Idle Defense: Dark Forest Resurrection Guide

Wondering how the resurrection system works in Idle Defense: Dark Forest game? Read on and find out in this Idle Defense: Dark Forest Resurrection GuideIdle Defense: Dark Forest Resurrection And Emerald

Like all other Idle RPGs out there, Idle Defense: Dark Park game also features the prestige function. In the game, it’s called resurrection. It resets the player’s game progress; the stages/level progress and gives you the prestige currency called emerald that you can use for skill and research. If you don’t know how the resurrection system works, then you are on the right page. This Idle Defense: Dark Forest Resurrection guide will teach you the basics of this system. So without any further ado, let’s get started. Idle Defense: Dark Forest Resurrection And Emerald

How To Unlock Resurrection: –

In Idle Defense: Dark Forest game, the player needs to clear the fifth stage to unlock resurrection. After completing this requirement, the player will be able to travel back to the 1st stage by performing resurrection and claim valuable in-game currency called – emerald.

How To Resurrect: –

To resurrect in Idle Defense: Dark Forest, tap the dungeon-cave like icon on the upper-right side. A mini pop-up menu will open where you can check the current progress(stage/level progress). Depending on the level/stage progress and turret upgrades or number, you will get emerald. You can claim the reward by tapping the start button. Also, you have the option to double the amount of reward by spending diamonds. It’s up to you to go with the basic reward or double reward. Now, let’s learn what will happen when you resurrect in Idle Defense: Dark Forest game. Idle Defense: Dark Forest Resurrection And Emerald

Resurrection Affect: –

Resurrection resets the level progress; for example – if you are on level 6 or stage 6, you will be pushed back to stage 1/level1. Although, other things such as resources, props, turrets, upgrades would not be affected by this action. For example – coins, turret plots, turret upgrades, skill upgrades, etc. would not be affected. So it only takes you back to stage 1. That’s it.

How To Use Emerald: –

After the resurrection, your game account will be credited with Emerald – in-game currency – based on the progress. You can use it to unlock new skills and research powerful buffs. Go to the Skills tab in the footer menu -> it has two sub-tabs; skill and research. In the skill tab, you can unlock new skills and upgrade unlocked skills. In the research tab, you can upgrade or activate powerful buffs. For example – increase in PHY DMG, Magic DMG, gold income, etc. If you want to increase DPS, focus on Magic DMG and PHY DMG buffs.

Also, Emerald can be used to summon the Demon. Head to the summoning portal from the demon tab. There you can spend emerald on the common-tier demon relics.

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