Bonehead Codes Wiki | Gift Code [May 2024]

Redeem the Bonehead Code for freebies. An updated list of all-new Bonehead Codes to redeem for many in-game rewards.

Bonehead Codes Gift Code
Bonehead Codes – Gift Code


Bonehead is a mobile game published by HONG KONG TOUDA CO., LIMITED.

Unearth the truth and treasures in “Bonehead Just Dig.” Dig your way through an ever-changing world, fight enemies, and discover secrets as you strive to escape this mysterious realm. Get ready to dig, survive, and unravel the enigma that surrounds you.

This post will cover the Bonehead codes that can be redeemed for freebies. Please bookmark this page and check back regularly for the new and updated code list.

We re-checked for the new Bonehead Code. If you know a code that we have not listed in the list below, please share it in the comments.

Bonehead Codes 

These are the active Bonehead Codes:

  • BONELUNARNY – Redeem gift code for rewards[Added on Feb 9th, 2024][Expiry; If not working, comment below]
  • DC8000 – Redeem gift code for 80 Gems and 80 Chests[Added on August 12th, 2023]
  • FBGROUP – Redeem gift code for 100 Gems and 50 Chests[Added on July 25th, 2023]

Expired Bonehead Codes

The following Bonehead codes are no longer working; scroll up for the active code list. If any code in the active code list shared above is not working, let us know in the comments. 

  • BONELOWEEN – Redeem gift code before November 6th[Added on October 31st, 2023]
  • DC5000 – Redeem code for 50 Gems and 50 Chests

How To Redeem Bonehead Codes

To redeem Bonehead codes, follow these steps: 

  • Launch Bonehead
  • Tap the menu button on the right side of the game screen
  • Tap codes
  • Enter a valid Bonehead code
  • And get the rewards

You can redeem a particular code only once per account. 

How To Get More Bonehead Codes?

More new Bonehead Codes are published on the game’s official social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and the game’s official Discord. You can bookmark this page and regularly check for Bonehead Codes. Once available, we will update this Gift Code list with all the new redemption codes. Usually, the game developers publish the Codes for special events like the game’s milestones, popular occassions, collaborations, and special events.

What Are These Bonehead Codes?

Bonehead codes, gift codes, promo codes, CD Keys, or coupon Codes are unique codes developers share with players on their official social media handles, mostly on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Discord, Instagram, or YouTube channel. Or, sometimes, they share the codes on the game’s very own forum website. These codes are different from the cheat codes. These codes usually reward in-game currencies or items. Usually, the basic currency(the currency that you can farm by playing the game) or premium in-game currencies(hard to obtain by playing the game) are rewarded with the codes.

Game Description:

In the captivating mobile game “Bonehead Just Dig,” you find yourself in a perplexing situation with no recollection of who you are or how you got there. The only instinct you have is to dig—deeper and deeper—into the unknown depths that surround you. As you embark on this mysterious journey, you must use your determination, resourcefulness, and bravery to unearth secrets, fight adversaries, and ultimately escape the confines of your enigmatic surroundings.

The game offers a unique blend of exploration, strategy, and survival. As you dig your way through the ever-changing landscape, you’ll encounter a variety of challenges, obstacles, and enemies that stand in your way. Engage in battles, develop strategies, and harness your skills to overcome these obstacles and continue your descent.

One of the most intriguing aspects of “Bonehead Just Dig” is the constant element of surprise. The world you’re navigating is in a state of perpetual transformation, which means that with each dig, you’re entering uncharted territory. Along the way, you’ll uncover valuable treasures that can enhance your abilities, provide you with resources, and give you an edge as you continue your quest.

Beyond the gameplay mechanics, the game’s narrative is woven with mystery. As you dig deeper, you’ll piece together fragments of your memory and start to understand the circumstances that led you to this predicament. Your journey is a puzzle waiting to be solved, and every revelation brings you one step closer to unlocking the secrets that will set you free.

Prepare to dig, fight, and explore your way through a compelling and immersive adventure in “Bonehead Just Dig.” Uncover the truth, uncover treasures, and forge your path to freedom in this intriguing mobile game.

So this would be all in this post on Bonehead Codes. Got any new Codes? Comment below. 

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