7DS Grand Cross Gustav: Gear, Set, Skills, Tier

Is Gustav in Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross a worthy character to invest in? Read on for Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Gustav info; skills, tier, gear build

7DS Grand Cross features all the characters from the anime series. Although the global version does not feature all of them – the JP version has all of them. Gustav is among the best heroes in the game with CC and single target DMG like Captain Meliodas. You can get him from the gacha draw or coin shop. If you have obtained him and wondering whether he is good or not, then you are on the right page. This SDS Grand Cross Gustav guide gives you an overview of all his info like tier, skills, gear set, etc. So let’s not waste any time and head to the main content. 

Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Holy Knight Gustav: –

SDS Grand Cross Gustav

  • Tier – S
  • Grade – SR
  • Faction – Knight of Ice
  • Type – HP
  • Color – Green
  • Race – Human
  • Role – Attacker, CC

Skills: –

  • Blizzard Axel – with this skill, Holy Knight Gustav targets and attack a single enemy. In grade 2 or rank 2 of this skill, he can disable the recovery skills. 
  • Freezing Field – with this skill, Holy Knight Gustav can freeze the enemy. Enemies who are frozen with this skill suffer more damage/bonus/additional damage from him. The additional effect applies when you reach this skill’s rank-2
  • Ultimate Move – with this skill, Holy Knight Gustav inflicts AoE damage(Spike Damage – x2 CRIT DMG)
  • Unique – he reduces all the enemies’ RESIST based on the Pierce rate at the start of the battle. It’s a passive skill and activates automatically 

Gear Set/Build for Holy Knight Gustav: –

  • Attack
  • Defense

Food Items To Increase Affinity For Holy Knight Gustav: –

  • Butter and Strawberry Combo
  • Sugar Caviar Canape

He is a pretty good hero with strength in CC skills like freezing the enemies, inflicting additional damage on them. Better to focus on his attack attribute(with the right type of gears to increase attack power). 

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So this would be all in this post on Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Gustav Character info.

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