Virtual Sim Story: Dream Life Cheats: Guide, Tips & Tricks

Virtual Sim Story: Dream Life is a new virtual world simulation game for Android & iOS by Foxie Ventures. Read on for Virtual Sim Story: Dream Life cheats, guide, tips & tricks

Virtual Sim Story: Dream Life Guide Cheats TipsFoxie Ventures, the publisher behind Wolf Tales Home & Heart game, recently published an open world MMO game called Virtual Sim Story. The game lets you customize the character, play with the pets, buy and decorate home, socialize with people, do jobs for money, and there is a lot more content that could not be described in a single sentence. If you are new to the game, you might need some guidance to get started with the game. This Virtual Sim Story: Dream Life guide covers the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Virtual Sim Story: Dream Life cheats, tips & tricks that you would like to read to progress faster in the game. So let’s not waste any time and check out the walkthrough guide!

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First things first – your goal in this game to get rich, buy luxurious home/cars/outfits, and unlock all the locked functions of the game by leveling up. To earn the money, you will be working in the cafe, food corner(burger, juice points), and completing the quests. Also, you can play with the pets for money. Once you have a home with a garage in it, you will get to buy and drive the car to reach the special areas on the map quickly. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Virtual Sim Story: Dream Life cheats and tips featured in this walkthrough guide!

Focus On Doing The Quests

At the beginning of the game, you have nothing much to do except doing the career quests. There are two types of quests in Virtual Sim Story: Dream Life; career quests and general quests. Career quests are available from the beginning, while general quests can only be accepted by exploring the map and interacting with the NPCs. 

Tap the “character avatar” in the upper-left corner to open the menu. From the menu list, tap the “quests” button. This will take you to the quests screen where you can check the career quests. Select a quest to check its tasks. You might have to complete multiple tasks to complete a single quest. Tap the “location symbol” next to the task – follow the blue color navigation/location mark to reach there. Complete these quests to earn green bucks/cash and Espresso. 

Buy Clothes, Home And Cars To Level Up

By leveling up in Virtual Sim Story: Dream Life, you will get to work in the jobs that require experience. And, the best way to level up in this game is by buying clothes, home, and cars. Buying these things give EXP to the character. Tap the character avatar in the upper-left side -> customize -> there you can buy clothes. Tap the home button from the menu list -> there you can buy a house. And, tap the vehicle button to buy cars. 

Use Map For Navigation

Virtual Sim Story: Dream Life features a large map with different areas featuring different things. If you think you are lost or you need to go somewhere specific, tap the avatar in the upper-left corner and tap the map button. On the map, you will see “special spots” marked – for example – fork and spoon icon displays the food points where you can work and earn money. 

Play With Pets In Fetch Range

Virtual Sim Story Dream Life Guide Cheats TipsGo to the fetch range location and move over to the blue color shining place there(open the map and look for the “ball” spot – you can tap the spots to check the spot name. Search for Fetch Range). Once you are there, tap the action button and choose to play this mini-game. Select the pet. 

In this mini-game, you will be using the cannon to throw the ball – you have to make sure that the ball passes the big ring. Near the big ring, you will see the wind info – so make sure to adjust the aim(⇐⇒). Also, adjust the power of the shot – otherwise, you would not be able to score. 

Play this game to score points and give EXP to the pet and level it up for more stats and other sorts of functions such as accessories and tricks. 

Learn About The Pets In Virtual Sim Story: Dream Life

Virtual Sim Story Dream Life Guide Cheats TipsVirtual Sim Story: Dream Life lets you tame the animals. You need to go to the pet catching location(open the map and search for the “paw’ icon). Over there, you will find the pet. Go close to the pet -> use the action button to start the taming process. Once you have done that, the pet will go away for the first time. Use the pet treats to lure it. You can buy the lure items such as basic berry, gourmet berry, a fancy berry from the shop(open menu-> shop -> pets -> spend bucks). 

Drop the berry and keep yourself out of range – keep feeding the pet berries until the gauge at the top-center of the screen gets full. Once it gets full, the animal will become your pet. You can release it anytime. 

Tap the avatar in upper-left -> pets -> there you can check all the pets. You can go to the vet building and level them up with pet treats or play with them at fetch range for leveling. 

Buy The 3-Star Or Higher Grade House In Virtual Sim Story: Dream Life

If you want your pet to follow you, then you must have a three-star or higher grade house. In the upper-left corner, tap the character avatar -> home -> use the navigation keys to switch between different houses; buy a medium house, manor, or mansion to let the pets follow you. 

Driving Cars In The Game

You can buy cars from the shop. Tap character avatar in upper-left corner -> shop -> cars -> spend bucks or rubies to buy the cars. To drive the cars in Virtual Sim Story: Dream Life, you need a garage. 

Getting Garage In Virtual Sim Story: Dream Life

You can have a garage in a 2-star or higher grade house. Open the menu by tapping avatar in the top-left corner -> home -> use the navigation keys to switch between different houses; buy a small house for x1 garage, medium house for x1 garage, manor for x2 garage, mansion for x2 garage. Once you have a garage in the house, you will be able to drive in the city. 

Earn Bucks By Doing Jobs

Open the map and go to “food” points. Talk to the NPC at the counter and ask for the shift. A certain number of players can work at a time. If the staff is full, you will not be able to do the job. Wait until the staff gets off. If there is a vacancy, you will get the job – talk to the customer and take the order. And, then go to the counter and cook food; you need to tap the center ingredient when the spinner’s needle is pointing towards the highlighted icon. That will help you cook a perfect dish for the customer and earn more bucks. 

Getting Rubies In Virtual Sim Story: Dream Life

  • Complete the quests to earn rubies

With rubies, you can buy premium clothes and cars. 

So that’s all for now in this Virtual Sim Story: Dream Life guide and tips with walkthrough info. If you have more tips and cheats to share, comment below. 

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