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Are you looking for The Legend of Neverland codes(gift codes)? Read on for an updated list of all new redeem codes for The Legend of Neverland. 

The Legend of Neverland Codes

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The Legend of Neverland

Published by GameArk Global, The Legend of Neverland is a mobile ARPG where you build the characters, fight monsters, grind resources, make upgrades, and try to dominate in all the available game modes. 

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We provide regular updates and fast/full coverage on the latest The Legend of Neverland Codes. The total number of promo gift codes that we have discovered for this game title is +1. Active promo code status: N/A. Here’s the list of The Legend of Neverland redeem codes(comment below if you know any working codes): –

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Active The Legend of Neverland Codes To Redeem:

  • arigatou : Gift code expires on December 31st, 2022
  • ClownSet : Gift code added on October 29th, 2022
  • 1mDNLD : Gift code added on September 15th, 2022

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Expired Codes⇓

The Legend of Neverland Codes do not last forever. They are available to redeem for a limited period, and once that expires, you will no longer be receiving the rewards. If you find any code in the above list not working, please let us know by sharing it in the comment box below. These are the codes that are no longer working(scroll above for the active code list or click here); 

  • HAHA0401 : Redeem code and get Strawberry Milk*50 (expires April 1, 2022)
  • RiderVel : Code for 5K Users(Added on September 8th, 2022)
  • survey01 : Code for 5K Users(Added on September 8th, 2022)
  • survey02 : Code for 5K Users(Added on September 8th, 2022)
  • TLON2022 : Redeem code and get Gold Coins x888888, Cabala Sapphire x288
  • focus111 : Redeem code and get Gold Coins x500000, Potion Stamina x2)
  • VIP999 : Redeem code and get Advanced Weapon Enhance Dust x100, Skill Rubbing x100)

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The Legend of Neverland Codes FAQ

How Do You Redeem The Legend of Neverland Codes?

To redeem The Legend of Neverland redeem code(codes), the player first needs to complete the tutorial. Once the tutorial is completed, look for the hamburger type menu icon button, which should be located in the top-right corner of the game screen. Tap it. Look for the settings button and tap it. And, on the settings page, look for the redeem code button. 

Tap on the redeem gift code option; you will get the option of entering and redeeming the gift code. The above The Legend of Neverland codes wiki showcases the complete code list. Enter the valid code and get the rewards. New gift codes are released often; we keep track of all these codes and put them all together in this one updated code wiki list. Also, see – The Legend of Neverland TIER LIST

How To Get More The Legend of Neverland Codes?

More new The Legend of Neverland Codes are published on the game’s official social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and the game’s official Discord. You can bookmark this page and regularly check for The Legend of Neverland gift codes. Once available, we will update this gift code list with all the new redemption codes. Usually, the game developers publish the gift codes for special events like the game’s milestones, popular occassions, collaborations, and special events.

So this would be all in this post on The Legend of Neverland Codes. Got any new redeem codes? Comment below. 

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The world is eternal. It begins here and ends here.
–‘The Song of Cabala’, Bard
-What is Cabala
-Let me think about it… Haven’t you already been there? Yes, Cabala was once a paradise for the ancestors. But now, it’s only a living hell! As far as I can remember, it is a forbidden place for human beings. Some adventurers secretly entered Cabala, but I heard that none of them has come back alive…
-Do you know Flower Fairy?
-Ah…Ordinary people think the Flower Fairy does not exist. I don’t know how you know about it, but I have never seen a Flower Fairy in my life. On the contrary, I heard a lot from legends, saying that they are beautiful and loyal. That’s fascinating. It seems that no language can describe their beauty. Even the most beautiful girl can only be overshadowed in front of Flower Fairy.

Game Features
[Your Special Partner, Flower Fairy]
Look, that beautiful flower is growing and transforming into human form, go and take her hand, accompany each flower fairy, and start the wonderful journey of the tree of life!
[Easy Switching Between Multiple Classes, More Fun Fighting]
Swordsman, Ranger, Scholar, Craftsman… Switch your character class as you please, anytime and anywhere, and match the skill tree talents to fit the class and to make each class type unique!
[Thousands of Colours, Shaping A Variety Of Fashions]
Don’t worry, you will never see the same fashion twice here. Every part can be dyed freely, use your imagination to create unique beauty!
[New Experience in an Open World, Exploring Unknown Mysteries]
Realm Corridor, Barren Ancient Ruins, and other dangerous parts are waiting to be explored by you and your your friends; uncover the secrets of Cabala in a great many sceneries, you will never feel alone on this adventure of a lifetime!
[A New Realistic Life Experience, Create Happy Moments]
You can experience all kinds of leisure with interesting game modes such as fishing, insect catching, cooking, and mining. You might become a fishing expert and master cook without even noticing it!
[AFK Income, Get Free Hands]
If you’re tired, take a break. You still have an income, even while you’re offline. If you can enjoy some down time, come to Cabala to create some happy moments for yourself!

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