Boba Story Recipes Wiki Guide

Read on for Boba Story Recipes Wiki Guide. List of all the recipes and the ingredients required to cook ’em all. 

Boba Story Recipes Wiki Guide

Boba Story Recipes Wiki Guide

These are the BOBA Story Recipes that we have discovered so far; if you know of any new recipe not on the list, please comment below; 

Rainbow Heart Boba Recipe

Polar Bear Syrup

Shared by Anonymous in the comments. Ingredients; Bear, SODA, and Sugar Cube.

Dragon Cream Recipe

Rose Petals Syrup Recipe


Sakura Petals Syrup Recipe 


Rainbow Syrup Recipe

Glitter Syrup Recipe

Flower Syrup Recipe

Sakura Petals Recipe

Rose Petals Recipe

Dragon Fruit Boba Recipe

Polar Bear Boba Recipe

Brown Cat Boba Recipe

Brown Cat Boba Recipe

Black and White Boba Recipe

Sunflower Boba Recipe

Deer Boba Recipe

White Cat Boba Recipe

Unicorn Boba Recipe

Above are some new Boba Story recipes. Below you will find the old Boba Story recipes. 

Diamond Boba = X1 Planet, X1 Dino, X1 Tapioca Pearls Bottle. 

Puppy Boba = X1 Bear, X1 Chick, X1 Tapioca Pearls Bottle. 

Panda Bear Boba = X1 Bear, X1 Honeybee, X1 Tapioca Pearls Bottle. 

Cloud Boba = Ingredients — X2 Clouds, X1 Tapioca Pearls Bottle. 

Dragon Boba [Shared by moth_moment in comments below] = Ingredients — cloud, dino, and Boba trinkets. 

Lychee Soda = Ingredients — To make Lychee Soda, you will need X3 Soda Bottles. Picture:

Heart Boba = Ingredients — X1 Heart + X1 Heart + X1Tapioca Pearls bottle.

Gummy Bears = Ingredients — X3 Bear trinkets.

Pineapple Boba = Ingredients — X2 Pineapples + X1 Tapioca Pearls bottle.

Moon Boba = Ingredients — Planet Like Item(Looks like Saturn) + X1 Tapioca Pearls bottle + X1 heart.

Mushroom Boba = Ingredients — X1 Mushroom + X1 Heart + X1 Tapioca Pearls bottle.

Sprinkles = Ingredients — X1 Honeybee + X1 Heart + X1 Pineapple.

Pig Boba = Ingredients — X2 Pigs + X1 Tapioca Pearls bottle.

Bee Boba = Ingredients — x2 Honeybees + X1 Tapioca Pearls Bottle.

Bear Boba = Ingredients — X2 Bears + X1 Tapioca Pearls. Bear Boba is one of the Boba Story Recipes that you make with Tapioca Pearlss and the X2 bears.

Chick Boba = Ingredients — x2 Chicks + X1 Tapioca Pearls.

Cow Boba = Ingredients — X1 Milk Pack + X1 Chick + X1 Tapioca Pearls.

Dinosaur Boba = Ingredients — X2 Dinosaurs + Tapioca Pearls.

Ice-cream Boba = Ingredients — X1 Sugar Cube + X1 Milk Pack + X1 Tapioca Pearls.

Galaxy Boba = Ingredients — X1 Star + X1 Tapioca Pearls + Planet Like Item(Looks like Saturn).

Planet Boba = Ingredients — X2 Planet Like Items(Looks like Saturn) + x1 Tapioca Pearls.

Frog Boba = Ingredients — X1 Frog + X2 Tapioca Pearlss.

Star Boba = Ingredients — X2 Stars + X1 Tapioca Pearls.

Flower Boba = Ingredients — X2 Flowers + Tapioca Pearls.

Pineapple Jelly = Ingredients — X2 Pineapples + X1 Sugar Cube.


Mushroom Jelly = Ingredients — X2 Mushrooms + Sugar Cube.

Strawberry Cow Boba = Ingredients — X1 Soda + X1 Tapioca Pearls + X1 Honeybee.

Pink Dinosaur Boba = Ingredients — X1 Heart + X1 Tapioca Pearls + X1 Dinosaur.

Pink Dinosaur Boba

Honey = Ingredients — x3 honeybee trinkets.

Marshmallows = Ingredients — x2 Chicks + Sugar Cube

Whipped Cream = Ingredients — X3 Milk Packs.

Pineapple = Ingredients — X3 pineapple trinkets.

Oreo Crème Brulee = Ingredients — X1 Sugar Cube + X2 Milk Packs.

Oreo Crème Brulee

Heart Syrup = Ingredients — X2 Hears + Sugar Cube.

Frog Syrup = Ingredients — X2 Frogs + Sugar Cube.

Galaxy Syrup = Ingredients — X1 Star + X1 Sugar Cube + X1 Planet Like Items(Looks like Saturn).

So that’s all we got in this post on Boba Story Recipes. If the devs bring new recipes to the game, we will update the article. Please do let us know which Boba Story recipes are missing from the list above. 

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  1. just wanted to point out that the ‘chocolate syrup’ is actually tapioca pearls, and I believe the ‘ice cube’ is a sugar cube 🙂