Wild Frontier Game Guide: Tips, Tricks & Cheats

Wild Frontier Game is published by 37Games for Android on Google Play Store. Read on for Wild Frontier game guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Wild Frontier Game37Games, the mobile games publisher has just released a brand new game Wild Frontier on Android. In the Wild Frontier game, you build a base in the Westworld and try to grow it by building a powerful army and the team of best heroes. If you are familiar with the base-building games, then you are gonna grasp this game’s mechanics in no time. For those who have just started playing this game, you are on the right page. This Wild Frontier game guide covers the basics of the game. Also, we have a bunch of Wild Frontier tips, cheats & tricks that you may like. So without further ado, let’s head to the main content. 

Wild Frontier Game Guide, Tips & Tricks: –

In the Wild Frontier game, you will be playing as a Mayor. You will train the troops, recruit the heroes, build/upgrade the facilities at your base, attack the enemies, defend the base – well, that’s a lot! Increase the power by making the upgrades, equipping gears/artifacts to the mayor, building talent-tree, training troops, upgrading heroes, researching technologies, etc. In the upper-left corner, pay attention to the battle power next to the mayor’s avatar. You are gonna increase it with the methods mentioned in the last sentence. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Wild Frontier game tips, tricks: –

Build Up The Resources Production Stats

As you progress through the game’s quests, you will need a lot of resources for things like upgrades, training, building, etc. So one of the main things to do is max out all the production stats; here’s how – 

  • Build all the max available facilities at base – Farm for food, Wood Camp for wood, Quarry for stone, Iron Mine for iron. Tap the saw/hammer icon in the bottom-right side -> economy – there you will find these facilities. Make sure to build all the max available
  • Upgrade and reach the town hall level – To ensure that you are producing the max resources in Wild Frontier game, make sure that all these facilities are on the town hall level. For example – if the town hall building is at level 9, you gotta make sure that all these facilities reach level 9 before you push the town hall on another upgrade
  • Map – Navigate to the map screen by tapping the map button in the bottom-left corner -> tap the magnifying/search button on the map screen, which is on the bottom-right side -> farm food on the farmstead, wood on the sawmill, stone on the stone pit, and iron on iron deposit

Keep farming in Wild Frontier game. Before you go to bed, make sure that you have one troop march over there to collect the resources. 

Take The Fights In Wild Frontier Game

Go to the map screen and search for the outlaws, bandit hideout. You can clear outlaws solo. But for bandit hideout, you are gonna need the allies that you will find in the alliance. So join an alliance, do the rally, and rip off bandit hideouts. They will give you much better rewards. For outlaws, you will get the Mayor EXP to raise the Mayor level in Wild Frontier game. EXP items to raise the heroes level. Material, resources, etc. 

Manage The Heroes

You can hire heroes from saloon building in the town. Select the hero -> recruit -> use gold. Some heroes are paid. Also, these heroes have unqiue skills. Tap the skill icon after selecting the hero to check the skill info. You can level them up with the EXP item that you get by clearing outlaws on the map – raise their star level with hero badges. 

Use Heroes – assign them on the town wall to increase town defense. You can also send them on the march on the map; for fights, gathering resources, etc. 

Join An Alliance

Join an alliance and you can do rally on bandit hideouts. Also, there are a couple of perks like alliance store, help function, reinforcements, gifts, trade, etc. 

Do The Upgrades To Get Stronger In Wild Frontier Game

  • Level Up Mayor
  • Level Up Heroes
  • Upgrade Buildings
  • Train The Troops

Research For Development, Economy, Military Buffs

In the town, tap the proving ground building and start conducting researches. Each research department gives unqiue buffs to enjoy. For example – increase production with the economy researches. Increase march speed, march slots with military researches. 

Praise The Players For Gold Coins

Tap the gold icon on the ranking board in the town. Praise the players and get gold coins. 

Check Out The Events In Wild Frontier Game

Tap the event button at the top-right. Complete those event quests for bonus rewards. 

Progress Through The Quests

Chapter Quests are the best to follow as a beginner in the Wild Frontier game. These quests guide you through all the basic stuff. 

Daily Quests – complete theme daily to earn hero badges, gold coins, bandit keys, etc. 

So this would be all in this Wild Frontier game guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners. Do you have more tips to share? Comment below. 

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  1. This game has not been updated in over a year. There are many issues that need fixed including SVS that has not introduced new states to fight in many months. Every 2 weeks we fight the same state like a broken record. In spite of the issues that developers and customer service do not fix its a great theme and easy to play. It is still a top grossing game without the service,

    • Yes its every 2 weeks and its between 3 states at a time. You can only attack at the capital and the green around it anything out of that can not be attacked