your champion. Tap the craft button on the left side of the game screen -> there you will see the craftable items. For example – healing powder restores the health of champion, runes can increase attributes, several items that can reduce the cooldown of the skills, etc. 

Land Together In Squad Mode⇓

It’s better to stay with the teammates in the squad mode – you can mark the location on the map and land together in one place. Landing on different locations in squad mode is a terrible idea – you would not be able to revive or get revived upon enemy invasion. Also, no one would assist you in the battle. So it’s better to stay with the teammates all the time during the battle royale gameplay. 

Get Familiar With The Champion Skills⇓

Rotating skills wisely is much important. You would not be able to unleash the true potential of the champion without knowing her/his skills. Go to the champion menu in the game -> tap on the champion -> tap the skill button to read the skill details. For example – Bella is one of the champions in the Royal Crown game. Her rain of fire skill reduces the movement speed of enemies. You can unleash this skill first to reduce the enemy’s movement and then cast the multishot skill to inflict massive damage. 

Leveling And Upgrading Skills⇓

Royal Crown Guide Tips CheatsAs said above, you start playing as a level 1 champion at the start of the battle. As you survive, spend time on the battlefield, kill PvE enemies, gather items, you will gain EXP and level up. Leveling up increases the champion’s attributes. Tap the arrow button on the right-center of the game screen to check the champion stats. 

When you level up, you will get the skill point that you can invest in upgrading the skills. Tap the + button next to the skill and upgrade it. Upgrading skills improves their effectiveness. 

The Basic Battle Mechanics In Royal Crown⇓

You will see red foot marks if the enemy is near you. Do not involve in battle if you are low in HP – keep in mind that this is not a fighting game, the goal is to survive – it does not matter whether you killed 10 players or only 1. Do not stay in one place during the enemy invasion – keep moving and try to keep your character far away from the enemy’s range. Cast the skills in accurate direction and wisely. 

The summary – 

  • Play as a team in squad mode – cooperate with other teammates, land together, assist them in battles, revive
  • Gather loot – keep looking for high stat gear(there would be a green color arrow button on the gear icon if it’s better than the currently equipped gear)
  • Level up and upgrade the skills
  • Collect the materials from surroundings and use them in crafting items
  • When in battle, cast the skill wisely – make them stun or slow first with CC skills and then unleash damage. Dodge their attacks. Try not to be in their attack range. 
  • When low on HP and enemy is chasing you like a hungry tiger, run away as far as you can
  • Do not stay at one place while in the battle – keep moving

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So this would be all in this post on Royal Crown guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners. If you have more tips & tricks to share, comment below. 

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