Honkai Star Rail Reroll Guide

Read on for Honkai Star Rail Reroll reroll guide.

Honkai Star Rail Reroll Guide
Honkai Star Rail Reroll Guide

Honkai Star Rail Reroll Reroll Guide [English Global]

  • Launch Honkai Star Rail
  • Progress through the tutorial
  • Claim the pre-registeration rewards from the mailbox
  • Redeem Honkai Star Rail Codes if available
  • Use the gacha currency to summon the characters
  • If you didn’t get any top-tier characters, log out from the current account and log in with another account that you have not linked already

Should You Reroll In Honkai Star Rail?

It’s not worth rerolling in Honkai Star Rail because of how tedious and long the process I,s and you may not even get a top-tier 5-star character. It will take over half an hour to go through the tutorial and cut scenes before you can pull, and there is no guest account service available, so you will have to make multiple email accounts, which is another pain. We don’t recommend rerolling in the Honkai Star Rail.

What To Reroll In Honkai Star Rail?

If you are going to reroll, then aim for a top-tier 5-star character named Bronya. Bronya possess the abilities to increase ATK and DEF of allies. She is a top-tier character who should be in your team and your main reroll target. Head to Honkai Star Rail Reroll Tier List to know what characters are the best one in HSR. 

So this would be all in this post on Honkai Star Rail Reroll Reroll Guide. As the game gets new updates, there will be changes. We will try our best to update the reroll method. 

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