Street Fighter Duel Guide & Tips For Beginners

Read on for Street Fighter Duel guide & tips for beginners.

Street Fighter Duel Guide & Tips For Beginners

Street Fighter Duel Guide & Tips For Beginners

The following Street Fighter Duel covers everything you need to know as a beginner for a better start in the game. So let’s not waste any time and get to the main content. 

Keep An Eye On The Active Codes For Rewards

The first tip here is to keep an eye on the available Street Fighter Duel codes[check here]. You can redeem them in the game. Tap your fighter avatar icon in the upper-left corner. Tap on the exchange code button. These codes grant free gems and other in-game rewards, and devs release these codes regularly. 

Get Familiar With Fighters Abilities

All the fighters in the game have unique abilities. Some do healing; some do DMG, and some shield allies. For instance, Elena is a support class fighter with a healing knack. In your team, you want DMG Dealers who do a massive amount of DMG on the enemies, a good healer who can heal allies. A front-line tank that can absorb incoming DMG and possess abilities like shielding allies, increasing DMG resistance, and taunting enemies. 

Complete The Missions For Free Rewards

On the top-left side, tap the mission icon to see the available missions. There are daily/weekly missions; completing these missions grants activity points. When you have 20/40/60/80/100 activity points, you get a chest containing rewards like cash, gems, arcade coins, and puzzle pieces. Daily missions refresh every 24 hours. And the weekly missions refresh every week. Challenge missions are limited and tough to clear, but offer awesome rewards.

Keep An Eye On The Events For Exclusive Rewards

Devs will regularly release new events with unique missions to complete for exclusive rewards. For instance, at launch, there is an exclusive event going on[7 Day Growth] where you have complete tasks to earn the event currency called growth medals. When you have 100 growth medals, the game gives you an A-grade Mad Ryu. Keep an eye on these events and complete the missions in the given time to receive the reward.

Join An Active Guild

Joining a guild allows you to play the guild-exclusive game modes that grant gems, guild currency medals, equipment, and much more. You can spend the medals in the guild shop; we recommend saving guild medals for premium stuff. Don’t waste on low-grade equipment. The guild shop items refresh every day. 

Another way to earn guild medals in the Street Fighter Duel 2 is by donating to the guild. Don’t waste gems, though. Also, make sure to join an active guild. If the guild is not active, you better quit it. If you don’t know how to leave a guild, you can learn here.

Progress Through The Challenges

In the beginning, you should be really focusing on the campaign challenges. Your idle rewards amount increases as you clear the challenge stages. Also, you get better equipment at higher stages. 

Promote And Awaken Your Fighter To Get Powerful

To beat the powerful bosses and their minions in the challenges, guild modes, and other in-game modes, you should power up your best fighters. Head to the fighter menu -> select a fighter you want to upgrade, -> promote. Spend the cash, break stones, and fighter EXP to level up the fighter. The top-tier skills of the fighters are unlocked at levels 41 and 61. Other ways to power up the fighters: 

  • Equip gears[you get quality and high-grade gears as you clear stages in the challenge mode]
  • Awaken the fighters(you need duplicates of the character for awakening). Awakening improves the character’s grade and stats. 

Reset The Fighters, In Case You Invested In The Wrong One

Even though Street Fighter Duel is an idle game, it takes a lot of time to grind resources, and you don’t want to waste resources on building low-tier cheap fighters that are not useful to you. If you have invested heavily in the low-tier fighters, you can reset them and regain the resources. Navigate to the fighter section of the game. Tap the awakening option on the right. Tap reset. Select the fighter to reset it. If you have C-grade heroes, you can just dismiss them.

Log in Daily And Collect Freebies

  • Log-In daily to receive rewards
  • Go to mall -> gift packs -> daily/weekly/monthly -> get free gems
  • Play online roulette for free rewards like gems, cash, arcade coins, etc.

Participate In All The Game Modes

There is a plethora of game modes available in Street Fighter Duel; Super Fist[Tower], Battle Royale Arena, and Super Showdown Arena. These game modes unlock as you clear the stages in the challenge mode. 

Don’t Waste Gems On Useless Things

If you are a F2P player, then please don’t waste gems. Save as much as you can for the top-tier hero draws. 

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