Undawn Health Monitor Guide

Read on for Undawn Health Monitor Guide. 

Undawn Health Monitor & Survival Guide
Undawn Health Monitor & Survival Guide

Undawn Health Monitor

The game will grant you special buffs when your character is perfectly healthy. For instance, giving your character sufficient sleep or rest will improve your mentality, and the game will give you a gathering speed boost. Let’s learn everything in detail[first, open the health monitor screen by tapping the survive option on the side of the game screen]. You will see four aspects of your body; the body itself, mentality, hygiene, and metabolism. At the bottom, you will see the character’s hunger, health, and hydration status. 

Undawn Health Monitor: Body

  • Exercise to improve body fitness. Excellent fitness increases max energy. 

Undawn Health Monitor: Mentality

  • Rest or sleep to improve your character’s vigor and get a gathering speed bonus.

Undawn Health Monitor: Hygiene

  • Keep your skin fresh by washing your clothes and face. 

Undawn Health Monitor: Metabolism

  • Pee or poop to stay in the best condition.
  • Drink water to stay hydrated. 
  • When your character is hydrated, energy consumption is reduced. 

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So that’s all we got in this post on the Undawn Health Monitor guide. Give your character some rest or sleep now and then to improve vigor and get that gathering bonus. Exercise to make the body strong and increase the max energy. Reduce energy consumption by keeping the bladder well and staying hydrated. Avoid adverse effects by doing all these activities and keeping the body well and fit. Keep getting strong and remain in good shape. Use our search function in the top-right corner and search for Undawn for all our guides. 

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