We Bare Bears Crazy Fishing Cheats: Guide, Tips & Tricks

We Bare Bears Crazy Fishing is a new idle game for mobile by Global Fun. Read on for We Bare Bears Crazy Fishing cheats, tips & tricks

We Bare Bears Crazy FishingGlobal Fun, the studio is well-known for the games based on kid cartoons. Their new game is called We Bare Bears Crazy Fishing where all the three main characters will go on fishing and make money. Of course, you will be helping them catch the fish and treasure. If you are new to it, then this post is for you. In this post, we have shared the We Bare Bears Crazy Fishing guide that covers all the basic core concepts of the game. Also, we have a bunch of We Bare Bears Crazy fishing cheats, tips & tricks that will help you progress fast and catch all the fish, treasure/bonus items, etc. So, let’s not waste any time and head to the main content. 

We Bare Bears Crazy Fishing Cheats, Guide, Tips & Tricks: –

We Bare Bears Crazy FishingFirst things first – the only currency in this game is coins that you earn by catching the fish. You will be using the coins in upgrading the fishing equipment and its attributes; length and strength. As of writing this, the game features three main maps; San Franciso, China, and the Arctic. At first, you will set sail in San Francisco, then China, and the Arctic. To unlock the new maps, you will have to meet certain conditions. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the We Bare Bears Crazy Fishing tips & tricks – 

Catch The Valuable Fish

Each fish in the We Bare Bears Crazy Fishing game has a different value; the fish that are at the top of the sea level are of low value while the fish that are in the bottom/deeper in the sea are of higher value. So, if you want to make more money or coins, you will have to focus on catching the fish that are deeper in the sea. 

Make Upgrades To Earn More

The coins that you earn by catching the fish can be invested in improving the fishing gear quality; upgrade the length and you will be able to catch the fish living deep into the sea. Upgrade the strength and you will be able to catch more fish in one turn. For more idle earnings, invest coins to upgrade offline income. 

Unlock New Maps And Move There

As mentioned above, the game has three maps where you can fish/ catch new rare fish. The first one is unlocked by default, the second one is China; unlock it by upgrading the length to 200 M and strength/size to 15. And, at last, Arctic; minimum length – 350 M, minimum strength/size – 25. 

Grab The Treasure To Activate Mega Fish Mode

We Bare Bears Crazy FishingIn the mega fish mode, you will earn 10x more coins. To activate this mode, all you need to do is catch x6 treasure items. Treasure items such as necklace, crown, and more. Keep fishing and you will eventually see these treasure items in the sea. 

Collect The Idle Earnings

The white bear collects the fish automatically; whether you are playing the game or not. Slide to the right side of the boat and tap on the bag button to collect the idle earnings. 

So this would be all in this post on We Bare Bears Crazy Fishing game guide and tips for beginners. Do you have more cheats, tips, or tricks to share? Comment below.

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