Project Star Wiki: Map, Controls, Items, And More [April 2024]

Our Project Star Wiki covers Project Star map, locations, items, controls, and more. Read on for the Project Star Wiki guide and understand every basic concept.

Project Star Wiki Map, Controls, Items, And More

Article Contents⇓

Project Star Wiki: Maps; Desert Map and Cairo Map⇓

In this section, we have shared map pictures and locations descriptions. Let’s check out the Cairo map info first and then we will get details of Desert Map(Also, see – Project Star Codes); 

Project Star Wiki: Cairo Map⇓

Project Star Wiki Cairo Town Map
Credit; Project Star Trello

Cairo Map Locations⇓

  • Speedwagon Base 
  • Shady Alleyway
  • Luigi’s
  • Bandit Hideout
  • Motorcycle Gang
  • Pizza Place
  • Stand Storage 
  • Brando Alleyway
  • Hospital
  • Dio’s Mansion 
  • Brando Inc.
  • Airport

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Project Star Wiki: Desert Map⇓

Project Star Wiki Desert Map
Credit; Testers Discord for Project Star

Project Star Desert Map Locations⇓

  • Garden
  • Bandit Fort
  • Hamon Ruins
  • Graveyard 
  • Gale Ruins
  • Brando Lab
  • Scorp Pit
  • Oasis
  • Tire Thief
  • Bandit Base

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Project Star Wiki: Stand⇓

The following section of Project Star WIKI covers guides related to Stand; how to get, a list of all stands, attributes, and more. 

How To Get A Stand?

To obtain a  Stand in Project Star, players will need to find arrow types that are found in the area around Cairo Town, the main hub. These arrow types spawn randomly in that area. Once appeared, it’s easy to identify them. 

In Project Star, arrows are of many types, the higher the rarity, the higher the chances of obtaining a rare stand. Here’s the list of the arrow types that you can locate in the game:

  • Stand Arrow : 1x Rarity Multiplier 
  • Unusual Stand Arrow : 1.5x Rarity Multiplier 
  • Gleaming Stand Arrow : 2x Rarity Multiplier 
  • Cursed Stand Arrow : 100X Rarity Multiplier 

Among all these arrows, the rarest one, The Cursed Stand Arrow can only be received from the “D’arby Item Roll” in Dio’s Mansion.

How To Remove A Stand?

To remove a Stand in Project Star, players need to have an item called Rokakaka. Just like arrow types, Rokakaka is found on the ground around Cairo Town. Once obtained, use it to remove a stand. 

How To Store A Stand?

You need to visit the stand storage room in Cairo Town and talk to the NPC there. The stand storage location is show in the map above. 

Project Star Wiki: Stands List⇓

  • Tower of Gray : 20% Drop Rate
  • Emperor : 20% Drop Rate
  • Judgement : 15% Drop Rate
  • Hermit Purple : 10% Drop Rate
  • Hierophant Green : 10% Drop Rate
  • Silver Chariot : 10% Drop Rate
  • The Fool : 7.5% Drop Rate
  • Horus : 6% Drop Rate
  • Magician’s Red : 5% Drop Rate
  • Death Thirteen : 5% Drop Rate
  • Cream : 3% Drop Rate
  • Star Platinum : 2.5% Drop Rate
  • Sun : 1% Drop Rate
  • Prime Star Platinum The World : 0.25% Drop Rate
  • The World : 0.2% Drop Rate

Project Star Wiki: Stand Attributes⇓

  • No Attribute : 40% Probability

Speed Buff⇓

  • Fast : 5% Probability
  • Supersonic : 0.2% Probability
  • Speedy : 1% Probability

Health Buff⇓

  • Healthy : 2% Probability
  • Fit : 1% Probability
  • Hearty : 0.5% Probability

Defense Buff⇓

  • Tough : 5% Probability
  • Durable : 2% Probability
  • Invincible : 0.5% Probability

Damage Buff⇓

  • Strong : 5% Probability
  • Powerful : 2% Probability

Damage & Defense Debuffs⇓

Better not to use these ones as they will lower your stats; 

  • Weak : 5% Probability
  • Coward : 2% Probability
  • Unfortunate : 1% Probability
  • Tragic : 0.1% Probability

Damage & Defense Buffs⇓

The rarest attributes that help you in enhancing damage and defense; 

  • Heroic : 0.2% Probability
  • Legendary : 0.05% Probability
  • Godlike : 0.005% Probability
  • Congo : 0% Probability

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Project Star Wiki: Controls List⇓

  • WASD : Navigation Keys
  • Double Tap W, A, S, or D : To dash in that direction
  • Number Keys : Picks an item in that inventory slot if there is one available
  • C, Z, G, T, E, R : Use these keys for abilities; the skills of your Stand, based on what you have unlocked so far
  • F : Use this key for Block
  • M1 (Left-Click) : It’s for Basic Attack
  • Spacebar : It’s for Jump
  • Shift : Use it to lock your camera or Shift Lock 
  • Ctrl : Use this key for Toggle Run, stand still to walk again
  • Alt : Use Alt key to pick up an item
  • Q : With this key, you can summon your stand if you equipped it
  • ~ (Symbol below ESC Key) : It opens inventory
  • M : Menu(See instructions below)
  • O : Zoom out
  • I : Zoom in

Project Star Wiki: Menu Instructions⇓

Use the M key to open the menu;

  • Profile : Here you can see the current level, SP aka skill points, and Stand. 
  • Suitcase : Access inventory
  • Skill Tree : Here you can allot points to Stand, Combat, and Character trees and learn new moves
  • Gang : Here you can team up with other players; make a gang or invite other players
  • Shop : IAPs(Purchase section)
  • Settings : Game settings and code redemption area

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Project Star Wiki: Items List⇓

List of Arrows⇓

  • Stand Arrow (25% Chance, 1% Rarity Multiplier) : Helps you get a common rarity Stand easily
  • Unusual Stand Arrow (10% Chance, 1.5x Rarity Multiplier) : Higher rarity than stand arrow
  • Gleaming Stand Arrow (5% Chance, 2x Rarity Multiplier) : Higher rarity than unusual stand arrow
  • Cursed Stand Arrow (100x Rarity Multiplier) : Rarest stand arrow, which can only be obtained from D’arby Wheel of Fortune
  • Rokakaka (25% Chance) : Use it to remove a stand
  • Mysterious Rokakaka : Use it to reset your stats (This can only be purchased with Robux or obtained at the D’arby Wheel of Fortune)

List of Race Items⇓

With race items, you can transform into another race; 

  • Stone Mask (2% Rarity) : Transforms into a Vampire
  • Wamuu’s Horn : Transforms from Vampire into Wamuu. Requirements; level 60+ Vampire
  • Red Stone of Aja : Transform you from Vampire into Kars. Requirements; level 60+ Vampire
  • Umbrella : If you are a vampire, you can use this item to walk around the sun without receiving DMG

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List of Accessories⇓

Project Star Accessories can be obtained by slaying down the bosses or spinning the Wheel of Fortune with Terence T. D’arby. You will find him in Dio’s Mansion, located ahead of the Vanilla Ice boss room.

  • Boxing Gloves : Increases the DMG of PHY combat style by 15%
  • Caesar’s Headband : Increases the DMG of Hamon ATKs by 10%
  • Goggles : +5 Health
  • Jotaro’s Hat : +15 Health
  • Old Man’s Hat : +10 Health
  • Speedwagon’s Bowler : +10 Health
  • Tarkus’s Helmet : +20 Health
  • Wamuu’s Headdress : Increases the DMG of Vampire and Kars ATKs by 10%
  • Zeppeli’s Hat : Increases the DMG of Hamon ATKs by 5% and grants +5 Health
  • Hamon Respirator Mask : Increases the DMG of Hamon ATKs by 5%
  • Meteor Fragment : N/A
  • Dio’s Headband : +15 Health 

Miscellaneous Items List⇓

  • Banana : N/A
  • Spirit Camera : Use it to display location of players; for a few seconds
  • Walkman : Project Star Radio
  • Old Sword; N/A(For artifact quest as per comments below)

Project Star Wiki: D’arby’s Wheel of Fortune⇓

D’arby’s Wheel of Fortune is accessible in Dio’s Mansion where you spend in-game cash or Robux and try your luck. You may get the rarest or powerful items by spinning this wheel of fortune. For instance, Cursed Stand Arrow.

Enter the mansion -> keep going straight until you see a big statue. From here, head to the left, down the hall. After that, you need to take the first right turn and then again, a quick right turn. Continue going down that hallway and to the left side, you will find a stairwell. Continue going down through the stairs and take left. There will be an NPC called Polnareff. Run past him and move up -> small stairway -> into the room.

Go straight to the door on the other side of the room. Take left and run up the stairs. There you will find Vampire Slayer Abe NPC. Go to the left of the NPC to a small doorway, keep walking and you will eventually get to the Wheel of Fortune!

Project Star Wiki: How To Get Kars?

In Roblox Project Star, to obtain Kars, players first need to transform into Vampire. They can do it by reaching level 30+ and using the item called Stone Mask. After transforming to Vampire, players will then require to reach level 60+ and then use the Red Stone of Aja, which helps you transform into Kars.

Stone Mask, the item required in this process, can be obtained on the ground on the streets in Cairo Town(Egypt). All you need to do is make sure that you are level 30+.

After transforming to Vampire, players will spawn in the Sewers area upon elimination or beginning of the game. Please do note that DMG is received if you are under the sun, you can use the item umbrella to get DMG resistance while being Vampire. 

Project Star Wiki: How To Get World Stand?

The rarest stand in Project Star is “The World”. To increase the odds of getting The World Stand, we would advise you to use the rare arrows; 

  • Unusual Stand Arrow (10% Chance, 1.5x Rarity Multiplier) : Higher rarity than stand arrow
  • Gleaming Stand Arrow (5% Chance, 2x Rarity Multiplier) : Higher rarity than unusual stand arrow
  • Cursed Stand Arrow (100x Rarity Multiplier) : Rarest stand arrow, which can only be obtained from D’arby Wheel of Fortune

D’arby Wheel of Fortune guide is shared above. 

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So that’s all we got in this Project Star Wiki. Ask your comments in the comment box below. 

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