Don’t Touch My Mushroom Tips & Cheats | Beginner’s Guide

Don’t Touch My Mushroom is a mobile game published by easygame7. Read on for Don’t Touch My Mushroom tips, cheats, and beginner’s strategy guide!Don't Touch My Mushroom

Don’t Touch My Mushroom Tips, Cheats | Guide For Beginners⇓

In this guide, you will learn how to play the Don’t Touch My Mushroom game, about heroes, tips on progression, winning stages, and other aspects such as getting stronger, and much more. So let’s not waste any time and check out the Don’t Touch My Mushroom tips, cheats & tricks for beginners: –

Get Started With Don’t Touch My Mushroom Basics⇓

Don’t Touch My Mushroom is a tower defense genre game where you deploy the “allies” and protect the hero. During the battle gameplay, you will spend the energy to buy allies and place them in the right spots where they can do well and give their best. 

As you start the battle, enemies will start coming out of their spawn location and move towards the main hero. The main hero is the big character on your screen who also strikes the enemies. Enemies would not strike the allies, instead, they will keep moving towards the main hero and try to strike it. In the top-left corner, you can see the hero’s lives; if you lose all the lives, you will get defeat. 

To win the stages, you will need to clear all the waves of enemies. 

Don’t Touch My Mushroom game features a lot of worlds aka chapters with increasing difficulty; each world with a set number of stages. You will start from Rainbow Land and the move to Orchard, Beach, Volcano, Desert, and Forest. Each world or chapter has around 15 ~ 50 stages. 

Get Familiar With Allies In Don’t Touch My Mushroom⇓

Don't Touch My Mushroom

There are many allies or units in the Don’t Touch My Mushroom game. Each ally or unit has unique stats, strengths, or abilities. To use them perfectly, you must get familiar with their strengths. Some allies or units excel in causing damage to enemies, they all have different ranged ATKs, while some of them have CC or buff skills like slowing enemies down or providing buff ATK bonuses to nearby turrets. 

For example; Sunflower is a DMG type ally who excels in causing DMG to the enemies. Prune and Sticky Shroom are allies who can slow down the enemies. 

You can get familiar with all allies’ strengths in the game’s ally gallery. 

In the top-left corner of the game’s main screen, tap on the “ally” icon below the hero icon that showcases the current level. On the ally gallery, you will see the complete list of all allies like flowers, vegetables, fruits, shroom, etc. Tap on an ally to check its stats; damage, range, speed, and cost. 

You can unlock new allies by clearing specific chapters or their stages. 

Guide To Hero In The Game⇓

Heroes have active skills that you can cast during the battle. They also possess passive skills. For instance, Sleepy Shroom has these active skills; inflicting sleep effect on the enemy, removes the random small obstacle, and summon a sleep flower at its location. And, its passive skill increases ally attack. 

  • Flower Shroom: Increases Ally ATK, AoE DMG
  • Sleepy Shroom: Increases Ally ATK, Sleep Effect
  • Angry Shroom: Increases Ally ATK, AoE DMG, Increases allies and hero attack speed
  • Smart Shroom: Increases Ally ATK, Gives free energy, reduces ally upgraded cost, stun nearby enemies – PAID

Guide To Progression In The Game⇓

Progress through the normal world mode to unlock new stages. You can switch to challenge mode by tapping the “current normal” button on the lower-left of the game screen. 

You can repeat the cleared stages and earn free coins. 

Complete the achievements for free rewards. In the top-left corner, tap the “NICE” option to check the achievements. 

Upgrade your heroes, talents, unlock new talents, claim freebies daily. 

Guide To Talents or Talent Cards⇓

Talent effect is activated during the battle. Tap the (i) icon in the lower-left corner to check the talent effect. You can activate talent in the talent menu of the game. New talents are unlocked as you clear the chapters. 

How to get talent cards or their shards? You can obtain the talent cards or their shards from the chest; go to the shop and there you will find one free chest. You can spend gems to get more chests. 

Players can earn gems by completing the achievements or missions in battle pass. 

Go to the talent menu of the game and tap on the talent card to check its effect; universal talent cards provide passive bonuses while some talent cards only provide bonuses to specific units or allies. 

Check Out The Market In Shop⇓

The shop menu has a market section where you will see the talent card deals; you can get cards by watching video ads or spending gold coins. 

Repeat The Stages To Farm Gold⇓

The stages that you have already completed can be repeated. And you can earn gold coins again. X3 the rewards by watching the video ad. 

Tips For Battles⇓

Don't Touch My Mushroom

The most important tip for Don’t Touch My Mushroom game players is to deploy the allies wisely. Make sure to put the allies with abilities that can slow down enemies on the slots near the enemy spawn location. And a few slots ahead, you can put AoE or DMG units. 

Allies that can slow down enemies will use their ability to reduce the enemies’ movement speed and while the enemies are slow, DMG units or allies will be able to inflict more DMG on them. 

Make sure to upgrade the allies as well. And, don’t forget to use the hero’s abilities in the final waves or when needed. 

Upgrade talent cards, unlock new talent cards, upgrade heroes to increase your firepower and survivability. 

You can remove an already deployed ally and get energy back in case you are low on energy or have placed the ally on the wrong slot. 

Don’t Touch My Mushroom Cheats & Cheat Codes⇓

As of now, no Don’t Touch My Mushroom cheats or cheat codes available for unlimited gems or gold coins. Play fairly, repeat the stages for gold, complete achievements for gems, sign in daily for freebies. 

So this would be all in this post on Don’t Touch My Mushroom tips, cheats & guide for beginners. Got more tips? Comment below. 

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