RTS Siege Up Cheats & Promo Code

RTS Siege Up is an offline game for Android. Read on for RTS Siege Up cheats & promo code: how to get and redeem the codes in this game

RTS Siege Up Cheats Promo CodeRTS Siege Up Cheats & Promo Code: – 

First of all, you need to know that cheats and promo codes in RTS Siege Up can not be discovered by playing the game. Cheats in RTS Siege Up allow you to craft or dismiss any object, skip the missions, lift the fog of war, share resources to the players, and get access to exclusive levels in development. Promo code in RTS Siege Up game helps you get these cheats for free. By default, the cheats are premium. Let’s learn how to get the promo code for cheats and disable advertising!

How To Get RTS Siege Up Promo Code: – 

Promo Codes are given by the developers of the game through competition or events. These competitions or events are announced on Facebook and Discord: – 

If you want a promo code for cheats, follow the devs’ official FB page or join Discord. Keep an eye on the completion or event and participate in it. For example – as of writing this post, they have competition in progress where you have to create the maps(main screen of the game -> editor -> create a level -> take a screenshot -> send to devs). The players with the highest ratings on their creative maps get the promo code for cheats. 

How To Redeem The RTS Siege Promo Code: – 

On the main screen of the game, in the lower-right corner, tap on the (i) button -> a new credits page will open where you get the promo code option. Enter the promo code there. 

About The Game

RTS Siege Up is published by ABUKSIGUN on Google Play Store. It offers offline strategy battles where you build a variety of facilities on the map, train the troops, discover new locations and fight enemies, conquer their areas, and progress through the missions. It’s available in three difficulties; beginner, intermediate, and veteran. As of now, it’s on Android – the iOS version of the game is expected to release in October 2020. You can follow their FB page or Discord for updates. 

So that’s all we got in this post on RTS Siege Up cheats and promo code info. 

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