We Bare Bears Match3 Repairs Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide

We Bare Bears Match3 RepairsWe Bare Bears Match3 Repairs is a brand new match 3 game for mobile devices by Sundaytoz and Cartoon Network. Check out our We Bare Bears Match3 Repairs tips, cheats & strategy guide

Cartoon Network and Sundaytoz Inc recently released a brand new game that features your favorite cartoon characters; Ice, Panda, and Grizz. The gameplay is similar to other match 3 games; you match the same type of tiles to score the points. It features lots of challenging levels and a good story-line. In this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know: We Bare Bears Match3 Repairs tips, cheats & strategy guide.

Get Started – The Basic – We Bare Bears Match3 Repairs Game

Before we dive into the cheats, tips & strategy guide part, let’s learn the basic of the game. In We Bare Bears Match3 Repairs, at each level, you have to complete a specific objective. You have an unlimited number of lives for the first few hours; so make use of them. After completing a stage, you earn stars & bucks. You use stars to complete tasks; tap the mobile icon on the left side of the screen. Once you complete a set of tasks, you will be rewarded with bucks. The player can use bucks for an item purchase; boosters, lives and more.

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The initial levels are quite easy, but later, as you progress, it becomes more challenging and it will be hard to complete the stages in limited moves. We’re here to guide you with our best We Bare Bears Match3 Repairs cheats, tips & strategy guide.

We Bare Bears Match3 Repairs cheats, tips & strategy

#1.) Check the task to complete

At each level, there is a specific task that we have to complete. You can check it before you start the level or at the left side of the screen. And you should focus only on completing this task. On the other hand, if you are only matching tiles and ignoring the main quest, then you will be out of moves and lives. So, it would be better to focus only on the task.

#2.) Take your time and make bombs/combos

We Bare Bears Match3 RepairsIn We Bare Bears Match3 Repairs game, you have limited moves. You have to complete the level before you run out of the moves. If you lose all the moves, then the game will offer you to continue by spending bucks. You should not spend the bucks in this situation. It would be better to repeat the level.

To complete a level within this limit; you should play the game wisely; don’t play recklessly, always go for the combos(match 4 tiles, 6 tiles in one turn). Take your time, analyze the board and make combos.

3.) Activate The Vacuum Pal

We Bare Bears Match3 RepairsAt the bottom-left corner, there is a free booster; vacuum pal. You can activate it by filling its gauge. And to do so, you have to make bombs and then, use them. Bombs? ->

  • Match 4 tiles(bombs; burgers) – Same type; i.e. banana
  • Match 6 tiles(butterfly) – Same type; i.e. banana

Once it gets charged fully, hold down on it and aim where you want. Or tap it.

4.) Save Boosters For Difficult Levels

At the beginning of the game, you will get some free boosters. Don’t use them in initial or easy stages. Save them for the difficulty levels.

5.) Hot Time Roulette

We Bare Bears Match3 RepairsEvery day, you can spin the wheel and get some free rewards such as free lives, boosters, bucks, jackpot, and much more. Make sure to claim it daily; you will be notified by the game for this.

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6.) Get More Bucks

As you know, In We Bare Bears Match3 Repairs game, you can use bucks to obtain the boosters. After every level, you get free bucks. You can increase the amount of reward(bucks) if you complete the stage in fewer moves. For instance, you have 20 moves to complete a stage and you complete it in 7 moves. Now, you will get extra bucks.

7.) Don’t forget to spend stars

The main objective is to repair and fix the items and for this, you need stars. Complete the stages to get stars. Go to the main screen -> mobile icon -> spend stars. After you complete a mission, you will get a huge amount of bucks for free.

So, these are some simple We Bare Bears Match3 Repairs game tips, cheats & strategy. Also, see – Best Match 3 games for Android like Candy Crush

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