OUTERPLANE Guide & Tips For Beginners [June 2023]

Read on for the OUTERPLANE guide & tips for beginners. 

OUTERPLANE Guide & Tips For Beginners
OUTERPLANE Guide & Tips For Beginners


OUTERPLANE is a mobile game published by Smilegate Holdings Inc. It’s a gacha RPG with various game modes, events, and a great collection of heroes. The following OUTERPLANE guide covers the game basics and shares beginners’ tips that could be helpful to get into the game. So let’s not waste any time and get to the main content. 

OUTERPLANE Tips Part I: Reroll or Not?

It would be better to reroll for a top-tier character at the beginning of the game for a head start. Having a top-tier character right from the beginning will make your progress easy. Read the OUTERPLANE reroll guide here if you don’t know how to reroll. Check our OUTERPLANE tier list to know which characters are the best. 

OUTERPLANE Tips Part II: Get Freebies By Redeeming The Codes

Developers of the game share codes from time to time. These gift codes grant Ether, in-game items, and other various resources. You can check available OUTERPLANE Codes here. 

OUTERPLANE Guide Part I: Get Familiar With Characters’ Strengths

OUTERPLANE features a dozen of characters. All these characters belong to one of these roles; defender, striker, ranger, mage, and healer. Each role has unique characteristics; defender role characters are tank-type characters who can take a significant amount of DMG from the enemies as they have high DEF and HP stats + skills that grant barriers. Striker and Ranger role characters are good at inflicting DMG on enemies. Mage role characters possess debuff abilities that reduce enemies’ stats like ATK/DEF or impact their performance. Healers are good for PvE content but not vastly used in PvP content. These characters possess healing and buff abilities. 

Go to the hero menu of the game. Select a character. Read the skill details to know what the character can do. Getting familiar with the characters is a must if you want to build a good team.

OUTERPLANE Guide Part II: Building Teams

A balanced team would consist of DMG dealers[Strikers/Rangers/Mage], Defenders, or Healers. You can select up to four heroes in the team. Go with one defender, 2 DMG dealers[Striker/Ranger/Mage], and one healer. Or go with three DMG dealers and one defender if you don’t need a healer to heal allies during the battle. Send requests to high-level players to use supporter slot and gain friendship points. 

OUTERPLANE Guide Part III: Elemental Advantage

All the heroes and the enemies belong to one of these elements; Fire, water, earth, light, and dark. The amount of DMG changes based on the elements the strikers and the targets have. Deploy heroes with an elemental advantage over enemies for an additional 20% DMG. For instance, if the enemy’s element is Fire, Water element heroes will have the advantage. If the heroes have a disadvantage, they will inflict less DMG. For instance, if the enemy’s element is water and the hero’s element is Fire, the hero(because of elemental disadvantage) will inflict less DMG. Here’s the elemental advantage chart:

  • Fire beats Earth element.
  • Earth beats Water element.
  • Water beats Fire element.
  • Light and Dark elements have an advantage against each other.

OUTERPLANE Guide Part IV: Guide To Stats

  • Attack: Impacts skill’s DMG
  • Defense: The higher the DEF, the more amount of DMG coming from enemies is reduced
  • Health: When the unit reaches 0, it gets knocked out of the battle
  • Speed: The higher the speed, the sooner the unit can play its turn
  • CRIT Hit Chance: Chances of striking a special CRIT hit
  • CRIT DMG: The amount of DMG dealt by CRIT hit

OUTERPLANE Guide Part V: Action Points Guide

You need action points to use Skill Burst.

  • Defender role characters gain additional action points when they get hit by the enemy.
  • Striker role characters gain additional action points by striking the enemy.
  • Ranger role character gains additional action points by gaining a turn
  • Mages; Gains Action Point recover conditions to skills being used
  • Healers gain additional action points when a friendly unit is hit

OUTERPLANE Tips Part I: Investing In The Right Heroes

Don’t invest resources in low-grade low-tier heroes. Use this OUTERPLANE tier list to know what heroes are the best. 

OUTERPLANE Tips Part II: Developing Heroes

  • Level up or enhance characters by feeding them food or gain EXP by selecting them in the combat and winning that combat stage.
  • Upgrade the hero unit to increase its level cap; levels are capped like this; 20/40/60/80/100
  • Upgrade characters’ skills; normal skills, special skills, ultimate skills, and chain passive skills.
  • Transcend the heroes or upgrade their star level. You will need the dupes or fragments or pieces of the character that you are trying to transcend.
  • Equip and upgrade the gears; don’t waste resources on upgrading low-grade gears. You can get high-quality gears from the challenge mode[Special Request; defeating the boss]

OUTERPLANE Tips Part III: Do The Missions

  • Complete the daily missions, weekly missions, and achievements for free rewards.

OUTERPLANE Tips Part IV: Repeat The Stages 

  • You can repeat the adventure/story mode stages to farm character enhancement items or earn in-game currencies.

OUTERPLANE Tips Part V: Farming Materials

  • Play the Bounty Hunter[Challenge] mode to earn gold
  • Play the Bandit Chase[Challenge] mode to earn food
  • Obtain element upgrade stones by playing the Upgrade Stone mode[Challenge]
  • Obtain high-quality gears in Outerplane by playing the special request mode[Challenge]. You will need to fight the boss. 
  • Deploy heroes in the expedition team to farm items. 

OUTERPLANE Tips Part VI: Join An Active Guild

You can find active guilds on the official Discord. The Discord link is provided here. Participate in guild activities to earn guild currency and use it in the guild shop for valuable items. 

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