Brain Puzzle: 99 Games – Walkthrough To Complete All Levels

Are you having trouble clearing the levels in Brain Puzzle: 99 Games? Check out this Brain Puzzle: 99 Games Walkthrough to complete all levels; solutionsBrain Puzzle: 99 Games

Brain Puzzle: 99 Games feature hundreds of mind-blowing levels and it challenges you to complete them all. In this post, we have shared the solutions to all the levels. So let’s not waste any time and head to the main content; Brain Puzzle: 99 Games Walkthrough to all the levels.

Brain Puzzle: 99 Games – Walkthrough To All Levels: –

  • Level 1 – Line Up The Shot

To complete this level, tap the screen when the black cursor is over the green part of the line. The level challenges you to line up the shot accurately. If you do it wrong, the game will show you a cross sign. So tap the screen at the right time.

  • Level 2 – Pick Your Slice

At this level, you have to pick the slice from the dish. There is a guy’s face on your screen – he will pull out tongue when you tap and hold the screen. To complete this level, the guy’s tongue should touch the free slice area which is not covered by the green fingers. So tap and hold at the right time in such a way that the guy’s tongue touches the free slice area.

  • Level 3 – Pick It!

In this Brain Puzzle: 99 Games level, you have a nose and finger on the screen. Tapping the screen shoots out the finger to the nose. To complete this level, the finger should pass the nostrils. So tap the screen at the right time.

  • Level 4 – Shake Hands

Now you see the dog and human hands on your screen. To complete this level, you have to shake hands with the dog. All you need to do is tap the screen when the human hands and dog’s hands are in one place.

  • Level 5 – Help Him Get Dressed

A Naked man on your screen. To complete this level, you have to tap the screen when the shorts are just below his waist.

  • Level 6 – Land It

That’s Elon Musk’s Cybertruck! But without tires. Land it perfectly by tapping the screen at the right time.

  • Level 7 – Cut Those Ropes! Rescue Duck

To complete this level, you need to cut the rope. And, you can cut it by swiping over it. After that, the duck will fell and exit the location.

  • Level 8 – Shave That Face!

To complete this level, shave the guy’s face with a razor. Tap the razor and drag it over his beard and mustache.

  • Level 9 – Put The Needle In The Right Spot!

Of course, those red spots! Drag the hand and put the needle on those red spots to complete this level in Brain Puzzle: 99 Games.

  • Level 10 – Break Notifications

If you are on iOS, choose don’t allow and break notifications.

  • Level 11 – Solve It!

That’s a cupcake on your screen. Drag the pot type shape to the bottom. Then the second biggest part over the pot shape and then the last part at the top.

  • Level 12 – Give Him Hair!

In this level, you have to put five hairs on the kid’s face; it does not matter whether it’s the head – just put anywhere by tapping the screen.

  • Level 13 – Mix And Match The Color

Tap the red button and yellow button over and over again until you see the orange color.

  • Level 14 – Help The Cat Diet

Use the hands to catch the food dishes.

  • Level 15 – Hold To Draw!

At this level, you have to draw a bunny. Tap and hold the pencil and outline the bunny. The green bar on your screen should not touch the pencil. You can always stop the drawing by lifting the finger – to pass the green bar.

  • Level 16 – Flip It, Catch It!

There is a tomato guy on your screen with a frying pan and there is a meat slice on it. Tap the screen to flip it and then catch it – you move the tomato guy by tapping the left/right side of the screen. The item should land on the frying pan.

  • Levell 17 – Which One Will Fill First?

The answer is number 1 glass.

  • Level 18 – Survive! Don’t Get Panicked

That’s Booger Simulator! Drag the booger left/right with your finger to survive from the hand. Survive until the level completes.

  • Level 19 – Business Bounce

All three shots should touch the man’s body. You can drag the man’s body left/right with your finger.

  • Level 20 – Break The Glass

Stop the cursor when it’s over the green highlighted area. Tap the screen to stop the cursor.

  • Level 21 – Collect Them

Collect the poop – don’t collide the moving germs.

  • Level 22 – Eat Those Donuts! Rotate The Bars!

Rotate the hangar clockwise – slowly – so that the donuts fall into the mouth.

  • Level 23 – Grade The Tests!

Put the A+ grade to the test when it’s parallel to it. Tap the screen to shoot the grade to the test.

  • Level 24 – Color Match!

Tapping the banana changes its colors. To complete the level, all the bananas should have the same color.

  • Level 25 – Mix And Match The Color

Tap the greenish color button once. After that, tap the purple color button over and over again to get the color asked by the game.

  • Level 26 – Cut Those Ropes! Rescue Duck!

In the previous level, we cut the rope to complete the level. At this level, there is an obstacle at the ground, pops out every few seconds. You have to cut the rope at the right time – when the spike pops out. As the spike pops out, you cut the rope – the landing time is enough for the spikes to disappear.

  • Level 27 – Ice Cream Cone

Drag the cone to the bottom and put the ice cream on it.

So these are Brain Puzzle: 99 Games walkthrough to the levels. We will post the rest of the levels’ walkthroughs soon.

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