Stunt Corgi Value – Pet Sim X

Stunt Corgi is one of the pets in the Pet Sim X. Read on for Stunt Corgi value for its normal, golden, rainbow, and dark matter forms, including hardcore and shiny.

Stunt Corgi Value - Pet Sim X
Stunt Corgi Value – Pet Sim X

Stunt Corgi Value Wiki – Pet Sim X

Below we have shared Pet Sim X Stunt Corgi Value in available rarities; 

  • Normal Value: SOON
  • Golden Value:
  • Rainbow Value:
  • Dark Matter Value:
  • Shiny Value: 
  • Shiny Golden Value: 
  • Shiny Rainbow Value: 
  • Normal Value[Gems]: 
  • Golden Value[Gems]: 
  • Rainbow Value[Gems]: 
  • Dark Matter Value[Gems]: 
  • HC Normal Value: 
  • HC GoldenValue: 
  • HC RainbowValue: 
  • HC Dark Matter Value: 

Pet Sim X Value Calculation

The values in Pet Simulator X are determined through a combination of factors, such as input from experienced traders who have a high RAP (Recent Average Price), feedback from the community, data from in-game player booths, and the RAP price within the game. These values are measured in diamonds or gems. The metric of “Pet Value” is no longer utilized, as it has become obsolete.

Pet Sim X Signed Pets Value 

Typically, signed pets in Pet Simulator X have an average value that is approximately 5% to 10% higher compared to non-signed pets. However, the value of signed pets is ultimately determined by what individuals are willing to pay for them. Pets that are signed by popular YouTubers or developers from BIG Games may command a higher price due to their association with well-known figures in the community. Ultimately, the value of signed pets can vary significantly based on the demand and perceived rarity associated with the signature.

Pet Sim X Enchantment Impact

Enchantments have the potential to increase the value of pets in Pet Simulator X. Notably; the “Royalty” and “Super Teamwork” enchantments can contribute to a pet’s increased worth. Furthermore, with the introduction of new worlds, enchantments associated with bonus currency in those specific worlds can also enhance the value of pets.

Here is an approximation of the value increments for each rarity when enchanted:

Titanic Pets:

  • Royalty: Adds around 400 billion in value.
  • Super Teamwork: Adds approximately 100 billion in value.

Huge Pets:

  • Royalty: Adds roughly 30 billion in value.
  • Super Teamwork: Contributes approximately 10 billion in value.

Exclusive & Event Pets:

  • Royalty: Enhances value by around 2 billion.
  • Super Teamwork: Increases worth by about 2 billion.

In Pet Simulator X, there are four distinct pet rarities. It’s worth noting that only pets with actual damage stats can possess the coveted “Dark Matter” rarity. Additionally, any version of a pet has the potential to hatch as a “Shiny,” which boasts 2.5 times more power and flaunts a visually striking appearance in the game. The pet rarities are represented as follows:

  • (N) Normal
  • (G) Golden
  • (RB) Rainbow
  • (DM) Dark Matter
  • (S) Shiny

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