How To Get Mace V2 in Haze Piece

Learn how to get Mace V2 in Haze Piece.

How To Get Mace V2 in Haze Piece

Players can obtain Mace V2 by defeating the Mace V2 Boss Kaido, who resides on the Dragon Island/New Skull Island/Onigashima[Same location known as these names]. There is a 1% chance of obtaining Mace V2 upon eliminating the Mace V2 Boss on Dragon Island. Because of the very low drop rate, you will have to battle this boss many times. 

Mace V2 Moves

The Mace V2 has two moves:

  • Z: Bauga Rush (Requires Sword Level 50)
  • X: Violet Judgement (Requires Sword Level 150)

How To Get Mace V1 in Haze Piece

Mace V1 can be obtained from the Mace Boss, who Spawns in the cave behind Marine Base Town[SEA 1]. 100% chances of obtaining Mace v1 when you defeat the Mace Boss.

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