Clover Retribution Race Tier List [May 2024]

Read on for the Clover Retribution Race Tier List, ranking the best Race out of all currently available in the game.

Clover Retribution Race Tier List Guide
Clover Retribution Race Tier List Guide

Clover Retribution Race Tier List Guide

The following Clover Retribution Race Tier List ranks the Races into the following tiers;

  • Tier 1: OP[Overpowered]
  • Tier 2: Best[Very Strong]
  • Tier 3: Good[Strong]
  • Tier 4: Decent
  • Tier 5: Average
  • Tier 6: Below-Average

Change Log & Notes:

Clover Retribution Race Tier List: Tier 1

  • Mahari Race
  • Ryomen Race

The Ryomen race boasts a robust constitution with a +10 bonus, coupled with a unique double health regeneration outside combat. Additionally, they enjoy a 10% increase in mana, accompanied by a distinctive trait called “Forced Regeneration.”

Mahari, a race marked by a floating wheel, adapts to damage intricacy in 1 turn for single and 2 for multi-type. Pausing adaptations preserves progress. Limited to two adaptations, they halve damage or nullify status effects for 60 seconds. Passive skill: Adaptive Offense. Their resistance endures for 5 spins, reduction for 3, with a 20-second duration and 5-second intervals between ticks. A unique blend of adaptation and strategic defense sets Mahari apart in the realm.

Clover Retribution Race Tier List: Tier 2

  • Lynthari Race
  • High Orc Race
  • Dark Elf Race
  • High Elf Race
  • Hybrid Elf Race

High Elf: Possessing a keen intellect, High Elves gain +10 intelligence, a 50% boost in mana capacity, and deal 12% more magic damage. Their magical prowess and heightened intellect make them formidable in mystical endeavors.

Dark Elf: Embracing the shadows, Dark Elves excel with +15 intelligence, intensifying their arcane might. Specializing in fire, they inflict 20% more damage with flames, combining intellect and elemental mastery.

Lynthari: Agile and swift, Lynthari possess a +10 bonus to dexterity, enabling finesse and nimbleness. Their heightened dexterity makes them adept at swift maneuvers and precise actions in various endeavors.

Hybrid Elf: Blending intellect and agility, Hybrid Elves gain +2 intelligence and +2 dexterity. They deal 5% more damage with piercing and slashing weapons, showcasing both finesse and strategic prowess, while also enjoying a 5% increase in mana capacity.

Clover Retribution Race Tier List: Tier 3

  • Beast Race – +3 Strength, +7 Constitution, Inflict 10% additional bludgeoning damage
  • Orc Race – Gives Fighter, +4 Dex, +3 Strength
  • Goblin Race – Gives Gold Fever

Clover Retribution Race Tier List: Tier 4

  • Dwarf Race

Dwarf: Master craftsmen, Dwarves reduce crafting prices and enhance rarity chances. Their skillful hands and keen attention to detail make them indispensable artisans, ensuring quality and efficiency in the crafting process.

Clover Retribution Race Tier List: Tier 5

  • Human Race – No perks. 


We created the Clover Retribution Race Tier List to help you progress through the game more smoothly. It’s like a guide, suggesting which characters might work well. But, just like everyone has their own taste in music, these ratings are our opinion. What we like might not be your cup of tea, and that’s cool.

Remember, if you think a character looks cool or you just enjoy playing them, go for it! You don’t always have to follow what’s considered the best strategy. Games are about having fun, after all.

Think of our tier list as a starting point for your own adventures in the game. Try out different teams, hero combinations, and tactics. The goal is to discover what suits your play style and what makes the game enjoyable for you.

In a nutshell, our tier list is like a friendly suggestion, not a strict rule. We promise to keep it updated with the latest changes in the game. But, at the end of the day, you’re the boss. You decide which characters make your gaming experience awesome.

So, go ahead, explore, and pick the characters that bring a smile to your face. After all, games are meant to be a good time!

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