Punishing Gray Raven Reroll Guide: S Rank Selector!

Our Punishing Gray Raven Reroll guide (PGR Reroll Guide) will teach you how to reroll in the global version, S rank selector guide, and much more. Punishing Gray Raven Reroll Guide S Rank Selector!

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Punishing Gray Raven Reroll Guide⇓

With the help of rerolling, you can get X2 S class characters in the beginning(X1 from the beginner banner, X1 from the S Rank selector). This Punishing Gray Raven Reroll Guide covers these topics; should you reroll, how to reroll, what to reroll, and about S rank selector. So let’s not waste any time and check out the reroll guide;

Punishing Gray Raven Reroll Guide: Reroll Target⇓

If you are going to reroll in Punishing Gray Raven, you should aim for X1 S class character from the beginner banner and X1 from S rank selector, which is guaranteed. So, X2 S Class characters. You will be using the S rank selector later to avoid duplicate from the beginner banner. 

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Punishing Gray Raven Reroll Guide: Should You Reroll⇓

Should you reroll in PGR aka Punishing Gray Raven? We don’t recommend rerolling Punishing Gray Raven as the game gives you an S rank selector as a beginner reward, which you can use to pick a favorite S rank character. Below we have recommended the best characters to get using the S rank selector. 

Another reason to not reroll in PGR is that the game does not give you enough summon currency for multi-draws or quick draws – it will take a long time to accumulate gacha currency and pull characters from the gacha banner.

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Punishing Gray Raven Reroll Guide: How To Reroll⇓

Punishing Gray Raven Reroll Guide: Complete the tutorial, unlock summon/gacha. Save enough currency to draw characters from beginner banner aka default banner. Don’t use the S rank selector until you finish draws(until you get X1 S class character) from the beginner banner to avoid duplicate S rank. If you have got any worthy S rank character from the beginner banner, continue playing the game and then use the S rank selector for another S class character. 

If you don’t get any worthy or your favorite S rank character from the banner, log out from the current account and log in with another account to start from scratch. 

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Punishing Gray Raven S Rank Selector⇓

In Punishing Gray Raven, you can claim the S rank selector from the in-game mailbox. Go to lobby/game’s main screen -> tap the mailbox icon in the top-right corner; there, you will see a mail message “S-Rank Construct Pack”. Tap there and claim the reward. To use it, go to lobby/main screen -> tap the items manage option on the lower-right ->  material -> tap S rank construct -> use it. What is the best character to select using the S rank selector that you get for free? We recommend picking S Class Kamui with the S Rank selector. 

Kamui – Tenebrion⇓


  • Kamui Tenebrion is an S Class character
  • Type: Tank
  • Energy Coefficient: 50% PHY, 50% Dark
  • Specialty: Mixed Damage(Able to inflict PHY and Elemental DMG), Form(Switch: Signature move can switch attacking forms)

So this would be all in this post on Punishing Gray Raven Reroll Guide. 

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