Fallout Shelter Online guide: tips, cheats & strategies 2021

New to the Fallout Shelter Online? Understand all its core concepts with this Fallout Shelter Online guide available with tips, cheats & strategies for beginners 2021

Fallout Shelter Online guide and tips⇓

This Fallout Shelter Online guide covers “how to play” basics, about in-game currencies, “rooms”, dwellers, tips to get stronger, progression, and other things such as vault, attachments, battles, and more. So, let’s check out the Fallout Shelter Online guides and tips: – 

Getting Started In Fallout Shelter Online With Basics⇓

First things first; there are seven main currencies in the game; Caps of Nuka-Cola – you can use it on special posts on the map to buy material items such as oil, hammer, lumber, etc. For example – The Minutemen Post. Water – you can use water to level up the perks of dwellers in shooting range. Electricity – use it to build and upgrade the rooms in the vault. Food – use it to level up or train dwellers in the shelter. Nuka-Cola Quantum – premium currency to speed-up construction, buy premium items; for example – dwellers’ posters from the shop, etc. Pre-War Money – you can exchange it to get dwellers from the shop. Rad-X – to play the stages. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Fallout Shelter Online tips, “cheats” featured in this walkthrough guide: –

Merge Rooms To Increase Output And Capacity⇓

Fallout Shelter Online Guide Wiki Cheats TipsPlayers playing the Fallout Shelter Online can merge the rooms in the vault to increase the output supply and storage limit. There are several resources that you produce in the shelter; caps, electricity, water, and food. If you put two same types of rooms(should be at the same level) next to each other, they will get merged and the output/storage limit will increase drastically. For example – small diner room + small diner room = medium diner room(merged). If you add one more small diner room, it would become a large diner room. 

To move the rooms in Fallout Shelter Online, you need to enter the editing screen. Tap the overseer’s office room in the shelter -> tap the reorganize button -> enter the editing screen. Now, select the room that you want to move and then choose a perfect spot in the vault. Make sure that all rooms are connected to the elevator. Otherwise, you would not be able to save changes. You can always split the merged room; save the changes first and then tap the split button on the bottom-right side -> select the merged room -> split it. 

So this covers the Fallout Shelter Online guide to merging the rooms. 

Fallout Shelter Online Guide To Dwellers⇓

⇒There are mainly four types of dwellers in Fallout Shelter Online; healers, attackers, tanks, and buffers. Healer-role dwellers possess healing skills. Attacker-role dwellers possess AoE and single-enemy DMG skills. Tank-role dwellers possess high DEF/HP and shield stats. And, buffer-role dwellers provide buffs to the allies in the battle. It’s always better to check the perks of the characters so that you can build the best team. (You can check the role by tapping the “role” button on the top-right of their icons in the profile menu). 

⇒Another thing that you must know is dwellers are classified into grades; SSR, SR, R, and N. SSR and SR grade dwellers are worth investing in. You can read the Fallout Shelter Online tier list here

⇒There are several ways to get dwellers in the FSO game. Keep an eye outside the vault door; sometimes, dwellers reach out there; you can drag them and then use them for the fight, producing resources, guarding the vault, etc. One of the main ways to get the dwellers is by spending the pre-war money on gacha draws. Head to the shop super duper -> choose a banner -> draw posters by spending pre-war money. Or you can buy the dwellers’ posters from the “poster shop” in the main shop menu. For more information, tap the “dweller” avatar button in the bottom-left side of the vault screen -> tap the (+) button on the bottom-right corner -> tap the dweller -> from dwellers -> here you can see all the sources of getting that particular dweller. 

⇒Living Quarter room determines the number of dwellers a player can have in the vault. Build, merge, or upgrade the living quarter to increase max dwellers limit. You can freeze/banish/remove the dwellers using the CRYOGENIC Chamber in the vault. 

This covers the Fallout Shelter Online guide to dwellers. 

Interact With Dwellers For Free Stuff⇓

Fallout Shelter Online Guide Wiki Cheats TipsNow and then, you will see a message bubble over the dwellers. Tap it and you may get Nuka-Cola Quantum or resources. 

Making The Dwellers Stronger In Fallout Shelter Online⇓

Players in Fallout Shelter Online can raise their total power by focusing on the individual dweller development. You can make a dweller stronger by ranking it up, raising the perk, level, gearing up with equipment, and attachments, etc.

  • Training Room – use this room to level up dwellers in FSO
  • Shooting Range – use this room to level up perks of dwellers in FSO
  • Workshop – use this room to craft equipment of dwellers in FSO
  • Rank-Up – replicate posters of the dweller can be used in ranking up 
  • Upgrade the equipped gears
  • Equip & upgrade tools
  • Equip & upgrade the attachments. Gear up the dweller with a set for set effect bonus

This would cover the Fallout Shelter Online guide to making the dwellers stronger. 

Assign The Dwellers Wisely To Production Rooms⇓

All the Dwellers in Fallout Shelter Online game have unique production stats; several dwellers can boost the production of water and electricity, while several dwellers excel in boosting the production of food and caps resources. Depending on the type of resource you need the most, you want to boost the production. Choosing the right dwellers for the right job helps you to do so. Go to the dweller menu of the game and tap on the dweller to check its info -> go to the stats tab -> under the production info, you will be able to check the dweller’s production stats in different rooms; water, electricity, food, and caps. For example – if a dweller can produce more food than water/electricity/caps, then you should assign him/her in the diner. 

Tap the overseer’s office room -> assign -> you can assign dwellers to production rooms such as power generator, diner, water treatment plan, and more to increase the production rate. Or tap the room -> (i) info -> assign -> tap the + button -> choose the dweller. 

Pets In Fallout Shelter Online⇓

Players can assign the pets on production rooms for more resources. Tap the production room -> pets -> assign the pets. You can sell pets that you are not using – for caps. Players can get pets from the battle pass or story progression. 

Progression Guide FSO⇓Fallout Shelter Online Guide Wiki Cheats Tips

  • Use Nuka-cola Quantum to buy builders
  • Focus on the story mode quests; each chapter features a lot of quests that give you material items, dwellers’ posters, premium currency, and other items
  • Complete daily quests for free pre-war money and materials
  • Faction – do the faction quests to earn reputation points. Reputation points can be used to exchange the goods at map posts. For example; Minutemen. 
  • Radio – complete the radio quests to earn Nuka-Cola Quantum and other items
  • Grind on the map
  • Play PvP Combat Zone mode to earn Nuka-Cola Victory points. Spend in the store to buy the posters of dwellers
  • Keep an eye on events for more rewards

Grind On The Map Stages⇓

Head to the map; you can play the map stages in four difficulty modes; normal, medium, hard, and master. You can play a stage multiple numbers of times; it would cost Rad-X to play the stage. From the stages, you can earn upgrade materials, chests containing attachments, attachment upgrade material, etc. The completed stage can be “swept” for instant rewards. Map -> tap the stage -> sweep. 

Fallout Shelter Online Guide Wiki Cheats TipsOn the map, there would be outposts. For instance Minutemen Outpost. There you can interact with different-different characters to trade goods. For example – buying material items in exchange for caps, posters; in exchange for reputation points, items; in exchange for Nuka-Cola Quantum. 

The Battle Strategy For Fallout Shelter Online⇓

⇒Build the team wisely; have a good team combination featuring enough DPS, Tank, and supporters(healers or buffers). It’s better to go with a balanced team; two tanks, two DPS/attackers, and one healer. Adjust the team combination based on the enemy weakness. Dwellers with CC skills can help you bypass the powerful enemies; for example; stun skills can stop the enemy from using any sort of action. 

⇒Bond Effect; if you add 2 or 5 companions belong to a certain bond group, you will receive DMG and HP bonus. To check the bond group of a dweller, go to dweller menu -> tap the dweller icon -> ability -> bond section -> tap the bond icon. 

⇒While exploring the vault in PvE stages, you might get the buff items; make sure to choose the best one. Also, tap on the shining objects in the rooms. If the room is locked, you might need to find a key to lighten it. Some rooms would not light up without the key. You can find the key in other rooms; by defeating the enemies. Make sure to explore all the vaults for secret treasure boxes. 

Learn To Level Up The Vault⇓

In the upper-left corner, you can see the current vault level. The vault level increases as you upgrade the rooms. 

Join A Guild In Fallout Shelter Online⇓

Join a guild to participate in the guild activities for extra perks. 

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So this would be all in this post on Fallout Shelter Online guide for beginners 2021 – featured with a few tips & tricks. Share your tips, tricks, cheats, strategies in the comments. 

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