AFK Arena Wu Kong | Skills, Signature & Furniture Bonus

Wu Kong is one of the Ascended heroes in the AFK Arena game. Read on for AFK Arena Wu Kong info; signature item, skills, and furniture item!AFK Arena Wu Kong

AFK Arena Wu Kong⇓

  • Full Name: Wu Kong – The Monkey King
  • Short Name: Wu Kong
  • Faction: Talene – Wu Kong The Monkey King belongs to the Celestials faction
  • Type: STR, Strength, PHY DMG
  • Class: Warrior
  • Role: Continuous Damage
  • Rarity: Ascended

AFK Arena Wu Kong Skills⇓

Cloud Clones⇓

Cloud Clones is the ultimate skill of Wu Kong in AFK Arena. With this ultimate skill, Wu Kong disappears from the combat field after summoning X3 clone/dupes of himself. Once all the dupes aka clones have disappeared from the combat field, the original main Wu Kong will appear again. 

Cloud Clones can use Wu Kong’s Bludegoon ability as well as his regular normal ATKs. Clones created by Wu Kong possess X90%* of the original Wu Kong’s attributes, however, they will receive X220% DMG dealt from foe ATKs. 

Level 2 of this ability makes Clones receive 200% DMG. 

Level 3 of this ability makes Clones receive 180% DMG. 

Falling Fury⇓

Using this ability, Wu Kong hurls his rod into the air so that it falls upon the most densely concentrated area of foes on the combat field, causing X270%* area DMG to them. Foes that were successfully struck by the rod will lose X100 Haste Points for X8 seconds. 

Level 2 of this ability increases the DMG to 300%

Level 3 of this ability increases the DMG to 330%


Bludgeon is among the four abilities of Wu Kong. With this skill, Wu Kong uses his rod to bludgeon his foes, causing X180%* area DMG to them. This skill also causes additional DMG that is equal to X8% of his foes’ current health value. 

When there are no foes nearby, Wu Kong will travel towards his foes upon his cloud and proceed to ATK them when within range. 

Level 2 of this skill increases the DMG to 200%

Level 3 makes this skill can not be dodged

Level 4 increases the DMG to 220%


Foresight is the passive ability of Wu Kong. Thanks to this passive ability, Wu Kong is able to predict when his foes will use CC effects against him and will momentarily disappear from the combat field to evade the ATK and summon a cloud clone in his original position. 

The summoned clone shares the same attributes as Wu Kong’s Cloud Clones and can be summoned once every X11 seconds. 

Level 2 of this ability effect; ability is activated every X10 seconds

Level 3 effect: ability is activated every X9 seconds

Exclusive Signature Item & Its Skill Of Wu Kong The Monkey King⇓

Wu Kong’s signature item is called “The Golden Rod” and its skill is named “Golden Barrier”. 

Signature Item Skill Effect: Wu Kong gains a 2-layer protective barrier at the beginning of battles. If Wu Kong is dealt DMG that exceeds 10% of his maximum health he will lose X1 layer of his barriers without suffering any sort of DMG at all. 

+10 Unlocks: Gains X4 layer protective barrier at the beginning of combat

+20 Unlocks: Wu Kong’s clones now possess an X1 layer protective barrier

+30 Unlocks: Regains X3 protective barriers each time his ULT ability is used

Furniture Set Bonuses; Activate By Placing A Set Number Of Items In The Room⇓

Place 3/3 pieces of Mythic Exclusive Furniture to activate this effect: Wu Kong regenerates X60 energy points/second when he is not on the combat field as a result of ULT ability. This ability no longer regenerates energy when Wu Kong’s energy reaches or exceeds X600 points.

Place 9/9 pieces of Mythic Exclusive Furniture to activate this effect: Wu Kong regenerates X3% of his maximum health per second while not on the field as a result of ULT ability

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