Cookie Run Kingdom’s Cookie Odyssey Update On May 3rd, 2022

Cookie Run Kingdom is getting a new update on May 3rd, 2022. Read on for all the update details: Cookie Odyssey, new cookies, new arena tier, and more. 

Cookie Run Kingdom's Cookie Odyssey Update On May 3rd, 2022

Cookie Run Kingdom’s Cookie Odyssey Update

  • May 3rd, 2022

What’s new: 

?NEW: Cookie Odyssey
?NEW: Grand Master tier added to Arena



The Cookie Odyssey is a new story mode in the Cookie Run Kingdom. It comes with a new main story and other story events involving the Cookies. To unlock the Cookie Odyssey story, you will need to complete the 12-30 stage in the story mode. 

The Cookie Odyssey mode features several chapters; you will be able to play chapter 1 of the epic saga once the update goes live on May 3rd, 2022. 

Here’s the detail of chapter 1 of Cookie Odyssey mode; 

Chapter 1 of the Cookie Odyssey revolves around the heroes of Earthbread; all gathered at the Vanilla Kingdom to discuss the dangers that threaten their land. The later chapters of the Cookie Odyssey will feature more stories and adventures of the Cookies.

You will need Odyssey Quills to progress through the story; you can obtain the Odyssey Quills by completing the mission ins the new Cookie Odyssey mode. 

Titles & Kingdom Info Renewal

1.) Introducing Titles

You can now obtain titles through advancing your kingdom and other various activities.

Details on the titles, such as types, requirements, and usage, are available in the Title window that can be accessed by pressing the Titles button. 

The activated title will be displayed in the arena and guild members list. 

2) The kingdom info UI will be revamped with the addition of features showing your overall kingdom and adventure progress.

3) Costume sets info will appear in the active buff list.

New Cookies

New Arena Tier: Grandmaster

A new tier is added to the Kingdom Arena: Grandmaster.

Obtain 3K Trophies and reach the top 0.5% to enter the Grandmaster tier.

Those who reach the Grandmaster tier will have unlocked special arena lobby designs, loading screens, and battle backgrounds prepared for the strongest cookies.

Arena Slot System Improvements

More slots are added to the arena attackers setup. Before 3 > After 5; you can now load different teams from different battle modes when setting up your arena defenders.

You can now obtain slightly more trophies for winning in chocolate 2 to diamond 3 tiers.


New Decor theme; first steps towards peace. 

NEW Languages

  • German
  • French
  • Thai, Taiwanese, French, and German voice-overs are now available in the settings > language. 

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