West Game Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies!

West Game is a wild west themed based MMORTS for mobile by LEXIANG CO., LIMITED. Let’s have a look at our West Game guide, tips, cheats & strategies

West Game is pretty similar to other base building games such as RoK, Game of Trenches, etc. But its wild west theme makes it pretty cool as compared to the rivals. If you are a fan of Wild West games, then West Game from the developers, LEXIANG CO., LIMITED will impress you a lot. However, the game genre or gameplay might be boring for some players – but if you join an active alliance, it would be a lot more fun. Let’s not waste any time and navigate to our West Game guide and West Game tips, cheats & strategies for the beginners.

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West Game Guide – How To Play

In West Game, the player takes the role of Sheriff and develop the town by constructing and upgrading various town buildings. Your objective is to grow the town, increase the power, build a massive army to defend the town from attackers, and rule the west world. It would not be easy as there are loads of things to take care of – researches, upgrades, army, resources, heroes, sheriff, and more.

At the beginning of the game, you will follow the tutorial quests, most of them teach you how to train the army units, build defense structures, upgrade, build more buildings, etc. The total summary is to develop the town, increase the army power, max out the researches, and survive in the West apocalypse where other Sheriffs can raid your town anytime and loot the resources.

Yes, apart from building and upgrades, you can battle Outlaws, other players for the resources and precious items. Additionally, all the sheriff can attack each other town(if there is no protection) and deal a lot of damage economically as well as military. In an attack, you may lose loads of trained troops and resources. Of course, you can set up the defense and put the heroes on guard to protect the town. Let’s learn everything in details: –

West Game Buildings Guide

It’s important to know about each building that you have built in the town – ignoring the buildings after construction is the biggest mistake if you are playing this type of game for the first time. Once you build a structure in the town, tap it and check what it does, what will happen if you upgrade it. We have listed all the details below, but you should not act like a lazy person – inspect every building in the town and get to know its function. It will help you in learning the game concept.

  • Town Center

The town center in West Game is the core point of the town. This building provides an overview of all the sectors, for example – production status, buildings, troops, traps, etc. Tap it and then tap the overview button to check the details. The town center level impacts the march size(total size of the march that you can send at a time), march queue(the total number of marches you can trigger at a time), alliance help, and the number of heroes in march. The max level of town center building is level 21. Keep upgrading it and get benefits. Tap the town center -> then tap the (i) button at the bottom-left corner to check the upgrade details.

  • Defense Factory

This factory is responsible for traps, trap repairing, and the guards. You can build traps using this factory and assign heroes on the guard slots. Keep upgrading it – build traps for the intruders, assign heroes on the guard.

  • Command Center

Command Center is responsible for the rally attacks. You can team up with other alliance sheriffs and attack on a single target by initiating the rally attacks. To initiate a rally attack, find the target player(go to the map and find level 10+ town or Gang of Bandits) -> rally war -> now, other alliance members will be able to join you. You can check all the ongoing rally war in the alliance menu -> rally war. Upgrade the command center to increase rally capacity.

  • Embassy

To join rally war, embassy building is required. For example – if someone in the alliance has initiated the war, other players can join him/her by sending reinforcement. Tap the embassy -> reinforce. Upgrade the embassy to increase reinforcement limit.

  • Market In West Game

Alliance members in West Game can help each other in dreadful time by sending the resources. The market building allows you to transport the RSS to another member. Upgrade it to reduce the tax rate, increase capacity, and request limit.

  • Jail

Well, not all the attacks can be successful. If the target defends the town successfully, the enemy’s sheriff may end up in jail. Executing the captured hostile sheriffs give juicy buffs to the player. Upgrade the jail building for more benefits.

  • Monument

Here you can revive the dead troops. To revive, you need revival spell or instant revival spell-like special items.

  • Cabin

The cabin is where the silver is produced. You need silver for several upgrades & construction.

  • Duel Yard

Here you shoot the target and earn rewards. You need ammo to play this mode. The player gets free ammo every day. More ammo can be obtained in exchange for gold.

  • Blacksmith 

Here you can forge, enhance the equipment. The Sheriff can carry equipment and give special buffs which help the town. To forge equipment, you need materials and resources. Go to the blacksmith -> all equipment -> tap the detail option to check the details of the material. How do you get these materials? The player can acquire these materials by defeating the outlaws on the map or from the material chests, quests(VIP, Daily, Alliance). Material chests cost gold.

You can combine the equipment to increase their level/quality. Or degrade the higher quality material into low-tier material. All these functions can be accessed using the blacksmith facility.

  • Hospital

If someone attacked your town, troops may get injured or killed. You can heal the wounded troops in the hospital. It will cost resources and silver coins. Increasing the hospital level increases hospital capacity.

  • Sentry Station

If someone has initiated attacked against your town, this sentry station alerts you. Upgrade it to get more details and buffs – information of incoming attacks, position, arrival time, troop type, march size, hero details, etc.

  • Church

When you execute the hostile sheriff(attacker, read the jail building details for more info), you get the buffs. The church in West Game displays the buff details. Upgrade it to get more buffs.

  • Saloon – West Game

West GameThis is where you can access the heroes. You get three free chests daily – bronze, silver, and gold. From these chests, you get the heroes medals. To unlock a hero, you need a certain number of medals. For example – To unlock Jane, you need (8) Jane medals. You can tag the heroes along with the march and enjoy the buffs. Also, you can use these heroes on guard posts. Open the chests daily and get free hero medals.

  • Barrack

Here you can train the troops and build a massive army. To train more troops at a time, upgrade the barrack building. And, to unlock new troops, research in the academy.

  • Academy 

Here you can conduct the various researches in a number of sectors – economics, combat, trap, and sheriff. For example – Economics research buffs give production, construction, and gathering bonuses. Keep researching and keep growing.

  • Warehouse

The warehouse is the most useful building in the town as it protects a certain number of resources from the enemy sheriffs. The resources such as food, wood, stone, iron, etc can be protected in the warehouse. Upgrade this town-building to protect more amount of these resources.

  • Logging Camp, Quarry, Farm, Mine

These are the economic buildings where the resources are produced over time. You can increase production by upgrading these buildings or through economic research.

West Game Sheriff Guide

Level -> To increase the Sheriff level, you need Sheriff EXP. Sheriff EXP can be obtained by defeating the Outlaws on the map, from the building & upgrades, from the quests or using the Sheriff EXP item.

Gears – A Sheriff can carry a number of gears – weapon, accessory, hat, armor, etc. All these gears provide a special bonus to Sheriff. For example – Increase in trap attack, research time reduction, construction time reduction, etc. You can forge these weapons in the blacksmith building and find the materials required to craft those gears from the Outlaws.

Skills – At every level upgrade, you get the skill points. You can spend these skill points in raising the Sheriff’s skills. At the upper-left corner, tap Sheriff avatar -> skills -> here you can spend the skill points. Read the skill details before you spend these points.

West Game Resources: –

  • You can produce resources in the town by constructing and upgrading the production buildings such as logging camp, quarry, mine, etc.
  • The player can also collect the resources from map – go to the map view -> tap the resource tile – occupy
  • Complete the quests to get the resources
  • Resources are stored in the warehouse
  • The warehouse also protects a certain number of resources


West GameOn the map(tap the map button at the bottom left to open map view), you can find the Outlaws and Gang of Bandits. You can earn a treasure map by attacking Gang Of Bandits. Use these treasure maps in the blacksmith building to convert it for better rewards.

By attacking the Outlaws, you can earn materials, gold, speed-ups, etc. Build your army, upgrade sheriff and take down the high-level Outlaws and Gang of Bandits. Choose the heroes in the battle march for combat buffs. Keep in mind that all heroes have unique skills – only a few of them have combat skills. Make sure to select combat type hero in the march. Read the Saloon building guide above for more information.

How To Earn Gold In West Game?West Game

  • Complete the bounties
  • Defeat the Outlaws(drop rate is quite low)
  • Gather treasure from the map
  • Claim Bob’s Gift
  • Help Civilian in the town(Like Bob’s Gift)
  • Claim free gift chest in the bonuses menu
  • Events(Solo)
  • Alliance Event

If you know more other ways to obtain gold, please share in the comments section below!

How To Get Speed-Ups

  • Attack the Outlaws
  • Solo events
  • Alliance events
  • Exchange loyalty points for speed-ups in the alliance loyalty store
  • Quests

So that would be all in our West Game guide for the beginners. Let’s read on our top West Game tips, cheats & strategies!

West Game Tips, Cheats & Strategies!

1.) Complete All The Auto-Quests

Other than the town quests, quests such as daily, alliance, and VIP can be completed automatically. From these quests, you can earn materials, crystals(inlay these crystals to the Sheriff gears), resources, speed-ups, Sherrif EXP, gold, and much more. All you need to do is start and then collect the reward. Don’t miss any of these quests and grab all the precious items(for gears) and resources for free.

2.) Find RSS Tiles On The Map

West GameThere are loads of RSS tiles on the map – for example – food tiles, iron, stones, etc. These tiles contain resources. Tap the tile and you will see the exact amount that you can gather from it. Send the army to occupy it – the more troops you send, the more you can gather.

Additionally, apart from these RSS tiles, you may find treasure tiles. From these points/tiles, you can obtain gold, speed-ups(After you gather all the resources). Increase the troop load by sending more troops.

3.) Defeat The Outlaws, Gang Of Bandits

Defeat the outlaws and you can earn gold, speed-up, RSS, Sheriff EXP. High-level Outlaws drop more rewards. Unlike Outlaws, Gang of Bandits drops treasure maps. Exchange these maps in the blacksmith building.

4.) Join An Alliance

Join an active alliance to get these benefits: –

  • You can earn loyalty points by helping alliance members
  • You can get help from alliance members
  • Unlocks rally function
  • Transfer the resources
  • You can receive reinforcements from alliance members

5.) Keep An Eye On Events

Earn event points during the event by completing simple tasks. You can earn loads of rewards from these events.

6.) Claim The Free Chests

  • Go to the saloon and claim all the free hero chests
  • At the bottom-right corner, tap the bonuses option and claim the free daily chest
  • Claim Bob’s and civilian gift every now and then

7.) Don’t Let Your Guard Down

  • Keep building the traps
  • Keep training the troops
  • Put heroes on the guard
  • Raise Sheriff power(level up, equip gears, upgrade his skills)
  • Research combat type buffs in the academy

So these are the basic West Game tips for the beginners. If you have more tips to share, feel free to comment below!

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26 thoughts on “West Game Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies!”

  1. Where is the decision makeing game play? Like it is advertised on various websites. Example help the lady or turn her in.
    I have looked everywhere and i can’t find it.
    Please help.
    Thank you so much.

  2. This game seems more like cyber bullying than a fun game. He who sits on top spits on those on the bottom, and the language factor you would think a bunch of 12yr olds who just learned how to curse is playing this game. How do you level the playing field for the ones who just wanna have fun and are tired of being rolled over on by bullies????

  3. Is there a way to unlock level 4 troops without doing hundreds of hours of building, or literally days on days of researching?? And is it possible to change states??

  4. Why are there no limits to attacks?
    It’s frustrating when 7 million power players always attack those with 1.5 million and less power.
    This causes a lot to stop the game.

    • Hi George – learn to camp your troops with sherif and use peace shields. Learn how to safeguard your silver and other resources. Learn how to do those things well no one can really hurt you. This is a game that rewards those who know how to defend themselves.

  5. This game is like other war games, but different in that you attack minions and gang of bandits instead of dragons or monsters. State 8 is a great state as we are trying to not let bullies get away with continually zeroing small players. The game has a State vs State event, so we need all players to keep growing in order to compete and win for the state. There are many events that are fun and reward us with gold, materials and speedups, etc. I love this game over all the others I play. I have been playing alliance war games for over 10 years.

  6. In answering some questions I have read from readers, I have these comments:
    1) Don’t ever judge a game by it’s ads. This game does NOT have decision making feature as the game ad have you believe. None of the games do, but the developers love to advertise this way.
    2) Everyone has their own way to play. Join an alliance and ask them. Then decide what you want to do to build your town.
    3) Food is eaten up as you train troops. Don’t worry about it. You can earn food easily. Your troops will NOT die if food is zero.
    4) I am a ftp, free to play, player but I do spend a little here and there, like 99c and $5. Some people love to spend $100 a pop, but that is not me. I grow slower is all.

  7. Some folks are frustrated because big players who spend tons of money hit them. Learn how to play and you will never lose troops or your sheriff. Join an alliance, be active, ask questions and the bullies can’t hurt you. Just like real life- bullies only pick on those that can’t defend themselves. Incarnacion – Minister of BRU2

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