Girls Evo: Idle RPG Is Now Open For Beta Testing

Girls Evo: Idle RPG, a mobile game published by Loongcheer Game, is now available in open beta. 

Girls Evo
Girls Evo

Girls Evo: Idle RPG

“Girls Evo: Idle RPG” offers an alluring story where the human and elf worlds are intertwined, facing impending disaster. Evolve cute elves through three stages, from infancy to maturity, each with its unique charm. With a comprehensive growth system and diverse PVE and PVP gameplay, engage in epic battles and stop the war threatening both worlds.

Girls Evo: Idle RPG – About The Game

Embark on an enchanting journey in “Girls Evo: Idle RPG,” where the worlds of humans and elves are intricately connected. The impending disaster looming over both realms is triggered by the battle between two masters, causing natural and man-made disasters. As the chosen character, players must step forward to halt the impending catastrophe and save both worlds.

The game features a captivating story background that weaves the fate of the two worlds together, giving rise to an immersive narrative. Elves, each adorable and unique, undergo a remarkable evolution journey through three stages: Infancy to Maturity. More than a hundred elves from six factions contribute to a fulfilling collection experience, satisfying players’ desire to collect and evolve.

“Girls Evo” presents a comprehensive growth system that encompasses aspects such as basic upgrades, tier-ups, star-ups, equipment, and cores. This system sets clear cultivation goals for players and activates random attributes and powerful abilities as characters reach certain levels during growth.

Engage in diverse gameplay through various PVE systems, including the main story, Abandoned Factory, Ancient Relics, and Alien Battlefield. Players can also experience the thrill of x-server competition through PVP gameplay, battling real players in dynamic clashes.

For those seeking more information about the game’s features, the Play Store offers a glimpse into “Girls Evo: Idle RPG.” Early access to new updates and codes can be found on the game’s official social media accounts. Immerse yourself in the intertwining worlds, evolve charming elves, and participate in epic battles to save both realms from impending doom.

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