Zenkai Origins Wiki: Map Locations, Best Race, Controls List [June 2024]

In this Zenkai Origins Wiki, we have shared Zenkai Origins Map & Locations, Best Race Guide, Controls Guide, and instructions on how to charge Ki. If you are new to the game, make sure to redeem these Zenkai Origins Codes

Zenkai Origins Wiki

Zenkai Origins Wiki: Map Locations Guide⇓

Roblox Zenkai Origins has just been released globally on the Roblox platform, and if you have just started playing it, then you might be willing to know where everything is located! A map can be quite helpful. Right? In this post, we have shared Zenkai Origins Map that will help you in navigations all across the island. Please do note that a lot of these spots include quests from well-known characters from popular anime Dragon Ball, so explore and understand the area and complete these quests to level up and earn some in-game currency called Zeni!

Zenkai Origins Wiki: Map⇓

Here’s the Zenkai Origins Map Wiki guide: –

Zenkai Origins Wiki

Zenkai Origins Wiki: Map Locations List⇓

  • Forest : Spawn location and home to Chichi
  • Diablo Desert : Desert in western Mount Paozu
  • Satan City : City @ North of Mount Paozu
  • Kame House : Master Roshi Home
  • Pilaf Castle : Emperor Pilaf Home
  • West City : Megalopolis
  • Korins Tower : Korin Home
  • East City : Orin Temple
  • Wasteland : Wasteland
  • Canyons : Rocky area, army troops
  • Central City : The capital of Earth where you will find a popular clothing store that refreshes stock every hour
  • Baba Palace : Fortuneteller Baba Home
  • Kamis Lookout : Platform above Korins Tower
  • Yunzabit Heights : Nameless Namekian lands here
  • Cell Games : Cell organizes his tournament here
  • World Martial Art Tournament : Fighting arena

Zenkai Origins Wiki: Controls List⇓

  • Left-Click : Use this key for Basic Attack
  • Right-Click : Use this key for Strong Attack
  • Alt : Use this key for Toggle Shift-Lock
  • Shift : Use this key for Sprint
  • M : Open Menu
  • J : Open Settings
  • C : Hold to Power up Ki
  • F : Block Attacks
  • E : Ki Blast
  • Q : Use this key for Dodge/Step Vanish
  • G : Transform 1
  • H : Transform 2
  • Z : Enable Scouter to sense Ki
  • V : Open and Close Quest List
  • Shift + W W : Use this key for Super Fast Fly Speed
  • Shift/Ctrl : Fly Up/Fly Down
  • Spacebar : Use this key for Jump
  • Spacebar + Spacebar : Fly & Stop Flying

Zenkai Origins Wiki: Races List⇓

  • Human Race 
  • Saiyans Race
  • Namekian Race
  • Majin Race
  • Sacred Races

Zenkai Origins Wiki: Best Race⇓

Human Race and Saiyans race are the two best race options in Zenkai Origins. Human Race offers more DMG while Saiyans offers more transformations. 

Human Race

Human is one of the available races in Roblox Zenkai Origins which emphasizes higher DMG, but at the cost of DEF and more Ki drain. In the late game, you will find Human Race a more balanced race than the other ones. Please do note that you will have to pick the human race if you want to play as Android. 

Human Race Transformations Chart⇓

  • Kaioken – Level: 30, Mastery: 0, Cost: 2,000 Zeni
  • Kaioken 4x – Level: 70, Mastery: 20, Cost: 4,000 Zeni
  • Kaioken 20x – Level: 100, Mastery: 50, Cost: 6,000 Zeni
  • Mystic – Level: 160, Mastery: 100, Cost: 20,000 Zeni
  • God Human – Level: 270, Mastery: 150, Cost: 50,000 Zeni
  • Phantom – Level: 350, Mastery: 220, Cost: 10,000 Zeni

Saiyans Race

This race is the most popular one as it offers a variety of transformations. Although, it does have low stats. 

Saiyan Race Transformations Chart⇓

  • Super Saiyan – Level: 50, Mastery: 0, Cost: 5,000 Zeni
  • Ascended Super Saiyan – Level: 65, Mastery: 15, Cost: 5,000 Zeni
  • Mastered Super Saiyan – Level: 80, Mastery: 50, Cost: 5,000 Zeni
  • Super Saiyan 2 – Level: 100, Mastery: 50, Cost: 10,000 Zeni
  • Super Saiyan 3 – Level: 150, Mastery: 100, Cost: 15,000 Zeni
  • Super Saiyan Blue – Level: 350, Mastery: 240, Cost: 50,000 Zeni
  • Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken – Level: 420, Mastery: 300, Cost: 75,000 Zeni

Namekian Race

The specialty of this race is regenerating HP and Ki.

Namekian Race Transformations Chart⇓

  • Super Namekian – Level: 70, Mastery: 0, Cost: 5,000 Zeni
  • Ultimate Namekian – Level: 160, Mastery: 40, Cost: 10,000 Zeni
  • God Namekian – Level: 270, Mastery: 120, Cost: 50,000 Zeni
  • Awakened Spirit – Level: 350, Mastery: 160, Cost: 80,000 Zeni

Majin Race

The specialty of this race is its form doesn’t deactivate when out of Ki. 

Majin Race Transformations Chart⇓

  • Anger – Level: 40, Mastery: 0, Cost: 3,000 Zeni
  • Full Regen – Level: 80, Mastery: 0, Cost: 4,000 Zeni
  • Pure Majin – Level: 160, Mastery: 0, Cost: 6,000 Zeni
  • God Majin – Level: 260, Mastery: 0, Cost: 30,000 Zeni
  • Demon Majin – Level: 350, Mastery: 0, Cost: 10,000 Zeni

Zenkai Origins Wiki: How To Charge Up Ki⇓

To recharge or charge up Ki in Roblox Zenkai Origins, what you have to do is press the C key on your keyboard. Do not release your finger, hold it down and you will eventually power up, ultimately charging up Ki. 

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Zenkai Origins Wiki: Meditation⇓

Meditation can help you increase your mastery Skill. If you want to meditate in Roblox Zenkai Origins, you will need to finish a questline with the character Kami at Kami’s Lookout. Once you have completed it, you will be able to interact with and meditate to power up your mastery.

Mastering skill and learning meditation is a must if you want to power up your transformations and unlock further transformations, depending on the race that you have picked. Here’s the walkthrough:- 

  • First, finish Chi-chi’s quest
  • Navigate to the eastern side of the map where you will find Kame House and interact with Master Roshi. Complete the given tasks and head to Korin’s Tower. Korin’s Tower is located above in the air but under Kami’s Lookout. Interact with the cat there and finish those tasks.
  • After finishing Korin’s tasks, you will be able to go further into the sky and find Kami’s Lookout. You will be given more tasks. Complete them all. One of these tasks will include a battle against Mr. Popo, and once you beat him and finish one another quest, the Meditation technique will be accessible.
  • To meditate, talk to Kami and he will give you the option to meditate. Choose yes, and you will be dive into a meditative state. You will see your character hovering in the middle of the gameplay screen with white orbs spawn around. Drag those white orbs into the middle of the screen -> to your character and gain some mastery.

So this would be all in this post on Zenkai Origins Wiki Roblox. 

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  1. how come it says majins specialty is their forms don’t deactivate when out of Ki humans forms don’t deactivate when out of Ki IDK about Saiyans though

    • sayans form go out when ki also runs out (even the 1 that doesn’t consume ki all tho u gotta use it all up just press E to make sure the ki is all gone)

    • You must hold down the charge key (so hold down c) for .5 seconds and then press g (it says this in the menu before you buy the skill)