Skylanders Ring Of Heroes Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Skylanders Ring Of Heroes is a brand new mobile game by Com2Us and Activision. Check out Skylanders Ring Of Heroes guide, tips, cheats & strategy

Com2Us’s latest strategy title Skylanders Ring Of Heroes is now out for mobile and challenges you to build the team of best Skylanders and defeat the enemies in all the game modes. There are over 60 Skylanders available in Skylanders Ring Of Heroes game; all these characters have a unique skill, belong to one of the 10 elements, and a specific role; expert, attack, defense, support. If you have just started playing it, then today’s Skylanders Ring Of Heroes guide and Skylanders Ring Of Heroes tips, cheats & strategies will help you.


Skylanders Ring Of Heroes1.) The Basic Of Battle -> The player starts the battle with 3 Skylanders, one companion/villain, and can add up to two characters as a spectator. From these adventure battles, you earn EXP, first-time clear reward, gold, wish stone, blue potions, character’s shards/soul stones, and runes. These rewards’ amount will increase as you progress. For example; In the early stages, you get 1* runes. As you progress, you will start getting 3*, 4* or higher rank runes.

The Battle Begins!

Skylanders Ring Of HeroesThe characters in the battle deal damage to the enemies with their skills. To use these skills, you need mana points. At the bottom of the screen, you can check the mana pool/bar. And, at the bottom of a skill icon, you can check the mana cost. You will have to wait during the skill cooldown or when low on mana.

⇒ At the bottom-left side, you can track the turns; characters’ turns as well as enemy turns. After tapping the skill button, you will see the character icon in the queue.

⇒At the bottom-right side, you have the companion summon button. Tap it to summon the villain and use its skill.

⇒Just above the character’s head, you can check the HP bar and endurance bar. If the HP reaches 0, the character will disappear. And, if the endurance reaches 0, the character will not be able to attack.

2.) The Starting Best Characters -> That’s the real confusion! If you are a f2p player, then focus on the characters who are easy to upgrade. For example; You started the game, used all the gems in the summons and got 4*-5* characters. These high-rank characters are hard to upgrade as their fragment drop rates through adventure and other modes are low. In the end, you will spend thousands of gems in the summoning structure for these fragments.

Stealth Elf, Hot Dog, Blades, Tuff Luck – Start with these characters(you get these characters free in the beginning as you play) as their fragments can be obtained easily by repeating the early stages. Since the fragment drop rate is good, you can easily upgrade/power-up.

P.S. – There are some 4* characters you can get from the adventure battles – normal or hard stages. It would be better to build/focus/add these free natural characters.

3.) Use Gems – If you check the mailbox or complete some missions, you will get thousands of gems. You can use these gems to refill energy or spend in summon shop; normal, ultra, event. We would recommend you to use wish stones to summon. And, use the gems for energy.


  1. Gold – To upgrade runes, skills, power-up Skylanders, evolve, and awaken
  2. Wish Stones – To get characters, characters’ fragments
  3. Gems – Summon Shop
  4. Gear – To play in the arena
  5. Guild Points – Guild currency
  6. Arena Medal – Use in the shop for scrolls, shards/fragments, Omni-gem
  7. Omni-Gems – Earn from the realm of souls. Exchange for character fragments
  8. Red Potion – To level up character(useless though)
  9. Blue Potion – To level up Villain
  10. Runes – Earn from the adventure mode, distorted dimensions
  11. Upgrade Stone – This item is used in upgrading Skylanders’ skills. You can obtain it from the Mirage Tower mode
  12. Elemental Ores – You need elemental ores to evolve, power-up characters. Get the ores from distorted dimensions mode

4.) Rune Upgrade – We would recommend you to progress without upgrading these runes; as far as you can. The reason is in the early phase, the game rewards 1*, 2* runes. But as you progress, you will start getting 4* or higher rank runes. Instead of upgrading the useless 1 *, 2* runes, it would be better to focus on higher rank runes directly.

So that’s the Skylanders Ring Of Heroes basic for the beginners. Now, let’s learn step-by-step and then head to Skylanders Ring Of Heroes tips, cheats & strategies!

Characters Guide – Element, Role, And The Upgrade Process

All the Skylanders in the game belong to one of these elements: –

  1. Dark
  2. Light
  3. Undead
  4. Magic
  5. Air
  6. Fire
  7. Water
  8. Life
  9. Earth
  10. Tech

There is a relationship system featured; each element is strong, weak against a specific element. For example; A tech elemental character is strong against fire/magic type character. But weak against life/earth type characters. If the enemy’s element is weak, then your strong element character will deal extra damage. Here’s the tree chart(you can also check it on the collection screen): –

[table id=32 /]


All the Skylanders in Skylanders Ring Of Heroes game belong to one of these four roles: –

  1. Support
  2. Defense
  3. Attack
  4. Expert

Go to the Skylanders menu -> tap a character -> In the stats tab, just below the stars, you can check the role/type. Attack type characters provide ATK boost in the battle(passive skill, active skill), defense type character provide DEF boost, support type character supports allies in the battle, and expert type characters have good skills(low cooldown).

How To Get New Characters Or Skylanders Or Their Fragments?

You need a certain number of soul stones or fragments to unlock a character. Head to the Skylanders or character menu -> tap the Skylander -> In the stats tab, you can check the number of soul stones required to unlock it. Once you have enough, hit the summon button.

Shards – In the same stats tab, tap the “add” button -> it will show you the list of stages where you get the selected character’s soul stones/shards/fragments. Or use Omni gems.

Character Building: – 

  • Level Up
  • Skills
  • Power-Up
  • Evolve
  • Awaken
  • Runes

Level Up -> Leveling up is the common way to improve the character’s stats. You can level up a character in two ways; use the red potions or get victories in the adventure mode stages. Red potions -> You can get these potions by completing the quests, from the town structure; magic cauldron. Adventure Mode Stages – Repeat the adventure mode battles and get victories to grant loads of EXP to the characters.

If you don’t have red potions, then simply repeat the adventure mode battles; set to auto.

Skills -> You need elemental ores and upgrade stones to upgrade the characters’ skill. For example; if the element of a character is earth, then you need earth ore. These ores can be acquired from distorted dimension mode. In this mode, you defeat the enemies in dungeons; life/fire/water/air/earth/tech/magic/undead/light/dark.

Power-Up -> Power-up characters to make them more powerful. You need soul stones and upgrade elixir. You can get elixir from distorted dimensions mode.

Evolve -> Once the character reaches the maximum level, you will have to evolve it to develop further. Evolving a character increases its max level cap, stars and lets you improve further. You need soul stones to evolve.

Awaken -> To awaken a hero, you need soul stones and high-rank elemental ores. Awakening a hero improves its stats, skill.


There are 10 types of rune & set effect: –

  1. Strike – Increases ATK
  2. Energy – Increases HP
  3. Resist – RES Up
  4. Rage – Increases CRIT DMG
  5. Ward – Increases DEF
  6. Hope – Decreases Block DMG
  7. Focus – Accuracy Up
  8. Fatal – CRIT Rate Up
  9. Hit – Increases Accuracy
  10. Dodge – Evasion Up

The set effect will activate when you equip two or four runes of the same type. For example; Two ward type runes activate DEF UP bonus. Tap the rune to check its type.


All the runes provide a different stat boost to the character. When you tap the rune, the game will show you the stats.

  • ATK – Attack Power
  • DEF – Defense
  • HP – Hit Points
  • Endurance – Attack resistance
  • CRIT Rate – Chances of activating a critical hit
  • CRIT DMG – Critical Hit damage
  • Accuracy – Chances of landing a hit
  • Evasion – Dodging
  • ACC – Chances of an effect to turn out
  • RES – Chances of resisting an effect
  • Block Rate – Chances of blocking an attack
  • Block DMG – The amount of damage when the attack is blocked

So that’s all for now as Skylanders Ring Of Heroes guide. Let’s take a look at our top Skylanders Ring Of Heroes tips, cheats & strategies!

Skylanders Ring Of Heroes Tips & Tricks: –

1.) The Leader Skill Matters

Most of the characters have leader skill. A leader skill activates when you put the character(having leader skill) in the first slot in team formation. For example; Shark Shooter’s leader skill can increase the critical rate by 4% of all allies in the adventure and challenges mode. You can check the skills of a character in the character menu(Skylanders -> tap the character -> skill -> tap the skill icon).

2.) Grind, Develop, And Progress

Repeat the old stages over and over again to earn EXP for team characters, soul stones to power-up, evolve. That’s the part of the game. After playing for a few hours, you will be stuck. And, you will need to enhance the characters; level up, power-up, evolve. In all these steps, you need EXP, soul stones. Both these things can be obtained from the adventure mode battles(you can play a stage in three difficulty modes; easy, normal, and hard). So don’t forget to repeat!

3.) Follow The Quests

We would strongly recommend you to follow the quests rather than building up things manually. Complete all these quests to acquire Stealth Elf fragments, gems, scrolls, red potions.

4.) Take Elemental Advantage In Close Battles

If you are having trouble clearing a stage, then take elemental advantage; choose the right characters in the team. How? Select the stage -> check the enemy’s elements -> choose the characters with the strong element. For more information, check the characters guide above.

5.) Remember These Things

  1. Don’t upgrade low-star runes. Progress as far as you can without upgrading the runes. From high-level stages, you will get high-rank runes(4* or higher). Upgrade these runes!
  2. Level up the characters by repeating the stages
  3. Join a guild to earn guild currency
  4. Add characters in the spectator slot – they will also earn EXP
  5. Team up with a good villain character; check its skills
  6. Focus on the natural characters, you get through adventure battles. You can easily upgrade them. For more info, check the basic part above
  7. Activate the rune’s set effect

So these are the top Skylanders Ring Of Heroes tips for the beginners. If you have more tips to share with other fellow players, comment below!

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