Tiny Shop Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies!

Tiny Shop game is published by Tiny Cloud on Google Play Store. Read on for Tiny Shop guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners!Tiny Shop Game

Tiny Shop Guide Walkthrough: Tips, Cheats & Strategies⇓

In this Tiny Shop game guide, you will learn how to play this game, tips on making more money, progression, and other aspects such as crafting items, city building, world expeditions, and more. So let’s not waste any time and get to the main content featuring Tiny Shop guide and tips for beginners: –

Tiny Shop Guide To The Basics⇓

You will be managing a shop in the Tiny Shop game where you can sell a variety of gears, consumables, or material items to the customers and earn gold, XP. All you have to do is craft the items and put them on the display to sell to the customers. There are lots of items in the game which you will unlock through research. The prices of all the items are different; if you want to make more money, unlock the quality items through research and sell them to make more money. 

As you make progress in the game, you will save up a lot of gold, which you can use to expand the shop; players can buy more tiles to increase the size of the shop. More space means you can display and sell more items to the customers and make more money. 

Place Plants, Furniture, Decorations In The Shop For More XP, Gold, And Sale⇓

Tiny Shop Game

Players can boost their sales, earn more XP and gold by placing these items in the shop. These items grant buffs that help you gain more XP, gold, and sales. 

Tap on the “Design” option in the lower-left menu -> there you will find a bunch of tabs; plants, furniture, decorations, misc, etc. Each tab features a set number of items and gives you the details of each one. At the bottom of each item, you can check what kind of buff it provides; XP, Gold, or more sale. 

There are some premium items as well that cost “gems”. 

Choosing The General Stand Specialization⇓

Tiny Shop Game

To sell items and make money, you need to display the items on the stands that you have placed in the shop. You can sell gears, consumables, or material items. Gear items can make you more money than consumables or material items. When you upgrade the item stands and reach a certain level, you will be asked to choose a specialization; materials, consumables, and gear. 

Choose gear as a specialization to earn more money from the gear items as the general stand would turn into the gear stand. And, the gear stands are better at selling Gear type of goods with the downside of selling anything else less efficiently. 

Make sure to display the right type of items at the right stands. For instance, if you have picked the consumable specialization for the general stand, you should only display consumable type items there, not materials or gears. 

Crafting Items In The Tiny Shop Game⇓

To craft the items, you need materials, which you can buy from the market in exchange for gold coins. Navigate to the market screen and head to the material tab where you can check the material stock; it refreshes every few minutes, so make sure to grab the materials that you need to craft specific items. 

Some material items can also be crafted or obtained through world expedition quests where you send the hero on the journey. 

Navigate to the “craft” menu by tapping the craft option in the lower-left menu -> choose an item type; material, consumable, or gear(research to unlock more items) -> tap the item to craft. You have limited crafting slots; upgrade the Gizmoshop in the city building to unlock new slots so that you can craft multiple items at a time. 

Once the item is crafted, it will be sent to storage. You can then drag it from the storage menu and drop it over the item stands that you have placed in the shop. You can get more item stands as you continue to progress; go to the design menu -> special -> drag and drop the display stand in the shop. 

Licensing The Items In The Tiny Shop Game⇓

Tiny Shop Game

Once you get the license of a specific item, you can directly purchase it from the market(goods tab) and sell it to the customers. Without the license, you will need to craft it first. 

Navigate to the market menu and head to the license tab to check the list of items and the number of sales of all these items. Sell enough to obtain the license and then you can directly buy it from the market and sell it through the shop. 

How To Unlock New Items Or Item Recipes?

In the Tiny Shop game, you can unlock new items or get new item recipes through research. Head to the city screen by tapping the city option in the lower-right corner and tap on a building or NPC. Go to the research tab to see the items that you can unlock, tap on the item, and hit the research button. To get access to all the item recipes, you will need to upgrade that building. Or, level up.

Leveling up city building requires investment(gold). Head to the city -> tap the city building -> level up -> invest. In the upgrades tab, you can check the level benefits. 

Expand The Tiny Shop⇓

Tiny Shop Game

Tap “Design” -> expand -> tap the “Expand” button at the top of the screen to increase the shop size limit; the expansion cost increases every time. So make sure to research and unlock quality items that can generate more gold coins and help you expand quickly. 

Pick Up & Complete The Tasks⇓

NPCs on the city screen can provide you tasks. Just go there, tap on an NPC building, go to the daily tasks tab and choose one. It will then be displayed in the task menu of the game. Completing the task will give you rewards like XP, gems, material items, and a chest. 

Claim Free Gems⇓

Tap on the premium option in the lower menu -> go to gems tab -> there you can claim X10 gems every few hours. You can earn more gems by watching the video ads(video ads often appear in the top-right if your internet connection is on). Or, complete the NPC tasks, missions. 

Progress Through The Missions⇓

New functions in the Tiny Shop are unlocked by completing the missions. These missions are displayed in the top-left corner. Just on it to check the details. Each mission part gives you a set amount of rewards. Complete all the parts to get more challenging missions. 

Watch The Video Ads For Freebies, Speed-Up Things⇓

On the top-right side of the gameplay screen, you will often get the video ad offers that can give you free gems, coins, or speed-up hero journey. Do not spend gems on speeding up things like license or hero journey. You can save gems and use them for items that provide XP/Gold/Sale boost.

So this would be all in this post on Tiny Shop guide and tips for beginners. Unfortunately, there are no cheats or cheat codes for this game. If you have got more tips, please share them in the comments below. 

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  1. Anyone know where I can get Monster Bones to complete the Fungal Troubles mission? I have all 3 types of outpost (trading, ocean and archaeological) but no bones. It’s really annoying!!

  2. Hello,
    Do anyone know about how can i change device. I want to transfer my game android to ios but i couldn’t find anything.

  3. I have a mission that says trade to recieve 200 armor from outposts but all my outposts are level five and none have armor for trade. Have I missed something.

  4. Hey does anyone know how to get ancient scrolls and sugar cane? I feel like I am missing something bc I don’t have any ocean scrips that can be used in Shiftys store and I think that’s my issue. Tia!

    • Open an outpost, and on the left side of screen you can change the occupation of the outpost. It can be trading, coastal, natural, or archeology. You can get coastal scripts from tasks done at coastal occupation outpost. You get ancient scrolls I believe from the archeology outpost. Sugar cane can be grown from your farm as you progress through game, and through some journeys. Ancient scrolls can also be bought and traded at outposts.

    • Ancient scrolls you can get via the archeology outpost on the world map and you can buy sunsugar cane from Lily’s garden store in the city.

  5. No stone unturned part 4 of 5…. it says receive 375 items of reagents category for outpost I’ve traded everything available and still at 0…help!!! Please n ty.

  6. No stone unturned part 1 how on earth do I trade iv been trying for the past week it says I must trade food I’m at the edge of deleting the game!!!

  7. How to finish my quest, ” No stone unturned part 2″ ? It’s say exchange food at the outpost? It’s already 4days i still not finish it.

  8. The mission sacrebleu tells me to sell 100 magical items, so far the only ones I’ve found are the charged stones..are there others considered magical items?

    • You can click the + (plus sign) in your storage, and select “magical” then it will show you all of your magical items. If you need more, go to “craft” and make some.